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I received a letter from the IRS and I'm absolutely terrified to open it

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post said letter

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word post the letter dude

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They legally can't go after you if you never open the letter

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Open it, pay your taxes, move on

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Flee to a country that has no extradition treaty with the US


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It's a birthday card. Happy birthday anon

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Scan it or take a picture without looking at it and let us look at it for you. We can be your personal counsel.

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burn it without opening

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Say you lost the letter in a boating accident

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film it so you can prove you didnt open it

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There's a 50/50 chance it's a pajeet scam

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You know what it is.

No excuses.

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thats what you get for using Coinbase

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Wtf that had a twist i really liked and trusted her

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Didn't you lose that letter in a boating accident OP?

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This OP you can't go to jail if you don't know rape is illegal.

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I cashed out $75k gains on January 2018 and never paid taxes. Am I in the clear now??

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If your reported income was $300,000 or higher you'll be clear in 2021, its three years for anything less than 25% difference ... Over that is six years

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There is a giant red dildo inside

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Open it. There is no avoiding it. It will be bad news. Just remember, you will pay more than Jeff Bezos did last year

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Taxes owed $22500 + Interest + penalty

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okay boomer

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Just dont open it, they cant actually force you to pay it

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Don’t ever type this online again for the rest of your life

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post it here

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A kek for accuracy

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>spread dat ass whyte boi

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Oh yeah, in a few months you will start to receive letters that you have to sign for. After nearly 10 months, you will get a letter saying they will confiscate your shit.

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Imagine being a burger and getting cucked by the IRS no matter where you travel in the entire world! pahahhahha!

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Bruh, just delete this

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I don't understand. What if I made $150k from waging?
I'm not white
Paranoid schizos

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You never filed? or you lied on your returns? Big difference between the two, not filing is a misdemeanor, evasion is a felony. John mcafee taught me this.

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I filed my taxes but I didn't put anything about crypto. I reported losses when I reinvested and traded in 2018 and 2019 though. Oh god I don't wanna go to buttfuck prison!

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Pic of letter or larp

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What letter? I never received a letter from the IRS

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>lol just privatize everything bro

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>John mcafee taught me this.
like, personally? did it involve shitting on him? a hot salty squirt in the face?
deets man

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I got one too, was just telling me that Coinbase reported things slightly different and that I owe an extra $900. Need to send it by the end of the month, kinda sucks right before Christmas.

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I guess you'll have to report to them that unfortunately all your crypto was stolen after you went to a website and it took your wallet info

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You're fucked

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Nah he posted about it on facebook the other day. Or whoever runs his page on his behalf right now.

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>like, personally? did it involve shitting on him? a hot salty squirt in the face?
Do you know John McAfee? It wouldn't surprise me after seeing him on some streams

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Fuck the IRS

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The IRS is actually pretty cool about paying back taxes as long as you aren’t obviously trying to weasel out of it. They’ll put you on a payment plan. It’s fine, I owe and pay penalties every year. Still worth it.

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>lol just don't ever let anyone separate themselves from the influence of the state unless they want a visit from the irs swat team brah
tell me more about muh coke death squads and muh UBI or what have you while the government issues a barrage of supersonic bullets into your dog's body

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Welcome to adulthood

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Real time unboxing it here on /biz/

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>Space IRS
You can't escape crypto taxes even on mars

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I havent done my taxes in 7 years

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I haven't opened it yet. If they want me to Give them money then why don't they give me a nice job at the irs so I can pay it back? Or just chill until my crypto holdings go up. They can just print anything they want at will.

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