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How are BTC Maxies not the schizos? They're the ones that think their china controlled coin that can't even outpace SWIFTs tx rate will somehow challenge the global banking infrastructure that has been in control since before the bible.

How is that not the most delusional thing on Earth? Who holds all the money? Who has all the influence? Why the fuck would they let BTC in when it has nothing to offer them? Even XRP schizos have more credibility because they're betting on being able to ride the coattails of the bankers instead of dethroning them.

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I just think bitcoin is a good investment because it's the only crypto normies know about. Institutions are clamoring trying to figure out how to racketeer this shit and I want my cut. It isn't gonna be used as money. Just another speculative investment.

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You don't need to outpace SWIFTs tx rate onchain. During the gold standard, you also didn't ship the physical gold

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It's only a mental illness when it inhibits your ability to navigate reality. In reality Bitcoin is the best performing asset in history and the only reason private entities can mint tokens with any value at all without being raided by governments. XRP is a failed scam that does nothing and only survives parasitically on Bitcoin.

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All 3 of you failed to address my point.

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They literally can't stop it. They are less organized/savvy than you think.
I'm not a maxi, my bet is on crypto as a whole, but BTC is and will be king for sometime.

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BTC maxis are brainwashed people in need of serious professional help. They all should be studied by scientist for their irrational greedy behavior. Btc maxis are mentally ill. They need help

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You have no point. You have a model of the world that was invalidated a decade ago. You're predicting things that have already been proven wrong. You're a delusional schizo telling himself stories that don't match anything that happens in reality.

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lol nope. It was groundbreaking because it was the first crypto. But it´s still absolute dog chit with no good usecases. It will go to zero. Anyone supporting bitcoin is mentally ill or below 100 IQ

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Aren't most maxis people who got rich overnight? Makes sense they want to keep their optimism

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and when the speculation end, it will go to zero. Speulation is the only thing keeping bitcoin a float. It has no usecases and never will have any. The few usecases it has will other cryptos do 10x better. Bitcoin maxis are stupid, mentally ill, or both. They think a scam that is dependent on new people entering the system is good. Thats why they shill it all the time, so they can get new speculators on board. Bitcoin supporters are mentally ill and straight up evil.

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Why are you so confident when all your predictions reliably fail? Isn't that pretty much the definition of a delusion?
For the last decade the most successful financial strategy available has been to do the exact opposite of what retards like you say.

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you don't get bitcoin yet dude

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>Bankers no longer control the world
BTC Maxies everyone

I can see the emotional attachment forming there

Most sound argument I've read. It doesn't have a usecase. Funny enough every proposed usecase involves backing a different crypto. It's purely speculative, being able to buy things with it doesn't matter, thats just speculation with extra steps

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>Bankers no longer control the world
You're too dumb to even understand what you yourself say because you're just repeating shit you think sounds good like "bankers control the world". You're not interested in details like how they control the world or to what degree, only repeating these vapid soundbite as if they have any meaning.
You said Bitcoin will never challenge the global banking infrastructure but it already did years ago, you're objectively and demonstrably wrong but still somehow maintain your delusions.

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Nobody cares about BTC's transfer speed. It's all about escaping Jewish inflation.

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Get it in your head, btc is not bitcoin. The bsv schizos are right and bsv is the only bitcoin implementation that can succeed.

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in 1636 you could trade a multi-colored tulip for today's equivalent of 250k. You could buy manors and villas, multiple tons of grain, hundreds of heads of livestock, all for a satchel of tulips. They believed that tulips could only go up.

Bitcoins are tulips. They cannot be used as currency, its too slow and expensive. Tulips were exclusively bought for the sole purpose of resell; a speculative investment. Same as bitcoin.

No one buys bitcoin to use bitcoin. They buy bitcoin because they expect the price to go up. Why do they expect the price of bitcoin to go up? Because people are buying bitcoin with the expectation of it going up in value...

Its entirely circular reasoning. Its a game of musical chairs at this point.

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>being a statist nocoiner in 2021
Anon I...

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dude, can you just stop making these threads? BTC is not controlled by China, Axa, Blockstream or anyone, fact. just fuck off and be poor somewhere else, thx.

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You had 10 years...

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You’re the delusional one for refusing to accept the fact that we are controlled by the banks, in every aspect, and with CBDCs and regulations coming it will only amplify this truth.
Bitcoin did indeed change the banking infrastructure, but it was just a small step in what is to come. Bitcoin has been kept suppressed in block size and it really is useless, refusing to accept this is like clinging on to a portable CD player when iPods are coming out. We really are all very early, this market is only a little over a decade old and mass adoption IS coming, and believing Bitcoin will be the centerpiece of this new financial system is pure delusion.

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What do you mean? You don't think they are going to implement the prototype into the legacy systems? So what if bitcoin is too slow? We can replace the nostro vostro accounts with the nostro vostro of the lightning network with the added benefit of giving your funds to an unknown third party.

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Now this guy is someone who thinks

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what is a giffen good?

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Lmaoo if bitcoin was ever that widely adopted the time and cost of transactions would be fuckin ridiculous. This is exactly what XRP is going to fix.

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And yet your shitcoins will continue to decline against the greatest crypto of all time. If you keep typing out posts like this, maybe by 2030 you can string them all together in a very repetitive eBook, and make some mass adopted future crypto CBD coins. lmao idiot

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>Refuses to address the point again
Stop posting until you take off the emotion

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Lmao cope. Bullrun from utility and adoption is overdue. Plenty of shitcoins that will reign supreme over bitcoin because they’re actually useful. CBDCs are coming, and the Jews will tax the fuck out of you glorified 1mb blocksize p2p shitcoin while my shitcoin moon because they will actually have a use case.

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There's legitimate arguments for and against bitcoin. I'm sure most maximalists will admit that its not 100%, its just the best bet in their eyes.

To dismiss it out of hand like this, to make no effort to understand the other side, shows you're the one with room temp iq.

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Why did you ignore all the sound arguments posted ITT?

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>accepts that we are controlled by banks
>200 IQ knows banks run the show
>wall street and the banks are obviously in bed together
>disregards the fact that banks and wall street are accumulating bitcoin at mind numbing rates
>no no no no they're wrong bitcoin is slow and antiquated tech. It's a CD player no no no!!!!
fuck you're dense.

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They’re buying it because of muh store of value. It will only go so far. If you think banks accumulating to be whales in your “”decentralized”” investment you’re wrong lmao do you think asset managers will ride their way down post bubble burst?
200 IQ knows that banks are still square and close minded on cryptocurrencys as a whole until there is regulatory clarity. 200 IQ know the economy will be digitized and assets will be tokenized in the future, and that bitcoin cannot scale to even compete in those fields, it’s absolute delusion to think otherwise.

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those last two are copes.
Bitcoin not being private is a weakness.

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Cuz i read from top to bottom and that post was the first one I felt like responding to