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No rational individual would buy crypto, stocks, or a house right now. Why are people buying into these ponzis?

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no rational individual would buy ur mum but u still exist, explain this please?

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Because no rational person would hold USD.

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Yes anon keep your money in a checking account and watch as your interest rate can't even keep up with inflation

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i dca into crypto
boughtstocks heavy in october
and closed on a house a week ago
youre retarded for following the narrative

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>Why are people buying into these ponzis

Stonks only go up r-right?

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Except checking accounts don't even get interest.

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Yes goyim it’s only rational to buy assets when the market is strong and prices are even higher than they are now.

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You could’ve said this at any point since March and you still sound retarded

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Because life itself is a ponzi.

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