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>December 2020
>i am forgotten

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Buying Link for $13.00 is like buying Link for $0.10.

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I wish I never bought desu. Need to hold longer due to tax reasons, hope to break even then

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Such a fucking shit token, holding this shit is like dragging your balls through glass

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>Factor 130
no it isn't.

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Gone are the dreams of 3 figures. I feel like i'll be waiting an eternity to dump at $20.

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With this team dumping on you non stop it’s never going to happen.

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it's like anon made this claim on an anonymous American Shit Eating Forum and didn't follow through...

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Good work team! Nothing like a dose of fud to make link moon.
Keep it coming plz

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Absolute disaster of a finish to this year. I thought we’d but $30 at least

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Still buying, just hurts to buy surgates dumps every fucking week.

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>Best performing crypto in the top 35 this year

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It will literally fade to irrelevancy in 2021 now that it finally has serious competition. It really only succeeded up until now because it was the only oracle solution

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No one will ever forget what I was like to watch the team dump out 75% of the token value. Week by week. I’m guessing some anons gonna have to go to therapy because of this.

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i think API3 will take its place

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Thats the style! Fud link! Come on marines!!
Just don't listen any of the "serious competition" or you won't be taken seriously by Lord Kek

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Literally not true though

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Yet it's still only the #10 most held on normiebase

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Sirgay is very fat and eats cheeseburgers all the time!

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Have you dyor on API3? They literally just stated that they are aiming to mop up the scraps left over by LINK. We need better fud

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>muh forgotten shitcoin meme
Let me tell you something you dumb nigger, no one talks about it anymore because it's a given, the backing behind the technology is a given, and there's no point dealing with you retarded motherfuckers. The rest are so fucking worried about price, before staking is even out, and are just gonna sell, before coming here and making a shitty thread like this in the hopes other retards join in, so they can feel like hey, they weren't the only ones to fuck it up and sell, right?

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If you switched your all in stack to btc 4 months ago you have quadruple the money you currently have. Let that sink in. Even more if you switched to eth.

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>lose income on taxes
No thanks retard, I'll hold and continue being nothing but a blip on the radar.

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Yes, I understand that API3 appears to provide entities the ability to provide first part oracles instead of being forced to join the chainshit ecosystem.

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>join chainshit ecosystem
>join Apu2
hmm I wonder which

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Considering chainshit wants to take over the world, it will be fun to support API3 in showing them how it's actually done.

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>support API3
>they do a Cardano

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You probably don't even know what a github is, get the fuck back to plebbit, retard.

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at least that, probably much better even. Its going to 81000$ after all.

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yes sirs, uniswap sirs

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Not quite

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Funny that the dev token moves never appear to be sold on the market, and in fact are being given to nodes to get the network up and running. This inconvenient fact doesn't fit with the fud narrative, however, and so is just ignored. I read a good post someone submitted the other day, in regard to this:

"...their success doesn't impede my making it either. Anonymous internet is when you can really be as good or bad as you want to be, and if you choose to be bad then that's an insight into how your deepest self behaves when it doesn't think there are consequences."

I think that expresses it rather succinctly.

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Weren't you faggots screaming it would be $10 by now? Its done nothing but tank.

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Imagine if Arbitrum comes out before eth 2.0 launch: https://twitter.com/OffchainLabs/status/1334612283184570368

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Anon wirh 5x the money you could have bought back your stack paid taxes and still have twice the value of your link in straight cash. Shills are on a board with some of the smartest people in the world and you act like we can’t even do basic math.

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Rome wasn't built in a day

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Do you even know what an API does? You fucking idiot, it needs a decentralized dns service to even succeed.

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I bet you have limp wrists.

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suck my dick chainlink,

i will use SmartKey real working product!

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what is IPFS, retard.

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Yes chainlink is Rome and Apu3 is Carthage.

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I sacked your mum over a fortnight, pleb

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Man we're fucked holding Sergeys bags. His dad bought a lambo for Christ sake. I shouldn't have bought this token

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Intimidated, were we? Never mind. Keep thinking, and one day you might just come up with an intelligent reply.

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Hes mad youre ruining his discord tranny campaign

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I can imagine you pushing up your eye-glasses as the reflection from the street lamps hit them momentarily, a grin on your face...

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I can imagine you taking a cock up your ass

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as far as i see there is almost zero interest for arbitrum
i know people like to cream themselves because muh ed felton but i never see it discussed anywhere nor is the beta rolleup used in anything

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Burekt is that you man?

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is this the new meme

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I'm the only one who does the fuckin' around here, boy.

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sir its for you

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Nope. It’s the math of what happens when founder dumps go wrong. And trust that it will get way worse with the number of dumps they have lined up for us.

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Retard it’s going straight into the circulating supply. You can see it on cmc.

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>APItranny sperging out

Lmao, what a fucking faggot

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literally just partnered with Playstation

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You smell of desperation and bad conscience

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The above post, if legit, is a pretty bid deal.
This is how globohomo co promote each other and dominate.
Remember that one day Twitter was nowhere, and the next day it was on every TV station and advertisement ever?

Globohomo copromotion is a major clue to what is happening.

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What is happening is a pnd. You guys have already cost the linkers almost everything

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I barely have any and am generally disinterested.
Very close to dumping it.
Just saying that things like this can be legitimate clues as to what is going to happen and where the world is going.

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It's essentially the same as saying if only you sold the top

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