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Did you buy this and if not why not?

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The fact that this is going unnoticed by /biz/ is bullish as fuck, i suggest we keep it that way.

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this, its really strange no one shills it here, this is the second thread i see in a whole week and the first one was made by me
get in, 1$ on 14th december

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they can and will S T E A L every penny in ETH from liq pool, confirmed pajeet scam

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liquidity is locked, dont fud

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I bought it at 0.22 at 0.29 I swapped for base and lost almost my whole stack. I swapped it the second it started mooning like crazy. Im doing like 500% from doing this. really sad

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I swapped it to base it started mooning like crazy. Im down like 500% from doing this*

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Someone mentioned it yesterday morning, I checked it out. It's up 66% since then.
Seems like just another pump and dump where you have to get lucky to get in and out early enough.
Mex, as in Mexico? I don't trust Mexicans. Also there is a typo on his website. For those reasons, I'm out.

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