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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

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buy GME

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that OP is kinda gay

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Cohen shareholder vote soon.

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I fucked someone today biz, I don’t think they enjoyed it

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So are the MMs going to crab GME tomorrow?

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Good morning I hate CRSR

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>dat pic
fucking kek
that's my new desktop bg

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How do you guys cope with the fact that you cant hold everything when youre poor as fuck?

I sold QS at a 140% profit but its still mooning

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My unrealized gains have been halved

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God it feels fucking good to be a steel chad.

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Post a better pic maybe it will be the next one faggot

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the next few days are crucial for corsair
either i get out of bagholding or lose it all

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Ok, the next one will be tits.

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my current pape from /w/

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based, thank you

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wtf is this real?

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look at this piece of block, why would anyone use this thing?

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ya i liked roaring kitty but this actually is damage control



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anime tits

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>tfw all cash
God I'm so happy I sold last of my memes today. The market feels like it's about to shit itself soon, probably because Trump tweeted how strong it is.

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I think of it like money gained not money lost.
You sold for a profit, it doesn't matter if someone else makes more money
There will always be someone else, dont be the other guy buying gme at whatever crazy price and crying it's not mooning

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Previous thread: >>24659015

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>never relax

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Anyone holding vuzix or enphase energy?

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NAK is gonna be trash out of the gate. Give it about a month before you throw any real money into it, if you're going to put any money in at all.

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Took the day off. What happened today? . I took the day off because last night I had one of those nights where I do so much ecstasy I get disoriented and confused and start hearing voices and it ended up in this really long masturbation session and it was thus strange quasi-reality. I, in retrospect, cannot with confidence say what happened and what didn't because of how real my fantasies felt. It gives me a nauseous feeling in my stomach to think about it. My penis itself is slightly bruised but nothing too crazy. This has happened to me before many times. I get the same feeling in my stomach after too. It's like post fap guilt mixed with MDMA comedown x1000. I feel like I raped myself

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better to sell too early than too late anon

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Why is there a carrot in her hair

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Looks like Coleman has fucking tumors as arms

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>roaring cope stream

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How do I invest in vtubers?

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Go back

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>missed 200% on CIIG
>missed 200% on LAZR
>missed 200% on QS
what EV SPAC is next

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in case she needs a snack while playing games

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Do not lose faith brother

60 EOY

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the only related stonk is BILI but I refuse to buy it because chinks harass and spam chuubas that don't lick chink anus

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i should stop micromanaging my GME position
im almost as bad as kpop schizo with this

Turned 1862 shares into 1500 shares and 10x April 15C (original plan was to trim down to 1000 shares and 10x April 15C then start diversifying out of GME to de-risk but I got baited by the momentum)

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First time I ever watching this guy, he looked like he was about to cry a few minutes ago.

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>playing games
those are real guns anon, they're school shooters

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Kpop schizo isn't going to have anything left to manage in the morning.

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I chose PLUG for my mother's portfolio six months ago. She's at around +400% with it now.

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The only one that really fucked me over was CRSR. I started averaging down when it started crashing rather than selling for a profit right away. I managed to break even last week.

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What’s the fucking ticker gonna be I wanna watch it out of the gate

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>I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

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yikes what a faggot

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Hi Anon when you said NAK there are you referring to the C3.ai stock with ticker symbol AI with an IPO this week beginning Monday December 7 2020 on the NYSE instead of Northern Dynasty Minerals?

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>implying he has to relax when he's built af

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You're forgetting that people have been pouring into /smg/ every single day for the past six months.
>no, that's not fucking true, everyone knows that it was because of the offering and lack of guidance and sherman being a jew. AAAAAAAAA posting is literally shitposting. in fact, most people here were predicting a drop on Q3 earnings and expecting the pump on Q4. there was one guy speculating on a surprise beat in Q3, he was obviously wrong. look in the archives if you want proof. stop being such a fucking retard grim
Anon this is literally from one fucking thread, half the people here are new and have literally no idea what is going on.

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Is it to late to buy CLF

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Is this supposed to be arousing? I was half expecting it to do a 360 with its head. Koreans really need to stop that plastic surgery bullshit.

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Its not at $50 yet so, no.

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Northern dynasty minerals NAK is what we are referring to. All the cool kids buy nak

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FANG bros

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Whats it like being a faggot?

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yeah but kpop schizo is fucking nuts, he bought weeklies even though he's seen what happened with GME's price action the last 3 months

sell weeklies i get, but not buy weeklies wtf tinny

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Finally, cheap GME calls.

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>implying that you are a leddit nigger that couldn’t tell that he was talking about the Jewish guy

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The ticker is going to be AI for the C3.ai stock.
>>24660800 this post here is calling the C3.ai stock with ticker AI that IPOs this week beginning Monday 7 December 2020 on the NYSE 'NAK' but it actually means the C3.ai stock with ticker symbol AI instead of Northern Dynasty Minerals.
Hope this helps!

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The only fang to buy

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DoorDash Expected to Price IPO at Around $102 a Share
Maureen Farrell

>> No.24660901

I think it's hilarious that's back to talking about how the world is going to end now that he's once again going to lose all his money

>> No.24660903

What do you mean?? You didn't want to buy 260% IV calls?? :^)

>> No.24660916

include me in the screencap

>> No.24660920

wait what the fuck SRAC is SpaceX?

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>> No.24660922

Greentexting the proof that you're wrong doesn't instantly make you right.
Go back to wHeRe YoU cAn TaLk LiKe ThIs as an argument tactic, namefag.

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>tfw bought palantir at $9

I’m gonna be rich aren’t I bros?

>> No.24660928

Oh okay my apologies then Anon, I thought you were alluding to the C3.ai stock with ticker symbol AI with the upcoming IPO this week beginning Monday 7 December 2020 on the NYSE.

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AbCellera biologics


>> No.24660941

Ill be short selling fren.


Buying iron condor options

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If it was SpaceX, it would be $1500 a share already.

>> No.24660956


CLF is going to $50?

I'm starting to get FOMO cause look at what X is doing

This is making me sweat.. I want some of CLF chads gains

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strategy that has worked pretty well for me so far.

1. buy meme stock mid way through poomp
2. set target sell price (usually 50% gain)
3. once it crosses that sell price put a stop loss at that price and let it ride knowing comfily that I'm going at the very least make 50%

worked with SBE, and PLTR. Set one today for GME.

>> No.24660962

Would have been great as an IPO earlier in the year but I can't see how this will pump amidst a growing stream of vaccine and economy reopening news. ABNB is the inverse.

>> No.24660973

oh nevermind I just did some DD. I think ill pass.

>> No.24660981

TSLA electric foodmakers
They lose money but its okay, because there will be new tax credits to sell

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>I though you all said wednesday!
>but I took my life savings out of the bank tuesday
>what do you mean the stock dropped 15% on friday!

>> No.24660991

if you don't understand why a stock is moving, look it up on finviz and you will 99/100 times find an explanation

>> No.24661013

Tbh i doubt it that's just what CLFfag keeps saying.

>> No.24661020

SRAC is going to acquire Momentus Space a space delivery service!

>> No.24661028

Fuck me, do you need ALL chan humour explained to you? Of course I knew that, I was making a joke about the Jew not the Nigra. Fuck sake. Anything else you want done? I'd tie your shoelaces but I notice they given you velcro straps to protect you from yourself

What a drongo - go back to AOL

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>not being invest in BlackBerry
come on lads they're working with Amazon, and with tons of car manufacturers not named Tesla working on autonomous driving

>> No.24661031

wow in 4 years you'll make a billion dollars
you are a genious and no one has ever thought of this strategy before

>> No.24661033

I usually check stockwits. Its just that there are so many meme stocks one can research during the day

>> No.24661034

you seem angry, maybe try copying my portfolio. nigger.

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>ignoring all the screencap
anon you're literally in these threads, you can not seriously tell me we haven't been invaded by ledditors. The post undermine says yolo for fuck sake, hell you just called me a fucking namefag.

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/BIZ/ Top stocks
>LGVW - Abortion stick for whites
>SRAC - Space science
> CLA - Colonnade, Literal streetshitter
>THCB - Battery scam
>GHIV - Mortgage spac
>INAQ - Insurance for poors and minorities
>EHANG - Flying chinkmobile scam
>RYCEY - Get fucked
>CLF - Shilled by floppy tit faggot
>GME - Hopeless virgin powerup garbage
>BCRX - Indian miracle pill not made of poo
>DKNG - Shiiiiieeet
>SPCE- Propped up by starwars virgins
>TSLA- Stock goes up
>U - JFC I should have held
>uuuu - Just to spite CLFTranny
>Snowflake - Wtf do they even do
>PLTR - But its better than snowflake...
>NIO - pnd 40-50 range
>LI - See NIO
>BFT - Pajeet apple pay
>RIDE - Go back up you faggot
>MMED - Next best thing to lose at
Buy C3PO tomorrow

>> No.24661064

>Bought GME leveraged this same afternoon
>Went out and totally forgot about it
>came back home, it's 30% up
>market is closed, aftermarket is -14%

I am a total idiot

Should I sell at loss first thing tomorrow morning or just memeholdit?

>> No.24661068


>GameStop BOD made a huge mistake with shelf offering today, their lawyer sucks
>They had a winnable battle
>They just lost it
>They almost specifically say that it is a poison pill in the document

seems that Justin agrees with the view that Q3 being a shitshow is amazing news for Cohen


this is what i had in my notes myself:
If none of the above, Gamestop dumps, then:
>Cohen uses terrible Q3 as fuel for shareholder vote; shares recalled to larger extent that proxy vote in April. Note Cohen's letter below. A bad Q3 will encourage more shareholders to vote. Shares have to be recalled from short sellers if they want to vote
>Gamestop receives price and credit rating upgrades anyways, holds above 1 billion market cap; meets criteria for more institutions to hold a position in GME

Note about Cohen's lawyer
>It was a contest for the wholesale replacement of the sitting Board.
>It received 100% support from proxy advisors Glass Lewis & Co. and Egan-Jones Proxy Services, for full Board replacement and support for half replacement from Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. T
>The firm has been involved in numerous successful proxy contests during the last three decades for its many activist clients.

>> No.24661086

Buy the dip if you believe in the Cohen memes, sell if you think he walks

>> No.24661090

Your yoy is shit and will remain shit. Also your portfolio has aids.

>> No.24661099

PLTR is guaranteed $100 a share within 6 months

>> No.24661100

go back

>> No.24661103

Thanks, Justin

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Why are you quality effortposting on /smg/

>> No.24661126

Does anyone actually still buy games from GameStop?

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Not /biz/, we're /smg/. We are far more superior and don't want to be associated with those degenerates

>> No.24661137

how are you guys this retarded. X is up substantially because steel prices are at all time highs, and that move is seen across the steel industry. X is up so much today specifically because they acquired a mill that will allow them to produce steel at the much lower costs that their competitors do. If you look at X earnings, the last 4 have all been negative. This is not true for CLF.

tl;dr: they're 2 completely different companies despite being in the same industry. You can observe that they have different stock tickers for evidence if you don't believe me.

>> No.24661138

>take a nap
>btc starting to break on a downtrend.
>rest of the board is in shambles,
is this our fututre for tomorrow?

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for real though do i sell everything and go 50% RBLX and 50% ABNB?

>> No.24661147

>Order chicken tenders from Wings Over
>Realize I'm actually living the tendies meme

>> No.24661158

>sell if you think he walks
im bullish as fuck for Cohen and I agree with this, I'm ditching and taking whatever's left of my profits in the black swan event that Cohen ditches. But a bad Q3 is exactly what Cohen wants

he WILL get sizable support on a vote if he wants to replace the board

>> No.24661171

heheheeh reddit fags still havent caught on to me sleeper stocks :)

>> No.24661174
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I am already in shambles

>> No.24661178

CLF has decent gains, but what CLFag doesn't tell you is he has options he literally can't sell due to volume. Also his option spreads are horrible so his portfolio value isn't real.

>> No.24661188

If a 4% gain put you up 30%, wouldn't a -16% loss make the position almost worthless?

>> No.24661192

well considering I'm 99% GME right now, I kinda have to take this shit seriously

I just hope it doesn't hit my panic button stop loss which I have set just under the $12.7 support
im an emotional trader though so I might take off the stop loss considering my original cost basis is around $8 anyways even after averaging up

>> No.24661201

lol i know you were gonna be hurting from today

>> No.24661208


I don't have any clue what the fuck does that mean

I just bought out of a hunch

>> No.24661209

I always get a warm tingly feeling when bitcoin dumps. It's the cycle starting all over again.

>> No.24661221


>> No.24661222

How do I spread out 10k amongst

Help bros

>> No.24661230

im sorry man, I think of your portfolio every time i see GME sojack posters from reddit. Guess it was a sad day. Getting bogged AH is such jewish bullshit.

>> No.24661236

i hope so i wanna see the store succeed aside from the stock price. i really dont like the thought of having no more video game stores theyre pretty cozy.

people only seem to think of gamestop on console day

>> No.24661238
File: 1.70 MB, 1080x1080, 342194DA-0EAC-4967-B964-C283790FA5C6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can I invest in blacked.com?

>> No.24661240

Tourists aside, we all have a single digit cost basis. You're not making much sense. Do you think Redditors and other newfags are real people or something?

>> No.24661242

Is it too late for PLTR? Thinking about buying in but not sure if it's overvalued and going to dip soon. Thoughts?

>> No.24661255

Im heavy into CLF and FANG on hopes Biden does what democrats always do and he bombs brown people.

>> No.24661256

Ouch. What did you buy GME at?

>> No.24661257

Probably. Everything tracks together now. Bitcoin, stocks, bonds, gold, and commodities are all memes. Only 2 things matter: cash and not-cash.

>> No.24661265

So how many downgrades will Game Stop get?

>> No.24661269

If you have a single digit cost basis then based and god bless, but I seriously fucking doubt most of the other gme holders do.

>> No.24661279
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which stock do you think I should sell for more GME out of this

Ryan Cohen is the pet food guy in all the memes, he made Chewy. He sold Chewy for $3B. He put half in Wells Fargo and half in Apple. Now he's hired a M&A lawyer and is writing mean letter about George Sherman. Today George Sherman became the most hated man in Coomsville.

I'm actually only down 7% on the day which for a portfolio this balls deep in Gamestop doesn't hurt that badly. I held the dip from $15 to $12 after the MSFT news, too (although I did scalp that a bit)

>> No.24661280

>futures green
>oil modestly green / neutral
>10 year yield up (people are selling bonds) holding above 0.9
>Euro up (will mean DXY likely down)
I think we may be okay, but anything could happen - London is likely to continue being bullish since they just got the vaccine rolled out, which will help pre-market

>> No.24661292

when crypto tourists flood into smg, and pajeets shill them through this very thread....you know we are pounding at the door of the top. Saw some guy asking how to buy xrp on coinbase in here

>> No.24661304
File: 7 KB, 223x226, D6E779CE-11DB-4B2C-95B9-B938924C7CBE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GME and PLTR are on their way out. It’s time for RYCEY. Now that’s an undervalued stock.

>> No.24661306

their credit rating is already bad, that's why they're focusing so much on reducing their debt early precisely so they can get credit upgrades

>> No.24661311

What happened after the last retard run-up?
Sell puts at price you'd want to pay for the stock until it drops

>> No.24661323

he's too deep so he writes posts filled with "research" and seeks confirmation bias from other retards who think they are better at picking stocks than MIT/Harvard PHDs

>> No.24661329

40 at like $5 that I sold at $9 (this isn't actually counted in my stock tracker because it was a different account), 250 at an average of $12.78 right now, and $237 realized from scalping the MSFT pop

>> No.24661339
File: 2.97 MB, 960x540, 1604218241885.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And not a moderate-whorehouse level aids. Not A Swaziland gay beastiality sexclub and heroin level aids either. You profile is the epitome of a simultaneous HIV1 and HIV2 infection with tuberculosis and a strong case of nigritus. This will happen to your stocks. I'm only mad because you seem to like it, and now we have to deal with daquan the tyranny who thinks having aids "makes zer culturally enriched". /biz/ is ashamed to have such a pozzed individual on the board. You deserve better. We deserve better. You can live a normal life with modern medications. Repent your ways pozzed anon. There is still hope for you yet.

>> No.24661340
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For one day only I'll temporarily refrain from telling you to cope, seethe, dilate, and have sex.

>> No.24661348

100% roblox

>> No.24661353

inaq still hasn't mooned

>> No.24661355

indeed. had to drop my bags at a lower gain because i wasn't able to sell at the prices i wanted. there is literally 0 volume

>> No.24661367

literally this. Bitcoin follows the market trends so closely
Ill buy some bitcoin at 15k , maybe.

Line go up. Profits will be taken the 22nd.

>> No.24661369

he's right though, freaking out over an earnings dip and ignoring the billionaire trying to buy the company is retarded

>> No.24661376

gme still hasnt mooned yet

>> No.24661382

ok we're gonna need a code for rblx cuz normies are talking about it

>> No.24661383


>> No.24661390

why the 22nd?

>> No.24661393

Y-you sure it's going to d-drop?

>> No.24661394

im going to post my folio, nobody make fun of me.

>> No.24661398
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OP smell like a reddit fag made it desu

Also, is GME done getting cooomed on or are they going to $100 EoY?

>> No.24661402



>> No.24661403

aaaa TSLA don't fall

>> No.24661421

Class-leading stockholder engagement program: our Board engaged with stockholders representing 87% of outstanding shares as of April 20, 2020, over the last yearGovernance Provisions Protecting Stockholder Rights–Declassified Board to allow stockholders to vote on director elections annually–Majority voting standard with plurality carve-out for contested director elections–No poison pill–Proxy Access (3%/3 years/25% seats)–No dual-class stock


>> No.24661430
File: 167 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20201201-125301_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't be worse than mine

>> No.24661433

if Cohen walks $8 and I eat big bags of donkey dick. If Cohen starts a proxy fight who the fuck knows, 140% of shares are instantly recalled and all hell breaks loose. If Cohen offers a tender it's probably $20 or something.

>> No.24661437

How do I buy XRP on Coinbase? This nice Indian man said it'd be a good investment.

>> No.24661438

>which stock do you think I should sell for more GME out of this
you already sold your NVDA
that's the stock I would have told you to sell for AMD

as for buying more GME.. Personally I'm staying away from averaging up at this point (purely out of risk management) if Sherman is going to do this poison pill bullshit.
I think Sherman is retarded enough to think this would push Cohen away (his stake of the company is smaller) but I dont think he really understands that all the shareholders will more likely vote for Cohen now

>> No.24661445

Yeah, dumping because Trump decided to include them in the chinese diplomat sanction list

>> No.24661447

Class-leading stockholder engagement program: our Board engaged with stockholders representing 87% of outstanding shares as of April 20, 2020, over the last year

Governance Provisions Protecting Stockholder Rights–

Declassified Board to allow stockholders to vote on director elections annually–

Majority voting standard with plurality carve-out for contested director elections–

No poison pill–

Proxy Access (3%/3 years/25% seats)–

No dual-class stock

>> No.24661453

Good thing I've got 15k in cash ready for it.
You'll be fine.

>> No.24661457

How fucked are my apr 16 20c for GME? Do I have any chance to exit before the bloodbath tomorrow? Even at a massive loss?

>> No.24661482

probably cut in half

>> No.24661485


This is pretty cancer. Never post again

>> No.24661492

Don't sell those this week. If you want to drop them wait until Monday.

>> No.24661495
File: 59 KB, 1549x493, babiesfirstmonth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im a horrible investor. I make emotional trades all week long. I treat this money as tangible and i dont even care about my decisions because i have only 5k in my bank so im basically learning by fire. I really started 2 weeks ago, but have been browsing for around a month. I came from /b/. roast me.

>> No.24661500
File: 12 KB, 240x240, 1584311899567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How fucked are my Jan 15 20c calls?

>> No.24661502

in may 2020 they said no poison pill, and now look what they're doing is what I'm saying.

>> No.24661517

I figured...

Why monday?

>> No.24661521
File: 430 KB, 232x240, 1600641299199.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doing the needful, ty anon

>> No.24661523

When will ACDC CSE finally POP, they just inked 100m deal worth 10 fold their value...

>> No.24661525
File: 44 KB, 750x660, 1606775446854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no actual knowledge of Bitcoin except Mommy Cathie told me to buy it. Should I sell at a 5% loss?

>> No.24661542

That would be my face had I not rolled over back in october.

>> No.24661550

Will GME recover by February?

>> No.24661551

Anon you are a horrible investor because you aren't an investor. You are a mediocre trader.

>> No.24661556

>why Monday
Just to give it time to bottom out and bounce. We're not going lower than $12 unless the world is ending or Cohen walks.

>> No.24661573

I know, shutup you know what i meant. We are all "investors" arent we?

>> No.24661583

Every ticker will crash as people struggle to acquire capital to buy those precious roblox shares.

>> No.24661585
File: 68 KB, 1900x256, GME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24661586

>poorfag posting
like seriously, not even 1k?

>> No.24661596

Thanks anon. I figured resistance would be 9 to 11, with hopefully some good news between now and march.

>> No.24661598
File: 59 KB, 945x634, MW-IE963_mc2004_20200422103601_NS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24661603

>we're not going lower than $12
doubt, but possible. I also am waiting till Monday to see what Cohen does.

>> No.24661612

Not really if you don't have a 100k diversified stack that you don't swing or daytrade.

>> No.24661614

No there are diviechads here.

>> No.24661615
File: 40 KB, 600x600, 375739284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TSLA calls expiring this week. 740 strike. Am i going to lose my life's savings

>> No.24661622

Anon what am I reading it's late

>> No.24661628

lol better off than I am. Got within inches of $1k then tumbled back down hehe

>> No.24661639
File: 90 KB, 957x621, 1517478898358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont get it, -16% on GME isn't even that bad, it just retraced a week
Where's the true pink wojak dump

>> No.24661641


>> No.24661646

Definitely. That was a mega retard move. You’ll lose it all by market open.

>> No.24661650

Im poor as dirt, i just liked the comraderie on this board so i stayed. ill have over 1k when I dump my money into IPOs. Doesnt matter i probably do more DD and contribute than 99% of the plebbitors here asking how they should split up their daddys will money

>> No.24661660

Gamestop's chart is just fractal cups and handles all the way down

>> No.24661675

>HCAC at $18
That's braver than anything I would do. In all likelihood you probably won't be a good trader, few people are, and even 5k isn't a ton of money to start out with. I would focus on finding a decent source of income and apply it to high performing ETFs like ARKK or TQQQ if it dips.

>> No.24661680

You should not put a dime into investing unless you have at least three months worth of living expenses as a backup emergency fund that you set aside and never touch except in an emergency.
You're being stupid and irrational because you're gambling with money you need. You can't be effective unless you're gambling with money you could light on fire and not feel a thing.

>> No.24661683

And TSLA is now closed for the day. pump or dump at next open?

>> No.24661685

should have cashed out end of day today... i was up 110%...

>> No.24661691
File: 232 KB, 1125x1455, 83F5AD92-F03A-4C83-914B-BAC92BD5EF22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot image

>> No.24661702
File: 514 KB, 1600x1200, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24661710

Time in the market not timing the market, amirite? keep it up fellow 4 fig fag

>> No.24661718

how much would be a good example of 3 months worth? 10k?

>> No.24661724

Why is this cat so based?

>> No.24661730


Careful anons, the bigger autists here will give you shit for existing with a portfolio that small

>> No.24661735


>> No.24661744

post url portfolio faggot

>> No.24661764

Who cares, gotta start somewhere.

>> No.24661772

Never hold weekly options over night friend, TSLA theta burn is brutal

>> No.24661774


>he thought GME was done dumping


>> No.24661790

my avg for HCAC is 17.6, yeah im not happy about it. I was too stupid to realize in october 30th that we were in the midst of a huge dip. I was just downloading RH at that point.. I cant buy these fucking Shits at ATHs .doesnt sit well idk.
Good idea. Gotta cut ties with this cash somehow, set free my emotions, release my inhibitions' ...

>> No.24661795
File: 59 KB, 645x405, pendy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where is he now?

>> No.24661800

GAN will be $23.00 within a matter of weeks.

>> No.24661818


>> No.24661824

I hate to break your bubble, but some of those plebbitors you're smugposting over actually succeeded on their own. Be patient, if you're really doing the DD you're not wasting your time. I've watched tons of ports go from 3 to 5 figures in less than a year, just find your trades do your DD and keep at it.

>> No.24661829
File: 2.14 MB, 600x293, He doesnt know.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still thinks blockbuster 2.0 will be around 2021

We warned you about GME so many times, but you didn't listen, fren

>> No.24661830

Buy SwitchBack Energy. American company (I'm australian) Went public recently and is basically mooning already. Working at an australian EV company and it's doubling in size every year for four years. The same will happen there. Calls will give you inifinite money

>> No.24661832
File: 539 KB, 914x696, 1603517264922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

want to go all-in on a stock tomorrow. SHILL ME SOMETHING GOOD

>> No.24661833

the share dilution was literally priced in by lunch break

>> No.24661834

It’s whatever. It’s just a fun hobby/learning experience while I try to find employment since I graduated earlier in the year

>> No.24661842
File: 205 KB, 402x356, bearish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AirBnb bros, I don't feel so good

>> No.24661845
File: 1.74 MB, 3165x4096, original_261102736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that we beat Telsey's EPS target, and their PT was $19

>> No.24661847

Soxl or tqqq

>> No.24661851


>> No.24661859

Most cities have a used videogame store. If I'm buying something physical I prefer to buy from one of those

>> No.24661862

Ive realized theres around 5-10 people with solid 6+ fig accounts, everyone else is just as dead in the water as me. Regardless if they have a couple extra tens of thousand. We are all wage slaves trying to make it. Im just a ffew years behind.

>> No.24661871


>> No.24661873
File: 39 KB, 1024x576, 1606849646083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unironically coom, especially if we're down again, shit's gonna pop back to $19 this month

>> No.24661879

I will never forgive myself for cashing out my 20 Dec 18 $20c on SBE early

>> No.24661882

Take all of the money you spend in a month. On rent, food, hookers, etc. Then multiply that number by 3. This is your 3 month living expenses. Save that much money in cash as an emergency fund.
Then do it again so that you have 6 months covered in case you loose your job, or get cancer, or something else bad happens. THEN start investing... in your 401k up to the employer match. Buy boring boomer shit.
Once you have budgeted all of this, and still have cash left over, come back to /smg to loose money

>> No.24661885
File: 22 KB, 521x589, 1594668620556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all in TQQQ near the ATH bro

>> No.24661887

He hasn't posted on stocktwits since august.
He might be dead.

>> No.24661888

It's not the existing that is the problem, it's people with tiny portfolios and virtually no experience coming in here and making assumptions about their ability, that's what annoys people. He is not so bad but it's a fairly constant thing that happens and a big part of the reason why /smg/ is terrible.

>> No.24661901

this is me 0__o , lets be friends , youre not bald right? I think everyone here is bald. Thats why they dont like youngos.

>> No.24661908


>> No.24661920

Zoom out retard

>> No.24661923

I kind of left this general before he posted posting here. How did he cope with the fact galt was a pos and he spent 2 years just holding only to sell at 2 dollars less than he bought at? I'm genuinely curious because the guy would always parade around here like he knew everything about swing/day trading and he ended up not even being able to fucking hold correctly.

>> No.24661933

Damn only 20c? Well get back in anyway, it's rocketing because it's aquiring charge point

>> No.24661938
File: 228 KB, 400x250, funny-cat-gifs-090-010.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>driver couldnt stop cooming to GME

>> No.24661939

I wonder if he still has the collage of people telling him GALT will fail.
I don't think he ever sold it

>> No.24661951

what happened to gamestop??



>> No.24661960

price target was before a 10% dilution so true price target is somewhere between 17-17.2

>> No.24661968

>He might be dead.
I sure hope so. The tripfag curse strikes again, all attention whores inevitably make enough rope to hang themselves.

>> No.24661972

Who bought 6 million BCRX shares at 11:44 [email protected] 7.14?


>> No.24661974

I'm like 10 out of however many posts he had on there. I was the guy who would come here and troll LCIguy and pendy for fun. I think i posted here under like GALTLOVER or GALTbuyer or something

>> No.24661975
File: 30 KB, 800x800, 1488283587154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember that thread. It was pretty spooky how they shut everything down. Some anons even got sick afterwards.

Also, hold PLTR for life to retire rich

>> No.24661986

>telling him GALT will fail.
That's not the issue. They won't publish results for the next 1.5 years. That's what I have always told him. It's not that Galt is a failure but that biotech runs on catalysts. Holding between catalysts is nonsense.

>> No.24661992


>> No.24661995
File: 308 KB, 661x1024, 176576576576765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Word of advice, don't buy into meme stocks.

>> No.24661999

AirBnB seems like its so hyped it will crash a day after desu

>> No.24662005

What am I looking at here?

>> No.24662018

H-how can you be so sure about PLTR?

>> No.24662022

pendy was filled with confidence because GALT held so strongly during the dec/jan dump that year. That and I think he was a student in the medical field so he claimed to really understand the science or something. Didn't GALT fail something earlier this year?

>> No.24662031

this isnt gme right?

>> No.24662033

I think there's more than you'd think but it doesn't really matter in these threads. I shitpost and shill trash like RR. I'm low 6 fig with 50% in divvie stocks but divvie gains don't really make much of an impact until you're a 7 fig nig but it's more stressful than playing around with a smaller margin account and having fun.

>> No.24662048

It went down to 1.5 this year but it did way worse even before hand. Galt dipped it's toes into >1.0 a couple of different times when the economy was actually great.

>> No.24662069


>> No.24662077

dont help coomers let them rot

>> No.24662079

checked, IK youre right, But its impossible to know if these people made it through trading/ working their ass of, or just got lucky with some cash and brainlessly invested.

>> No.24662102

literaly who?

>> No.24662103

>they bought GME

>> No.24662112

>laimed to really understand the science or something
That's just not very helpful. There are lots of small cap biotechs trading way below value. Like I said, biotech needs actual phase 3/pdufa catalysts in order to achieve gains.
>Didn't GALT fail something earlier this year?
Trial design was rejected by FDA but that means jack shit. Fda is corrupt as fuck. They often fuck over biotech companies that are far more advanced than their competition until they catch up.

>> No.24662118

an elder fag of /smg/

>> No.24662122

Yep, that's a man. His feet are too large and gangly for a w*man, it look unnatural.

>> No.24662123

My 5.5 calls expire on the 18th, I think I will sell tomorrow.

>> No.24662144

Buy mindmed.

>> No.24662146

>doesn’t know momentum

>> No.24662156


>> No.24662164

I made money from work and buying/selling horses and put it in there but yeah I also inherited 25% of it :^)
Still made gains though.

>> No.24662169
File: 39 KB, 615x615, 1607464798499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros is this the top? Trump tweeted about the market today.

>> No.24662185

Shill us on mind med. Why do you think CLF is a scam? We want to see some good arguments.

>> No.24662198

> timing the market

>> No.24662215
File: 22 KB, 320x422, 1606381003045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We want to see some good arguments

>> No.24662219

He had a special press conference for 30k DOW, I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore

>> No.24662227


>they actually bought GME

>> No.24662228

he did that a few weeks ago too, smg freaked out, it was a week of green. I think we ok until december 22nd.

>> No.24662245

the market has been at ATH 90% of the time in the last 100 years retard

>> No.24662257
File: 19 KB, 289x217, Screenshots_2020-12-07-15-20-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl f tsnp
>ctrl f humbl
>0 results
Holy shit you guys have all missed the boat.

>> No.24662265

>medicinal psilocybin is the fuuuuture!!
>cures all sorts of shit instantly!!
>drugs are good!!
>psychedelics will be available everywhere someday!!
>mushrooms is the new weed!!
(this is the argument being made)

>> No.24662274

>Pelosi, Schumer Reject Mnuchin's $916 Billion COVID Relief Bill Offer
First the 1.8 trillion and now this, democrats are fucking rats

>> No.24662276

any more recs?

>> No.24662278

You're not the original MindMed shill, stop tripfagging, you're worse than CLFaggot at this point with your attention seeking.

>> No.24662279

what do you think of NAIL

>> No.24662286

Real nice of you to share

>> No.24662288 [DELETED] 
File: 61 KB, 1024x682, D_iweJOWsAMp2Nf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

excellent post

>> No.24662295

RBLX when and for what price?

>> No.24662296

This scarecrow has to fucking die.

>> No.24662302

Feeling conflicted, awesome gains with BCRX, CLF and PLTR (sold at the top) but I held my GME into earnings

Learnt a lesson today

>> No.24662321

Nigga most of this board are NEETs or live at home so they have no expenses

>> No.24662323

>flipping horses
please give me an in-depth explanation, anon

>> No.24662327

NEW thread




>> No.24662328

Nuh uh you retard! I lost all my money on other stupid bullshit!

>> No.24662331
File: 58 KB, 712x712, 1553646071268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.24662342

SRNE. FDA approval possible this week

>> No.24662357

I love that we're going to get through this entire thing without any more stimulus. Guess the Republicans were correct after all.

>> No.24662374

I know this. But who tells us that Mind Med is the only company that could profit of the new laws and the trend? What other companies are out there that have potential? Someone was shilling SHRMF here the other day. I thought it was funny. Haven't done any research but I want to know if there's anything els out there that is being talked about. Also I wanted to know why this guy thinks CLF is a scam.

>> No.24662376

>medicinal psilocybin is the fuuuuture!!
>cures all sorts of shit instantly!!
>drugs are good!!
>psychedelics will be available everywhere someday!!
>mushrooms is the new weed!!
This but unironically. Maybe it won't get that far in the US but I would be very surprised if it's not approved by Health Canada as a treatment for depression and PTSD. There is already a lot of research that shows its efficacy, look into MAPS research if you're interested.

>> No.24662445

This faggot prevented the smg tits edition. Just so you know.

>> No.24662523

I also think it has to have a pullback into the $20s, mainly due to post-merger selloff and PIPE lockup ending.

>> No.24663077
File: 59 KB, 196x406, 1928941_513209512109_2024_n_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

7% in cash....sorry bro your ngmi

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