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Have $10k. Should I put in sp500 or Ethereum? Eth still is 60% down from ath. But I'm concerned everything will tank is stocks tank

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let's see...
> get into eth at the beginning of the bullrun for a very likely 10x
> get into sp500 for a potential 13%, knowing that the market is being propped up artificially through never-before-seen levels of money printing

i dunno OP, this one is really joggin my noggin.

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ETH is a very solid bet right now. I have a lot more confidence after the successful ETH2 roll out. The ETH road map for the next two years is groundbreaking. I would go all in ETH, dont sell till $10k+. This will happen much sooner than anyone can fathom.

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is this a serious question?

how can anyone honestly look at the current climate and think that the dollar is fine lmao

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It only crashes because of tether timing their sells to match stock dips to maximize accumulation on the way up.

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put it up your ass

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Put it in BASE. Then you'll have $0 and won't have to make tough decisions about it anymore.

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ATH while economy is closing from money pumping
pumped hard from bitfinex tether printing despite no real interest

either choice is decorrelated from reality, and mathematically cannot go on forever. you're more correct than you think: any stock crash will cause everything to dump, and the next significant crypto dump might be the end of tether (they're printing billions a month to stay afloat now, whereas the bullrun of 2017 took less than 2 billion TOTAL)

in the long run it's obvious btc is fucked (no real value), while eth is likely to recover. the dollar has less and less value as well. but you have to be ready to hold through -90% paper loss if you put your money in eth now. we could hit $50 before we hit $1k again

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artificially propped up markets you say

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absolute shit take

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>Buying magic internet token vs buying a piece of the American economy

Never bet against America, see the SPY drop in Mar 20. In 8 months its back to an ATH. The fed will always save you, there hasn’t been a single year where SPY hasn’t rebounded from a drop.
Unless you’re a doomer fag, always S&P500.

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diversify. dont listen to these retards saying all in eth.

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stick it in virgin galactic stocks? ... it hasnt even started trading as a company yet, when it does its bound to raise in value, as it would do going from a company that has 0 revenue to one that then has millions....

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put it into ARKK it's a high growth etf that regularly beats the S&P500

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