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Who made this pepe?

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I did

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me :D

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Your mom

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yeah it was frank actually

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What about this one?

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thats a selfie i took before my surgery

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self evolving AI, guess this is what they consider funny

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This is what awaits us all

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I-I made that pepo sir

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Gordon made that

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who made this one

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I made this

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Blue made this thee pee, res about it 2!

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who made first pepe ever?

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No comments about this one.

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that was actually me

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I made the pepe that this was based off of, with the slightly bigger but smaller eyes than the generic pepe. I'm sick and tired of you people mocking me day in and day out claiming to have been the creator of my pepe. I have submitted an overwhelming mountain of evidence to the Kleros Court and my case is being delayed by tedious bureaucratic gridlock. Meanwhile I continue to see threads like this and it's pushing me over the edge. All I want is to get the respect and admiration I deserve for shrinking the generic pepe's eyes in photoshop and saving it as a jpg and to reap the financial rewards of its success.

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So, I assume you are the creator of this atrocity? Good god.

If this is what peak pepe creation perfomance looks like, all of you should be ashamed of saving these on your pepe folders.

This is over biz, I'm out. I can't stand these horrid pepes. You guys used to be good at this, now is just putrid.

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I created all of these

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