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>put 100k into index funds at age 18
>do nothing
>become millionaire by age 50

why aren't zoomers doing this?

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Not every 18yo has 100k.
T. 18 yo with 100k thanks to Crypto.

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>by age 50

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Do you really think a sizeable amount of 18year old has access to 100k in any form?

3/10made me reply

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index funds and passive investing is a boomer bubble that will implode

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They'd rather donate to twitch thots and blm

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This is good if you already have a house and lambo

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Because you'll be fucking 50. Life is not worth living by then. You're a creepy old man no matter what you do.

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How will you pay for rent and food?

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>index funds at age 18
Ask me how I know you don't understand basic statistics and probability theory

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Zoomers believe in YOLO and think you can’t have fun after age 35 or so. They’re sorta right but this is why we have a lot of 50 year old retards with less than 100k in retirement savings who will work as Walmart greeters in their old age.

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Assuming a 7% market return. do the math puta

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>>24604006meant to reply to >>24603960

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everything you hate in the world was created by rich people with nothing else to do

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Cum over here and suck this fucking cock

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So you wil live off of $7000 a year?

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OP 5,000 dicks is a lot of dicks to suck for an 18 year old. Even at 5 a day, that's still 1,000 days of dick sucking, or 3 years of dick sucking with no vacations. 18 year olds simply can't suck that many dicks and then just plop 100k in an index fund.

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i wish this was a real finance board so i could ask if vflq was a reasonable hedge

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Imagine believing this. As long as the world population grows and productively increases (both of which will continue for at least the next century) then the economy will grow.

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>waiting 30 years to become a millionaire instead of just buying BTC and getting there in less than 1/3rd of the time for a fraction of the cost

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>Zoomers believe in YOLO and think you can’t have fun after age 35 or so
This is one of the most retarded biz memes, although it's mostly just the burgers with this mindset. You don't even need money when you're in your be 20's to enjoy life. They're truly fucked.

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The point is toget rich and not wagecuck your entire life.

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Ironically most of biz is going to wagecuck even harder than the average normie though.

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not OP guys but i have a story of how my parents are poor as fuck.

my parents worked dead end jobs their entire life theyre now in late 50s and dont have anything theyre still fucking poor.

if my parents put 10 thousand FUCKING dollars in berkshire in 1990 they would have fucking 500,000 now if they put in 7000 theyd have like 350k now but they didnt. now theyre almost 60 and have a broken down house, cold as fuck winters, the entire house is crumbling and broken down and a death trap. theyre going to die here and it feels like the roof can collapse any time . its the most depressing shit ive ever seen ive never had proper heating before or a car or any friends or fun or anything

if my parents just put a stash of cash away in an index fund they could fucking retire to fucking florida and get some beach house thats quiet and warm sunny surrounded by palm trees and ocean air all year round. or if they slowly put money into an index fund over the 30 years they would be fucking MILLIONAIRES by now.

but now theyre poor as fuck still in debt have nothing and will probably die in this and theyre still working miserable as fuck and theyre disabled and still working. i think everyone should put at least 10k in boomer funds. berkshire perfectly survived every crash

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I'm 35 and I put 2% of my salary into 2 index funds (wrapped in my pension). Conservative estimate gives me almost a million if I cash out at 55, and much more if I wait until 65. Obviously I'm going to fuck around with crypto in the meantime but that's a pretty decent plan b.

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Anon, what you just described is NORMAL. Unless you were born to the merchant or noble class, nobody was going to teach you how to invest or even how to properly use money. It's only now that the internet exists that the info is really getting out there. Don't resent your parents mistakes. It's more than enough to simply not repeat them and to teach your children not to make the same mistakes.

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RNG doesn't work like this for everyone my friend

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>age 18



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32 years, anon.

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Vangaurd holds 4.3Trillion in assets, there would have to be some WW3 esque cataclysmic event for this to even happen. And even if it did, do you think people would want your internet tokens?

t.Index fund and Precious metal boomerfolio

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