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If you aren't accumulating RSR right now your brain is filled with literal shit and you will never make it, anon. That's all I wanted to say.

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Sounding desperate. IYKYK isn't working LOL! Hey at least you helped Haitians buy mud cookies

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The time to profit off this garbage is over. Move on already.
Fartless beans.

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>Please Sir do the needful and buy my heavy bags sir. RSR will make you very rich, yes. It's backed by Peter Thiel sire.

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I have 1.5 m am I going to make it bros

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How does $200 sound to you?

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Piece of shit 2 cents stablecoin

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in all seriousness. give me the truth on how a pool of stable coins is going to go up in price?

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You’re talking about the temporary RSV, not RSR

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Reserve is the stable coin
>he didn’t read the white paper

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this. i am genuinely mad even though i was buying at $0.0015

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i've been sitting on 1.3mm rsr since 0.006, i don't know if i really believe they are going to deliver on arbitrage and all those other lofty promises about the reserve ecosystem. it seems like i would have to put a lot of trust in a libertine satanist baby eater (thiel) and a crew of douchy silicon valley faggots. im at a crossroads

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Why are people so focused on Thiel? He throws money at a lot of projects, most of which fail and people never even hear about.
Guys like him need 1 in 100 projects to succeed and get filthy rich from it.

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Exactly RSR is his charity coin. Why the fuck would you waste your time on RSR during the DeFi bullrun. Jesus some people are thick.

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Checked ... yes theil eats babies but only in self defense .. will hold my 1.1M .. coonbase will pump this to at least 0.07 maybe .1

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RSR is a DeFi token you fucking mong

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Based plan and PT range. Bought a shit ton of today. Looking forward to that inevitable retard-strength pump.

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I've swapped all of my RSR to BASE and bought in at .9$, I already miss holding this shit

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Checked. Just bought another 100k.

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I already got burnt on a .finance scam, by comparison this looked like a rock solid hold. But now I'm realizing it's the same 4 shills who ignore legitimate FUD, post the same copypastas, and the same 5 memes over and over. Too bad I bought the top and am stuck holding this pump and dump scam

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Actually Thiel's success rate is 93%

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SO RSR is part of that 7% huh. Fuck you guys are unlucky. Dont worry once it goes back to 0.001 Pajeets will start to hype it up anon.

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plese sell your rsr sirs

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