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It’s all true, you fuckers had 3 years. You can’t even FUD this anymore. You faggots don’t even deserve the pump Link will provide to the whole market. Thank you Sergey and Ari for pioneering crypto adoption. Fuck vitalik, fuck chinks, fuck pajeets, our true hero was the blue flanneled, bearded Russian God this whole time. I hope you never buy Chainlink and I profit off your brain activity once we enslave you midwits.

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kek "Used by Enterprise", names 3 fake partnerships that have been proven to be fraudulent. Sergey in jail when?

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>any minute now link will pump says the increasingly nervous man

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I smell curry and goat shit

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did my facts hurt your feelings? sorry paid jeet.

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You have provided no facts Ranjesh, only cope

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Gonna have to side with OP, Swift would of fucked Chainlink by in lawsuits by now if all this wasn’t true

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you had 2 years, incels

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Lambo time is near

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Especially since SWIFT is at this conference too

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if you were really sure you were going to make it you wouldn't be posting here trying hard to prove it to 'midwits' just how right you are. You'd just close the tab. But we both know you can't do that. You're here forever. Link is a memetoken. It's shilled to newfags as a joke.

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redditor midwit cope

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Newfag fell for the LINK is a meme meme

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Chainlink is done. This is a Parsiq board now.

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>You'd just close the tab
Why do you think all LINK discussion threads died early 2019? We knew we had won. No reason to spoonfeed retarded noLinkers and newfags alike. We just lurk and occasionally shit on the pajeets that fell for the Link is a meme meme and are still doomed to frequent this shithole because they missed $0.20 LINK.

>t. Pre-SIBOS buyer

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Is 3k link enough to make it by 2026 - I’m dcaing as much as I can. Is Chainlink going to be implemented by then and will smart contracts have hit the mainstream right now. Right now no one knows about Chainlink, I truly hope it’s just a matter of time. Also congrats bro I wish I was here back then instead of being a complete faggot.

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>still dumping

getting tired of this shit

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Buying any other large market cap coin, apart from BTC & ETH is unironically retarded at this point. BTC has institutional money, ETH has the Ecosystem monopoly, LINK has a millions of tokens dumped regularly on its investors. All this reverse pyschology shilling is so the bagholders can get out at the price they missed in August.

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API3 will flip LINKs marketcap

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Definetly make it territory for 2026.

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Guys I'm sorry I didn't get in at .20 cents fucking jeez

I been here since 3$ faihfully absorbing linky memes and boght some @3.4 then more @5 then became a true believer @ 8 and had a 113 stack

I knew we hit 20 too fast and sold for boomer rocks (/pmg/ is still based)
Fast forward to now I sold off all my silver some at a profit but my natzee coins I sold at a loss
I'm about to sell my really nice pieces at a loss
Way I see it, it was link gains anyway.
I lost my job I been trying to stack and now I'm not selling until staking or life makes me.

It's not easy as a poorfag but I buy every dip I can and

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Sweet I got digits
And I'd like to add I'm back to just over 100 link with some PMs kept but all gold is gone just some silver.

I swapped it to BTC then bought on jmbullion but now I think it's about to blow.
Stop swinging and hold on.

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I hope there is healthy competition, it would be great for adoption as a whole. Just accept your place as a tier lower than Chainlink, that’s all I ask

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I realized I need at least 1k and I have a lawsuit wrapping up but I fear chainlink will take off before I get my fiat

100 link was hard to do at my income level tho

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API3 is not a Chainlink competitor.

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Dyor before chundering ideas like this

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chcked, guess thats true didn't really think about that I had started doubting the swift connection and thought they had dropped that but I guess its still on going

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I hope you drown in your own diarrhea.

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Checked and blessed digits. Poorfag here too. Crypto is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It pains me to see how my friends and family throw away money on food/gifts as they ignore my advice. Keep saving and investing fren, it's a long journey but we'll make it

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Even though you paid shills keep posting these the truth is if you flipped your link for eth 4 months ago you would have 5x the cash you have now. Your link bags are going to get way heavier.

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>2 years
The Reddit niggers are getting too comfy in the link threads

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>json parser
>api on top of a blockchain

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it's all so tiresome

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I love rubbing it on your face

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Come on man. You have a point but make yourself look a complete fool

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Thanks fren
I won't deny I've been sweating and even aped into BTC but I'm back all in LINK
Something just tells me it's the winner
There were naysayers about getting frens in the whitehouse too...have you seen Twitter?

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Id dubs for link don't lie.
Pic for proof it's same that got 7s.

Eth is cool but I'm all in cubes LETS GOOOOO

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Oh boy what a time to be alive, LINK is really mooning hard today

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Green ID and dubs tell me all I need to know. Thank you OP

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Unironically the naysayers are the ones fudding the most so they can buy at lower prices

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Bump til I have the energy to deal with you goys

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Source for link pumping?

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Parsiq is working with Link though.

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True, PRQ is about to see real price action whereas link is just stopped. It's time to switch trains lads.

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if you were really sure you were going to make it you wouldn't be posting here trying hard to prove it to 'midwits' just how right you are. You'd just close the tab. But we both know you can't do that. You're here forever. Link is a memetoken. It's shilled to newfags as a joke.

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Kek copyfag

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Welcome to Schwabistok

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Why are you buying pms. They are to preserve wealth, and you have none friend. Make money first, preserve it later.

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Fundamentally horizontal

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am I crazy or are we about to honk-honk?
>inb4 zoom out

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My fellow schwabmarines...

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Chainl link? Lame chink! Badadadadada - ba!

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>its shilled to newfags as a joke
Ah good old 2018 FUD. Haven't seen this in a while.

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inb4 the buttplug is optional

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My leellow club latrines

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>he isn't schwabposting in the year 2020 of the Lord

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Wait, I thought that was a meme meme meme meme and not a meme meme

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Man? duh... torrie? Why wear a buttug when u can just smoke a juul?

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>he is sergeyposting instead

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Do we know anything about the top wallet holders? I want to speculate it is institutions and smart money, but I can't really find any information on it.

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Your future bugmobil schwabies

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$1999.99 EOY

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I thought it would be fun to come shill link on biz. It’s been so long, and I have nothing but great memories. But this board is shit now. Pajeets and chinks have overrun it and are literally trying copy links rise to fame and failing miserably. This has been incredibly blackpilling.

That being said, link is still the standard. I can’t wait to watch you dumb fucking incels get rekt buying XRP or that gay ass pajeet court coin? Kek it’s really, really depressing on this board now.

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I've been shilling a credible project on here for months. PRQ is going to be a big player in the next yesr yet I've not seen a single wallet with link in it buying PRQ.

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I recognize your posts, Pajeet. We are all very thankful you take time out of your busy schedule to make us riches. Thank.

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I'm Scottish you cockwomble. You don't deserve what you are about to miss. Linkies truly are retarded.

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Get a load of this cope

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should be named "exit-scam festival". 6million dumped in last month, extra 45 millie in circulation TAKE THIS LOOAAAAAD

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Just buy Crystal Blue


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That's very nice, Pajeet. I'm happy for you too.

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I learned and thus sold most off for more link

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the pump youre talking about was $20. ive made more off pajeet rug scams then i have with chainlink and i bought in 2018. money is money.

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>You'd just close the tab
most linkers have done this. the discussions today compared to the past few years is none existent.

>> No.24596030

>I hope there is healthy competition
youre literally too dumb to even know they arent competitors

>> No.24596431

Oh my!

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Haven’t looked into api3 at all desu, but they act like a competitor. I really could care less.

>> No.24596545

Will there be a free live stream?

>> No.24596579

Riddle anon here. Remember Singapore?Singapore is happening. H F H. Do you want to believe?

>> No.24596641

Api3 is the poor man's link.
Once an api3 node becomes secure enough it will transform into a LINK node.
Literally not competition but a dog begging at the table for scraps.
You're a lucky man then. Or you didn't have the sense to buy more that 50 LINK in 2018

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>remember singapore.
This is one of your more complicated riddles. Give me and my team 27 hours.

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Chainlink will never be taken seriously without an enterprise integration. All these small literally who defi projects doesn’t warrant it a top 5 crypto project

>> No.24596733

Bless thy, bless thy soul

>> No.24596912

Look into MAS

>> No.24596978

I got a blockchain question.: Lets say you have a Blockchain going, You mine BTC... can you suddenly just program em to mine a different currency. i just want to be 100%.

>> No.24597028

Well the fintech festival seems to be giving them credit for 3 enterprise integrations.

>> No.24597083

Wish I could help anon, I’m not entirely sure about mining. I’m a poor javajeet

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And everybody is happy renters

>> No.24597888

100% agree except for fuck vitalik

>> No.24597948

read OPs picture. you must be blind lmfao.

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They complement each other anon. Imagine high value high competency business using api3 and getting maximum value from their data feed.

Smaller businesses will still get tremendous value from chainlink and use third party. If link is huge api3 could be huge too and vice versa.

It’s a frens competition really. The api3 team and community is almost all link holders or contributors anyways lol.

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i bought around 35k link in 2018, why are you so mean? there are people on this earth who can make better decisions then you fren.

>> No.24597985

I don’t hate Vitalik

>> No.24598031

Show me a swift integration that’s not from 2016 that was just a poc
Show me a google integration that’s not big query data. This is just an external adapter.
Stop being delusional. They would’ve announced it if there were any

>> No.24598210

absolute brainlet.. do some reading on timeframes institutions/corporates work on

>> No.24598445

Holy shit that is not even a POC. It’s just one of the use cases. Take your meds schizo

>> No.24598486

SWIFT and Google has speakers at that same conference. I imagine they would confront Sergey in person if these were fake.

>> No.24598529

Pick three.

>> No.24598550

Monetary Authority of Singapore ?

>> No.24598587

you seem so concerned about other peoples financial decisions.

>> No.24598746

>what is a poc
"SmartContract's work with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication came about after the startup won the organization's Innotribe Industry Challenge earlier this year. The partnership so far amounts to "a successful proof of concept," Hazel Nolan, Swift's project manager for Innotribe innovation programs, said in a brief email.
SmartContract is already having concrete discussions with Swift about phase two of the implementation, according to Nazarov, and Nolan said her organization looks forward "to exploring potential opportunities to work together in the future."

>> No.24598966

I agree with you about the need to create the thread, OP is a twat who needs validation, for that reason I know he's not an og.

However the rest of us lurk and don't bother posting or spoon-feeding anymore.

>> No.24598994

Not mean fren. I said you were one of 2 things and turns out you're lucky.

>> No.24599170

Minnesota Asshole Symposium.

>> No.24599432

>thinks I come to biz for validation

Idk if it’s curry or must I smell from you, either way fuck off.

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>pic related

There's not a single anon here with a >10k stack that gives a shit about anons opinions on LINK price on /biz

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thanks, if i was lucky i would have won the lottery. chainlink was a lot of research, at that time it still seemed like another scam. maybe you already know this but just saying for the people who dont know.

>> No.24599850

kek. well just know that BTC and ETH use two different algorithms so you can't use the same hardware to mine both, and also ETH 2.0 is coming out so you won't even need hardware to mine, just tokens.

>> No.24599929

Alright you fuckin cunt, sorry I’m not living up to the Chainlink “OG’s” super high standard of professionalism and humbleness.

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Crystal Blue > LINK

>> No.24600126

can confirm, 0 shits given

>> No.24600455

>unironic responses to this
Btw have the captchas been straight cancer for anyone else recently?

>> No.24600538

Yeah I bought in 2017 and spent a long long time researching. I was more commenting on your making more money with low caps. That game is a mine field

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