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Memes aside, when is the best time to sell shitcoin bags?

I've been searching for a good exit strategy for BAT but I always pussy out.

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right now faggot

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BAT is meant to be bought around 20 cents and sold above 25 cents. If you're doing anything else with it, you're doing it wrong.

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Sell the BAT at $40 that would be my strategy

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>opportunity cost - the coin
I like BAT but it's never going to moon.

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Sell your bag the next time we hit .40 and fuck off forever fag

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Why would you even buy a coin that cannot grow past $1? It defeats the purpose of the token

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your anger is telling

the opportunity cost with BAT has been an absolute killer, it's crushing. I think that's why some shitcoin bagholders are numb, they don't realize how much money they've actually lost

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I am a Bitcoin maxi and I've been enjoying hodling this piece of fucking dogshit. Felt left out not knowing how bagholding garbage feels and now I can finally relate.

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I slowly put more into bat i dont even know what my average is probably .02 maybe less. Its the only crypto im completely certain will give me a 10-20x in a couple years. Also saving a stack for 40$ meme in case the schizos are right