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>Cannot land SWIFT, Bloomberg, Visa, Mastercard, Square, PayPal, Docusign, Fidelity, Vanguard, Samsung, AXA, ISDA, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, JP Morgan

>Settles for AAVE, Gravelcoin, Battleshits Gaming VRF

Imagine holding at $20 while the grenade exploded. Chainlink cucks are getting exactly what they deserve

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It was a panel, he showed no slides.
If you’re going to lie, at least step up your game a bit.

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Im sorry for you /hug

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>he didn't even give slides
It's over bros

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what an embarrassing presentation, his big mac crashed the panel

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The moderator is embarrassing, she has no idea what she's talking about. Just another bullshit job for her because she's a woman.

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is sergey an alien?

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You can just tell these people are tired of Sergey's bs.

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this r3 cuck is retarded
>well youre not gonna use btc to buy everything in 5 years thats dreamy
dumb boomer that is not what DeFi is how can he be so uninformed

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the woman is completely uninformed indeed
>deep response as to why paypal may use some of their limited real estate within their app to add cryptos
>woman chimes in
>maybe its because they want the transaction fees from those crypto traders guys *hehe*
>(there are zero fees and paypal is not a trading platform)
and the r3 cuck just drones on about the pandemic and some corporate message horseshit
quite embarrassing that they put sergey with these mouthbreathers... you can give the girl the benefit of the doubt but notice how sergey crashes the stream as soon as r3 cuck starts talking

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the absolute state of this whole scam space. no wonder it's crashing

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sergey is a pretty good speaker

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notice he doesn't say um or hesitate whatsoever. He probably never orgasms. His inner monologue is strong and he probably routinely baptizes his "seed" per Sacred Secretion every month. Does anyone know if he drinks?

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I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration communist indoctrination communist subversion and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

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checked praise kek

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4 years.

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Based. I haven't had an orgasm in months

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how does it feel

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it's not just chainlink that is dumping. all of crypto on coinbase is dumping because it's dependent on bitcoin. when bitcoin dumps they all dump
that's why you wanna wait until bitcoin dumps before you buy into altcoins

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I first became aware of it mandrake during the physical act of love yes a profound sense of fatigue a feeling of emptiness followed

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why do alts dump with btc , it wouldn't be weird but it happens so fast

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they dump when btc dumps and they dump when btc crabs and they dump when btc pumps
see the pattern now?

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>there's one anon who paid sixty bucks for this

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Based and milk and honey pilled

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HAHAHAHA this opener reminds me of some of those late night asian game shows

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Why the fuck is he wearing a hat. What a fucking joke.

R3 guy in a suit is a fucking worm. People are retarded and boomers are so far behind.

We are either really early or its fucking over. Or both.

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he's asian and going bald so must safu the face.
No doubt R3 boomer had no idea despite purportedly working in a similar space. They're so out of touch it's hilarious. Covid has done nothing to change their worldview.
Sergey was brilliant well spoken and hitting the complex problems on the head with a few short terms that were easy enough to digest. Joe wasn't far behind but really just echoed Sergey from different angles.
The R3 boomer on the other hand spoke about his "experience" and failed to delve further aside from expressing his ignorance of the advancements made.

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>we're really fucking early

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you can tell the R3 guy is just an enterprise boomer doing nothing innovating.

>digital transformation
>bitcoin wont be used in 5 years

There is a reason all R3 enterprise test trials failed. They are a dying business

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I was really surprised at this because I thought they were permissioned to get enterprise used to the idea of DLTs and doing business through web3 but instead they seem like just another cloud service using buzzwords attempting to stay relevant.
Fuck boomers man.

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Kek, the R3 boomer really said i'm not sure if DeFi smart contracts are actually being used, if so then there will be regulation. I hate this worm

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This is another reason why Sergey needs to get off his ass and advance Chainlink beyond Defi.

The longer he lets Chainlink fester in Defi, the more financial industry boomers like that will continue to delegitimize crypto.

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>sergey sergey this sergay that
Nothing personel schwabies

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The plugs have been secured

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>Imagine holding at $20 while the grenade exploded.

Have I heard this before? I feel like someone said this at $1 too

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it is happening but things move slowly at enterprise levels. defi is the perfect testing ground.

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Wow lmao that’s for the run down that’s hilarious.

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>it is happening
No it's not.
For it to be happening, features need to be released like staking, reputation, TEEs, threshold signatures, ...

>but things move slowly at enterprise levels
Things move even slower at the Chainlink level.

Back in February, Oracle (the second-largest software company in the world) gave Chainlink until the end of Q3 to be ready for real-world integration, and absolutely nothing happened.

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nice 100 iq brainlet post

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agree 100%

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Well son, it's because some of the almost-whales will dump their coins to go into BTC to go into fiat. This happens through ETH and BTC and Tether on the odd exchange (Kraken) but in most cases it's BTC and ETH. Read Tether Bears, the 2017 guide to sort of shorting and tax evasion by pretend faggots who use this and pray that their host countries don't bankrupt or jail them. There even used to be faggot Tether Bear memes back when we were all unsure that Tether would last the year.

But it's just people exiting for fiat. Real whales can't do this without positive pressure from normies, but the almost sort of whales can maybe get away with it a few times.

That's your free lesson today.

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Hahaha Chad and Stacy calling those nerds out on their bs around 20mins

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>Sergey would you like to add something?
>.... We'll be moving o-
>Yes I am here I am seeing multiple use cases here we can use smart contracts for crop insurance using weather data.

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I sold at $19 for Tomochain. Good move, too. Enjoy your boomer coin. If you didn't 100x or more off LINK you are late and will feel the pain. $5 Q1 2021.

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They censored this part but I watched it live
>Sergey would you like to add something?
>... Sergey is mediating
>... Sergey begins to glow
>... Sergey starts to levitate
>.... We'll be moving o-
>Yes I am here
>Sergey descends back to the mortal plane and stops emitting light
>I am seeing multiple use cases here we can use smart contracts for crop insurance using weather data.

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Forgot to unmute his mic then realised when she started speaking

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Makes sense. His frequency is what shut off the cameras
Because Ari's on the phone and they were laughing at how retarded we all are

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checked in all likelihood yes

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David is such a fucking retarded monkey in a suit holy fuck.

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>be a suit working for a blockchain company
>badmouth blockchain while spouting approved globalist agenda talking points about covid

Sergey has to act soon or these faggots are taking over.

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>Sergey has to act soon or these faggots are taking over.
kek, nobody is taking over, the same people are in charge from the very beginning.

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Is link kill?

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Actors like R3 are gaining more and more foothold with large institutions because they keep promising decentralized benefits but with centralized control.

If Sergey doesn't get the ball rolling with true decentralized solutions, these hacks are going to close the door.

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>Q3 and beyond

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So why not Q3?

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I don't work for Oracle or Chainlink

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Apparently the people who do work for Chainlink didn't think Oracle was worth their time and effort.

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Oh, I didn't realise you being legitimate with this FUD. Just sold 1MM

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You are just lying to yourself. Whole project is a Schwab creation from the ground up and everything is going as planned.

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It's over.

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