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I thought biz was despising "The Great Reset" and the World Economic Forum plans. Sure as shit biz turns a blind eye when WEF announced they are using Chainlink. I really hope you all are happy to help to enslave your fellow people. “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.” -Klaus Schwab

How does it feel to get taken advantage of? They got a bunch of nerds on this board thinking that this technology is so AWESOME, revolutionary, and will get you rich. Now you will start to see the dark side of this technology. And no your measly suicide stack, or make it stack will not be enough to save you either.

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Are you retarded? We knew since 2017. Before you and your normie friends heard about it on plebbit. That's the reason my portfolio is 7 figures. That's the reason you will be a slave and I will be your master. We love the great reset, because we're your new nobility, serf.

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Imagine thinking that latefag /pol/ retards whose understanding of the Great Reset is a complete failure to comprehend smart contracts, coupled with absolutely schizo tier dumbshit like "private property will be abolished", imagine thinking they have any credibility.
They had 3 years and so did you lmao

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Cope, nothing on this board will change the future. You can make money or not but you will eat the bugs.

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Fuck off /pol/cuck, I'm getting rich here

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No one said we liked it. Holding Chainlink is great because of the future of smart contracts but the thinking man hedges against all eventualities, even the ones he does not desire.

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you have overestimated the morality of link holders. their fires have gone out, only greed remains. they cheer on the enslavement of the world

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You are such a smooth brained faggot if you haven't figured out how this will work yet. I'll help.

Take a look at this video. This is the department of defense creating a way to monitor everything about soldiers by injecting something invisible right below your skin which relays data back to them about everything going on within the body.

Now how does this kind of technology work with smart contracts? Hmm idk.. maybe you are going to be the one actually feeding data into the smart contract to trigger some kind of event. You will literally be a slave. If your break at work is too long, the smart contract will not execute and you will not get paid. If you only clean 29 toilets instead of 30.. that's too bad. These are very very simple cases. I'm sure you can think of some other nefarious ways this technology can be used.

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>great reset happens and private property is abolished making you poor
>great reset doesn't happen and link doesn't moon making you poor
choose one

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Daily reminder that WEF and Chainlink are not included in this new inclusive capitalism for pedos brought to you by pic related

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>I really hope you all are happy to help to enslave your fellow people.
They are enslaving themselves. We tried to fucking warn them. All they had to do was listen. So all that is left to do is profit.

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Okay here's the thing...
They say I will own nothing, but I own Chainlink, and Chainlink powers the 4IR.
So I will own something and I will be happy?

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True this, linkies cant wait to eat bugs and get plowed in the ass.

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OP has a point. Seeing memes that are cheering on the singularity and 4th IR gives me bad vibes. I still hold link, but I don't delude myself into thinking that any of this tech will make the world a better place.

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I figured out the bug thing too.
That's the reason for covid-19.
Everyone I know that's had it hasn't gotten their taste back.
Now you can eat the cheap bugs and be happy.

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It's going to happen whether I invest or not though...

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Fuck off back to pol. Before you faggots took over the great reset meme we have been talking about it for years called the fourth industrial revolution. We have all known we are to profit off of the globalist agenda but we all shrugged. At least we’re gonna be rich.

Just fuck off back to Pol. You are so new. The culture here regarding it was idgaf we will make money for years before you newfags flooded in.

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the state of delusion that you think you can even look at this honeypot website and not immediately be indefinitely detained for wrong think in a world that has substituted global environmental socialist authoritarianism for rule of law and capitalism

Linkies will be the new kulaks

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Rumor has it Chainlink cannot afford to write the code because the key developers are white and expensive so they outsourced their development and production costs to China and only pay Steve and Thomas and Sergey for public appearances. Every commit made by "team members" on the github has been written by a Chinese slave labor force who email code directly to Chainlink who then submit it and take all the credit.
Adelyn's uncle runs the human trafficking ring with the CCP. He and his team abduct teens from internet cafes after they have been monitored by Chinese Internal Intelligence Services. These teens are then forced to solve Sergey's oracle problem at gunpoint.
Sergey's problem becomes their problem.

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Me and some of the guys from my private chainlink discord are gonna buy up Epstein Island with our staking profit. We'll continue his legacy. We've already obtained some of Ghislaine's DNA for our cloning trials.

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I've already thought about all that and made my choice of what I'll do if it happens.
Don't worry about me.

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>Chainlink means I can enslave the normies who voted for the globohomo future
>somehow this is a bad thing

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So instead of taking a chance and investing in the thing that'll power the enslavement of human race, you would rather sit on the sidelines with a thumb up your ass and Klaus' cock in your mouth?
We'll be enslaved either way. Of course I'll take the fucking chance.

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Private property will only be abolished for the plebs. Did you even read the plan? They will put the plebs into debt, then offer to forgive all debts in exchange for slavery.

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imagine a harem of ghislaine lolis

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Your boy Ari Juels even wrote a paper titled: "The Ring of Gyges: Investigating the Future of Criminal Smart Contracts"

You can read it here: https://www.initc3.org/files/Gyges.pdf or just go to his website and go to the publications section.

You see the negative effects of smart contracts and oracles have already been studied a bit, but not by you small brained biz tards who have been shilling chainlink blindly. You don't understand what kind of world this is really going to create if used by people with bad intentions.

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Would you rather be just enslaved or enslaved + lambo?

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We know anon.

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it's a sad pill to swallow, knowing I put my own financial interests above my ideological beliefs and chose to invest on the dark side winning rather than futilely attempting to fight it, once I become a millionaire thanks to my dear token hitting one thousand american dollars by the end of the year, it will be a sour celebration for me, for by joining the elites I will have also betrayed my own community, while I will be enjoy caviar, champagne and cocaine off the anuses of prestigious prostitutes, the rest of you all will have nothing to eat but spiders and ants and other disgusting insects thanks to the progress of the fourth industrial revolution and the ushering in of the great reset, oh well, however bittersweet a victory it may be for me I'm sure I'll eventually be able to let go of my guilt and simply enjoy my hedonistic pursuits with very little concerns or conscience issues after a while; perhaps I'll simply donate to a good cause once in a while, yes I'm sure this will fill the void, after all isn't that how they all do it, the ego must preserve the illusion, twisting, rationalizing its own actions as ultimately driven by a selfless goal, a grander design, yes surely this all serves humanitarian purposes, too large, too complex, that the general public couldn't even possibly grasp, therefore it is our duty as rulers in the dark, rulers from above, to guide the masses, against their own will, but for their own good, with our invisible hand, a just hand, iron but fair hand, we must never compromise our resolve, whether you like it or not, you will eat them my friends, oh yes, you will eat the bugs

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I cannot comprehend how stupid you have to be to believe this. Research the soviet union.
You will be one of the revolutionaries in the labor camps believing there's been some kind of mistake, if you could just talk to sergey or bill gates they would realize you were a 2017 pre sale linky and let you out.

It's already too late your views have been expressed

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This is probably true desu.

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You are the fucking retard and should stop drinking cool aid. There will be no communism. There will be corporate slavery and caste system. You are missing the point - not being able to own anything doesn't mean the state owns it. It means you rent it. Netflix subscription, home subscription, car subscription, clothes subscription, food subscription etc. Which will make you a corporate cash cow for the rest of your life. Additionally you will get UBI to get that monetary velocity going. So you will most probably be happy as a monetary cash cow.

The smart contract automation elliminated the lag and lash of the system by abolishing the middlemen - lawyers, managers and administrators. There will be only the milkers and the milked.

Researching this back in 2017 and buying LINK has launched into the milker caste. You just had to listen. You had 3 years.

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You will nothing, because you will have to STAKE your coins to be able to use rented services, animal.

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If link truly is the chosen one, I hope you anons actually do something with your wealth to help people and this world.

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Ima make white babies

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stakeholder capitalism means a selected few stakeholders own everything replacing private property.
Your ability to live a good life of self determination is not at all determined by the commodity you control in that system as your ability to control it is dependent on you being a good slave as determined by the stakeholders.

People are going to have Co2 quotas, meat quotas, racism quotas etc. Whatever you manage to hand on to into that system will be taken from you. All the justifications will be lies but that is irrelevant to their objective of optimizing the labor force in which you are a more efficient target.

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We've been talking about the 4ir since ICO. Where, have you been?

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bump thank you anons for these words of wisdom. I already live a life of misery so Chainlink is the escape but there is no escape from the demiurge this is his prison even if the nature of the prison changes fundamentally.

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submit to the will of god to escape

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Nice kilobytes bro

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when will chainlink deliever the milkers?

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Fucking retard newfag we've known this since the very start when Schwab wrote about link in his book.
This shit is happening whether chainlink had an investable token or not. We're along for the ride and getting astoundingly rich.

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Our measly suicide stacks will let us weather that which you cannot afford to be a part of.

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Without any money or resources any opposition to it or academic at best

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believe it or not that was not on purpose

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Obviously, but which path should I walk? That's where most of the distortion lies.

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10 commandments
testimony of jesus
study the rest of the bible
pray and ask him forgiveness and discernment
share his word with other people
thats the path bro

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Agreed. The elites want to just milk the country dry until the teats are bleeding.