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How is this boomer feeling right now?

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Probably doesn't give a fuck. $50 million is probably pennies.

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He announced yesterday that he was going to buy another $50 million worth soon. He's probably crashing the market right now just to buy cheap.

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They already had 38000. This is just dollar cost averaging for them

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hes hedged appropriately

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I would change places with him if I could

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I have a feeling he will be fired by March

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lmao, i can't wait till it's at 3k
just a couple of months :)

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He's fucked

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kek, they're scared

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saylor is based he started the company ran it for years and its up to him to possibly run it into ground to fund his mid life crisis venture

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He feels great because in 5 years it will be be 100k

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Only tether and Mt Gox fud will fuck him.

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lol :) so true :)

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He's feeling pretty damn good.

Micro Strategy are one of the early institutional adopters.... since they first announced buying BTC we have seen many other companies start buying BTC.

This bullrun will be fuelled by big money, not by chumps like you and me....

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Came here to post this.

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also checked

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between his personal stack and his companies he is up about 1 billion use just the last 2 months.....so yea, I think he is feeling pretty good right about now

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>maxis' niggers coping answers : the thread
lmao, continue to dream about 500K moon mission while everything around you crash and burn into nothingness

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Wtf are you talking about? Your cost basis should be well below $10k, are you complaining about being over $14k?

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It goes back down to 3k, starting today

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He must be feeling like the king of the earth to be honest.




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hahahahahahahaha In this year 1M coins disappeared from exchanges liquidity , about 1.6M coins remain in all exchanges and it's hard to know how much of those are from their clients.

Bitcoin is unironically going above 300k next year.

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That's exactly what theyre doing. Big investors were hedging against a dip since 2 days ago. This was all planned.
Everyone on this board should be dancing in extacy. They have no idea what is coming.

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94% of MicroStrategy's BTC was purchased for around $11K. They could sell it all right now and be covered for inflation for the next 30 years.

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He literally held his stock 99.7% down after the dot-com bubble before you were even born you stupid zoomer cuck. Don't ever disrespect Michael Saylor EVER AGAIN.

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MicroStrategy should use the current pullback to get into ETH and use it to generate some staking income

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Harsh but fair

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based chad

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CITI downgraded them from neutral -> sell

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I might jerk off to this

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Their stock in 06 to before they bought btc did Literally fuckall, now it’s up over 100% since they bought in, it’s a very clever play from all angles

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if youre buying $50m worth of anything you dont give a fuck

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>stocks gone from 260 to 340 in the last 2 months.
Highly doubt that.

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Holy shit based

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Lazy bum, learn to google things.

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Shut up nigger. It had a high of 350, ok I was off 10$. It still went up balls high bitch. Go suck on a garloid.

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>lmao, continue to dream about 500K moon mission while everything around you crash and burn into nothingness
this entire post
years ago, this number was 1000.
t. oldfag

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>maxipads are now the equivalent of boomers
Top kek

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This is weapons grade copium

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proud oldfag, yet still a poorfag what gives?

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too bad btc is a scam.