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First for Rolls-Royce

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Weekend /smg/ General

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How long will this volatile market last? I don't want to go back to 10% yields every YEAR.

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You must invest, my dude. You need to take some risk if you want to make money for sucking your own dick in front of a screen of imaginary candles.

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Made 2000 dollars last month on my, now 22000 portfolio.
P good
When will this GME shit pump?

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I’ll be in first thing Monday morning

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> British industry
Hard pass.

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tfw no one got on the aston martin bandwagon

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U wot?

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It already did, bro. We're just riding the waves right now.

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>It already did, bro
I figured, I got in at 16,00 on Thursday just to cover some losses and it did that for me, hopefully it gets some more major pumps next week tho

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someone please tell me how to link previous threads so i can start baking threads and get harassed when i dont
t. brainlet newfag

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PLTR pump this week?

>> No.24567687

but lets be honest its the recovery in their aviation dept that is moving the stock.

you guys know that right?

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anyone in Uranium companies?

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$HVAC has big news coming out early next week.

Ps. I don’t know anyone related to an insider who was told to load up Friday AH.

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This is bait

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I'm going to screencap this for when it dumps at Q3 earnings

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Kek, just post the fucking post number with two implication arrows in front

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When will they switch to trading 24/7?

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:linkthread:<thread id>

watch: >>24562950

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very likely but the stock's bleeding since before the kung flu

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i might buy some UUUU and pray.

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bought in at 10.74

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awesome, that will recover as well as all this future business in different areas. Nuclear energy for the UK will be critical in meeting the electric car demand of the future and meeting the carbon neutral goal. RR are big in UK defence which Boris just announced an increase in spending for. Submarines, Luxury cars, everything mentioned previously. It is really crazy how much they do at a world renowned level

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anyone have stuff like pic related

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How do we profit from this?

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i kind of like the investment. i already own BA. might add some RR.

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>mfw discovered how to trade in my 401k
I'm gonna buy literally everything shilled here in it lel

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okay h-here i go plz work

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I'm gonna do it:

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Where do I find good manganese/semiconductor meme stocks

I have SIMO and BESI

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Redpill me on Growth ETFs.

Based on their charts, most consistently make gains plus a few also pay dividends.

Are they a good investment?

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remember when this retard sold DAL at the bottom lmao fucking buffoon

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pls reply

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yeah go ahead, I will probably dump it intraday

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is this bullish?

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maybe this time

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i mean lol if you just want to make it when you're 65 then all you have to do is buy SPY

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this is the thread where GME was halted for news

>> No.24567791

if you paid me 100 euros id take it tbf

>> No.24567795

serious question, how did you get to /smg/
just wondering

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I have to admit I own nothing british despite living here but I've been eyeing RR and will get in on monday. Be ready for a dip, I will post here when my buy order comes through

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Bro, you're making a fool of yourself
Just do this

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yeah i would just shill the aerospace/aviation/defense angle more. but the meme stuff might work better on noobs.

for me your picture is for noobs who dont know anything. but that might work best here.

not hating on it. i'll probably buy some.

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Reddit linked me here.

>> No.24567814

Watch the expense ratio

>> No.24567816

I bought clf

>> No.24567817

hoard weather and sell it back to them at a profit

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DFEN etf has a 1% expense ratio

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i'm retarded
so like this then?

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Which broker sells weather?

t. Robinhoodie

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based retard

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>the meme stuff
nuclear isn't a meme with RR
they already build mini nuclear reactors for British submarines
if this works out, it's going to be massive, and the push for EVs in the UK and emissions cuts by 2030 means work on electricity generation capacity increase needs to start now

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also let me know if you want to shill Aston Martin (ARGGY).

i bought that at 66 and sold at 1.02. i can always buy back in.

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Ignore the divvies yields,
Dividends are paid out of the equity of the company. When you own the shares of a company the equity is already your money. Dividends are just moving money from your front pocket to your back pocket. Divis may be exempt for corporate tax but you are still going to have to get them out of your corporate.

Just put your money in good ITs and be done with it.

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Good job fren

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you will never be a woman.

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ClfChad minion here, clfChad is enjoying a well earned weekend.

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teach me how to FA, /smg/. what stats for companies do i need to be looking at to determine how much they are actually worth and whether i should be buying them or not? where do i find this information?

>> No.24567937

What SPACs are we buying boys

>> No.24567955

and nuclear didnt just happen 2 minutes ago with RR either. its been there for years.

what drives the stock is not the nuclear part of the company. it was losses in the aviation dept. or as they call it "civil aerospace".

>> No.24567958

Got 100 shares at 8.1 still feeling comfy

>> No.24567972

None ya stupid nigger, that's a losing move, how new are you? Buy NAK dummy

>> No.24567981

Watch the great Pajeet of valuations.

>> No.24567986


try reading about the company

all other RRs should read also

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lol just put on a blindfold and buy calls on things that crash after beating earnings

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it's amazing how much more consistent ive been with making money after i started sticking to my notes/plan for the week.

>> No.24568019

everything is risk adjusted. just buy

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Hope you guys enjoyed the bull run

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i still do paper trades from time to time also. practice makes perfect.

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Rate my holdings if you have time.........................

>> No.24568059

RYCEY has the ugliest chart I've ever seen in my life, what's the catch?

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>> No.24568064

why does it seem like the quality of /SMG/ increases on the weekend

>> No.24568065

Unironically wind and solar energy?

>> No.24568082

Stop stalking me everywhere I go. Fuc
ng Ass don't speak TO me. same for tHE rest of you PSYCHOS

>> No.24568083

it doesn't you just have severe autism

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Pretty good, rate mine

>> No.24568096

The catch is there is little to no info about it and it isn't RR

>> No.24568101

not good lad
try not doing whatever it is you're doing

>> No.24568134

Their turbine engines are shit and their oil pumps leak like crazy. The blades often crack from the materials and stresses. I'd rather work on a GE turbine than a rolls royce any day.

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Any zoomers here?

I’m thinking of putting 300k into shroom stocks. Which ones should I go with?

>> No.24568214

Seconded. Rolls' monocrystalline turbine blades have a bad reputation. I would rather have GE

>> No.24568231

What's TSLA's pe? googlefinance is showing it as 1,186, I know TSLA is likely over inflated but holy shit. General googlin returns a much lower number across various sites.

>> No.24568245

Live cattle futures

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Fuck niggers. Fuck jannies. Fuck bears. And above all, fuck 3D "women".

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Dangerously based.

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>Immediately bought UAL and DAL then panic sold because I wanted to make money faster
>FOMO'd into KODK
>FOMO'd into some china shitstocks
>FOMO'd into ZI puts
>FOMO'd into SNDL
I think I learned my lesson but way too late. I'm in GME now just hoping to make some money back.

>> No.24568278

>i bought that at 66 and sold at 1.02

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I should have taken more profits.

t. greedy bastard

>> No.24568296

66 cents sorry

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Sir the guests are only now arriving. Please repeat for everyone in the back who missed your announcement

>> No.24568318

The amusing thing about Reddit's reflexive anti-Americanism is how obvious it makes it that they're mostly Americans that have never left the US, and have fantasy notions about "the world" being a giant bloc acting like the Scandinavian countries.
Latin American, Mediterranean, African, and Middle East country refusal rates will dwarf the US. But they're "the world" to Reddit, so they must be smart.

>> No.24568327

no amount of gains can cure the sadness in my heart

>> No.24568339

Just fap two times a day and smoke dabs

>> No.24568346

The famously rational Germany is also a country full of homeopaths and other alternatives

>> No.24568353

fucking niggers!

>> No.24568355

man i would love to buy more into nuclear but I don't know where to go other than UUUU

>> No.24568367

Just take this doctors orders anon

>> No.24568374

Redpill me on certara

>> No.24568380

Yes it is actually absurd. If you are a Kraut I recommend you to watch "Die Mondverschwörung".

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Thanks, James. I will do again when we are in the lounge. Why don't you help yourself to a cigar and and a glas of Glengoyne already?

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TSLA has actually never sold a single car. It is Theranos 2.0. All their income regulatory credits, memes, and selling stock. ~400k "customers" and "employees" are all in on the fraud. When it comes out it will destroy the global financial system.

>> No.24568408

Luckily I’m a much superior Scandinavian, where we obviously have the same nutters and 90% of middle-aged women believe in clairvoyance.

>> No.24568441

It hasn’t even been profitable at all until this year so that’s a step up

>> No.24568458

Because Germans are retarded lemmings that only know fully supporting the gouvernment till death or complete conspiracy nutter. Germans are people unable of moderation and a distanced but rational view on politics or anything really.

>> No.24568493


>> No.24568503

ohhh jaaa tax mich mehr bitte

>> No.24568529

Fuck man, once you travel those people are straight up hell. Even worse when you realize they are actually afraid to leave because they don't their worldview shattered. It's crazy to return from a country and have someone that has never been there lecture you about it.

>> No.24568532

Did bcrx die?
no posts in this thread
did i fuck up again?

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>> No.24568537

TLS is going to be yuge in the next two years. Also bullish on FROG and SUMO.

>> No.24568543

>Thanks for contacting Google Support. My name is Pooja.

>> No.24568544

blame the allies in ww2, Germany was based and they imposed their ideologies

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Thank you come again.

>> No.24568555

I just found out that my broker's minimum lot size is smaller for BTC than for SPY. I might actually go ahead with that plan I delineated there but with buttcoin. Might park the unused cash in gold and treasury inflation protected securities as I found these tend to be the least correlated with the stock market.

>> No.24568558

but seriously, palantir's done now right?

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God I hate Germans. Other people are not retarded like them. I mean at least some Paki thinks he will go to heaven when he blows himself up in a rival's sect mosque. Germans would do it if they think daddy gouvernment would be proud.

>> No.24568567

sumo is already on it's way up though

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Hey /smg/ I'm having a little bit of trouble with something. I'd be grateful if somebody here could give me an answer. I'm looking for information regarding the share ownership structure and the company's site doesn't include this info. So I've been going to different websites but they all give me totally different numbers and information. Which website has the most recent and most reliable information regarding share ownership in your experience? If it helps at all, I'm looking at a Canadian company.
Thanks /smg/!

>> No.24568578

The occupation of private detectives is getting more popular nowadays. That’s why after the successful pre-sale the GTX price can rise x10!

>> No.24568579

kill yourself pajeet they are legit company who will loose me money again

>> No.24568580

when did you buy? i bought in at $5.11 before the FDA approval poomp

>> No.24568593


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Now that PLTR lost its momentum, what EOY can we expect?

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What does smg think of Arclight? They seem like another spac ready to have their day before becoming worthless again. Is it a good idea for a quick pump and dump?

>> No.24568628

It's 788. Price divided by EPS = P/E

It's retarded to consider P/E without considering growth.

>> No.24568637
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Don’t mind if we do

>> No.24568639

Bought the day before FDA approval, up 17% friday morning but didnt sell, i held.

dont see it pumping more soon™

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Anyone holding BCRX?

Yesterday's Berotralstat approval is just one of many catalysts that will be driving BCRX's price forward. The real payoff is up ahead not now. There are still many opportunities for market makers to drive the price down wanting you to believe BCRX will never prosper. By all estimates, Berotralstat under the Sakigake fast track approval process in Japan has an approval decision this month. If approved, BCRX will receive an upfront milestone payment of $42MM in revenue. Berotralstat filed under the Centralized Approval Procedure in Europe, is expecting a decision in March. If approved, Berotralstat can be sold in 27 countries in the European Union. In the U.K, patients already have access to Berotralstat under the Early Access Program. The real payoff will be in March. BCRX estimated earning report date is March 4, 2021. By that time, all the approvals are in (U.S. Japan, hopefully, Europe) and we have some sales numbers gauging the strength of Berotralstat commercial launch in the U.S. Cashing in now is just getting a taste of the appetizer. The sizzling steak is in March (average consensus-estimated price target $9.07). If Berotralstat sales figure is incredibly strong, top estimates at $13). For a few small investors who want to cash in now for small change to shop during Christmas, I can understand. But I am keeping my eye on the prize.

>> No.24568658

Is it possible we will ever have a great depression again (like 10 years to recover) or at worst just good recessions where stocks go back like a year?

>> No.24568663

I fomod into sndl and lost 300 because my retard ass didn't pull out when I took a screenshot of my gains kek

>> No.24568669

I’ll out myself as someone that’s only been trading since summer. With that out of the way, what are you guys’ thoughts on an end of year sell off? Wouldn’t institutions/funds want to sell some holdings by end of the year to secure profits? I’m sure they get awarded bonuses for hitting certain profit levels, but would we see this happen this year with the US dollar being fucking trash and continuing its downward trend? Would it not be more optimal to continue holding the whatever they hold or does the current level of the DXY not matter? I’ve zoomed out on the DXY chart and it seems a low DXY level appears to be in the 80s. Thoughts on this?

>> No.24568670

Based FOMOchad.
>Doesn't do research
>Goes all in
>Only looks at top gainers and memes of the day
>Buys high sells low
>Rich by 30 or an hero
Market always needs FOMOchads.

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I'm STILL on the sidelines with 20k cash, what the fuck do I do? I bought a lot of PLTR (long hold) and gonna buy some AirBnB and c3.AI soon.

>> No.24568706

Yes, it's possible.

>> No.24568709

So swingtrade until March 2021 and sell entire stack before earnings?

Also thank you for this

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What happens if Ive been here since 2007?

>> No.24568728

Is NFLX a good stock to get now inb4 Biden lockdowns?

>> No.24568729

There’s no way you’re going to see Airbnb make decent money till 2022, I wouldn’t go for them right now

>> No.24568736

Ouch! That hurts.........................

>> No.24568750

don't put it all in memes, buy some blue chips

>> No.24568766

tell us your secret so we can do the opposite

>> No.24568768


Short term maybe. I'm really afraid for it in the long term though. Too much competition. I feel like netflix is at the peak.

>> No.24568779

nice yahoo conversations post

>> No.24568781

iv'e had experience working with them in the us and at their factories in the midlands. they are both conceited and full of shit. "our engines never had a failure, oh those catastrophic failures? we, uh, didnt make that fuel line someone else made it we just designed it"

>> No.24568794

What the fuck is up with microsoft? Even with good news it's just been crabbing downwards slowly for like 3 days. Should I just sell all my 65 shares and throw it into VOO?

>> No.24568802

You're re welcome.

I have been holding since 3.89 doing exactly what you said. This month should be good with more news. Most positive news lags a day with this company so the pump should continue for another day or so in my estimates. I'm looking to exit around 10 in march

>> No.24568826

Why did you assume microsoft would only go up

>> No.24568828

If that's the case, wouldn't the argument be to buy it now then? I'm good to hold for a while. I'm trying to straddle the line between meme stocks to swing, and holding MSFT for 20+ years.

>> No.24568836

algos surpressing /NQ to scare other algos and paper hands into precipitating volume (MM make significant money through buy/ask spread)

>> No.24568866


It's the second largest company in the world and hasn't been making crazy gains that make it overvalued. 90% of analysts say it's a buy. A month or two ago SMG said it was one of the best companies to buy. I don't expect constant green every day, but I don't get why when every other oneof my stocks is green, microsoft is the only red one.

>> No.24568887

OAC is my big one now

>> No.24568901

>90% of analysts say it's a buy
Bear signal

>> No.24568915


>> No.24568924
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When will PLTR see $30 again? No memes here.

>> No.24568935


BIG for some quick gainz.

>> No.24568956

>hurr yahoo post

You missed the point anon.

>> No.24568961

>There are people who didn't buy SRAC
>There are people who didn't buy BCRX
>There are people who didn't buy RR
>There are people who didn't buy Soltec
can you even imagine having to be one of those people and having to live with yourself lmao

>> No.24568965
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Haha tricked!

>> No.24568970


>> No.24568975


Biotech bullish?

>> No.24568980
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Based fellow BIGboy.

>> No.24568983

based Richard D James poster. AFX stands the test of time.


>> No.24568990

What's your average homie?
I'm in at 230

>> No.24569012

I was gonna say. People are buying furniture and black friday shit from there like crazy.

Definitely going to bounce back.

>> No.24569052

MN.V has ties to Tesla. Do some DD and you will see who I'm talking about.

Some anon also linked Elon saying they are changing their battery to 33% manganese. MN will be the only operational mine in NA. I have a small position. News of the samples from the dig will be released any day.

>> No.24569054

So will NIO go up next week?

>> No.24569072
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C3PO did what now?

>> No.24569102

I just bought in 2 days ago. 1k shares at 0.22.
Looks like it already spiked in September? Was that from EV battery news?

>> No.24569119
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They're in somewhat the same space at PLTR, but PLTR seems to do more business with the government.

>> No.24569128

Did you hear about the new 4chan security features? Credit card numbers are automatically filtered into asterisks. It's pretty fucking cool, dude. Watch: ****-****-****-****

>> No.24569134


It will recover next week and I will cash out and wait for the big market dip. BIG chads will rise up.

>> No.24569136
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How is that/those lawsuit(s) going that were supposed to bankrupt and shut down Patreon?

It relied on old terms of service that stated that Patreon would need to pay legal fees regardless whether they won or not.

>> No.24569149

I have made $180k this year in the markets, how much of that will the feds take?

>> No.24569193
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Sigh. I know about them anon I was just making a joke because we're not meant to... I mean you know the bots and... ah don't worry

*sips coffee*

It's all good. We're gonna be fine, we're.. we're g-gonna make it

>> No.24569202

How much of that will inflation take?

>> No.24569228


Bought soltec last friday. Did i do good?

>> No.24569235
File: 31 KB, 490x640, 9823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bring back the breaking bad memes

>> No.24569255

assuming you have no other income, about 35 grand for federal. state taxes will depend on where you live obviously.


>> No.24569263
File: 2.91 MB, 1280x640, 1584206060757.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a theory that /tv/ is low key one of the most intelligent places on the internet, as well as being one of the most retarded

>> No.24569271

Good article, desu.

>> No.24569311

yeah it was being supressed last thing on friday
going to shoot up again next week

>> No.24569324

>literally, unironically all black people

lmao emancipation was a mistake

>> No.24569355

Whats the ceiling for this?

did some DD. They are one of the biggest providers of solar panels in europe.

>> No.24569362
File: 214 KB, 1200x1200, teddy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your presidential write-in choice for '24

1. THE BOYS. Clinton, Gingrich, Powell, Perot, Forbes, Dole, Gramm, Lugar, Alexander, Dornan, Keyes, etc.

2. HE'S HOT! His favorability ratings may be low, but his name recognition is close to 100%. We won't need to hype him--he's already hyped. A Unabomber write-in campaign can surf the media wave. He's the perfect imposter to undermine the presidential election process as it unfolds, and turn the fraudulent election process against itself.

3. THE VISION THING. "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race." Regardless of what you think of the Unabomber and his analysis, the right issues are finally raised. Can you even conceive of any legitimate candidacy, election, or debate which will allow the real questions to be put on the table? We need to dish them out before they cool off...They're giving an election, but we can crash it and have our own referendum on corpo-technocracy. If the Unabomber put a hairline crack in the myth of progress, we should apply a wedge now--the Unabomber's fifteen seconds are just about up. But an election lasts a year. An anti-technological rallying point only came into being because of the criminal chase. There's not going to be another opportunity.

4. CRASH THE PARTIES. The election offers a "choice" once all the real decisions have been made. On top of being an anti-republicrat vote, the Unabomber campaign is a counterfoil to faux "populist" outsider-insiders like business magnate Ross Perot and Gulf warrior Colin Powell (a.k.a. the military-industrial complex.) The third party "alternative" is designed to safely channel voter alienation into a centrist, media-sanctioned agenda and immunize the system against real change.

>> No.24569366

i think the issue is that you often get emotional especially during losing streaks. this is why im working on learning at least enough programming to be able to code my own trading bot to trade automatically for me. my system works well but i often fuck it up for myself especially when i start trying to switch the rules around thinking i know better than the statistics.

>> No.24569371

Buy Nak instead

>> No.24569381
File: 3 KB, 500x600, 10-year-price-chart-S&P-Global-Inc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on SPGI gents? 50 shares here. Should I keep Hodling or take profits?

>> No.24569388

NAK ip0 when?

>> No.24569394

5. DON'T WASTE YOUR VOTE. If you boycott the polls, you'll be counted as apathetic, complacent, or still worse, contented. If you vote for the mainstream lesser of evils, who don't actually represent your views, you've affirmed the political system and buried your voice. Either way you've wasted your vote. To vote for the Unabomber is to vote and boycott at the same time. If nothing else, it's a vote against the election charade. It can be only seen as absolute protest, ridicule, or a "none-of-the-above" spurning of the political menu. You can cast an anarchistic vote you feel good about, and send the message that the presidential elections are a fraud. And you can still vote in local races and referendums where your vote counts for something.

6. VOTE AGAINST THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE. The Unabomber did an end run around the media monopoly, and published without editorial clearance. The Unabomber has, by the magnitude of his plan, exposed the media as a closed communications system, making it very clear--in case anyone hadn't noticed--that it's a communications war. Mass media are launched from a heavily-secured fortress. Other terrorists seek publicity as a means to other ends. The Unabomber used terrorism to gain publicity as an end in itself. Notice how the press seeks to channel interpretation of the Unabomber story, covering it as a serial-killer story of crime and insanity, while excluding consideration of the ideas themselves. They would have us believe that it would be disastrous if media weren't controlled from the top. "Why didn't he have to get editorial approval? What if copy cats are aroused, crazies who actually want access to the media, rather than simply being passive target markets for political and commercial propaganda?" Imagine mass communications not subject to corporate control. People might say anything...even things not "fit to print". Exactly. When ABC Nightly News gets renamed Disney World, you'll cherish the memory of your Unabomber vote.

>> No.24569398

Buy NAK2.0

>> No.24569407
File: 269 KB, 671x724, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the AWOOOO poster on stocktwits is cute

>> No.24569409

they actually build solar trackers (which improve efficiency of a solar panel massively and which most solar farms I've seen don't seem to have yet)

>> No.24569418

7. HE'S GOT THE CREDENTIALS. The Unabomber's use of violence should not disqualify him from consideration. His willingness and ability to effectively use violence to achieve strategic political goals merely demonstrate the essential qualifications to be president. After all, Colin Powell's ONLY qualification is his performance as an effective killer. No one's called him a serial killer, or said he craved attention. No running candidate has condemned the Gulf War genocide. This is a country that played war like a video game in a high-tech funhouse. We aren't even allowed information as to how many Iraqis, civilian or military, our tax dollars blew away. That Bill Clinton avoided the draft and hadn't killed was considered a lack of qualifications. Luckily he picked up points for presiding over numerous executions in his home state of Arkansas. Occupational deaths and diseases...Violence? Cancer deaths caused by toxins in the air, in food, and workplaces...Violence? A minimum wage that is half the poverty level, with the hunger, stress, disease and early death that ensue...Violence? The media just finished re-elaborating the rationale for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki...Violence? Terror? Anyone bringing up violence should put it all on the table, not just select attacks on the power structure. Anyone who can truly take a stand against violence in any form--and that would include the American Revolution--can say the Unabomber shouldn't be president on that basis. But he's not running anyway, and even a landslide wouldn't actually put him in office. That's the beauty of voting for a fugitive from the law.

8. ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. Watch your favorite TV pundits try to swallow, digest and regurgitate a Unabomber constituency. It's a message that can't be neutralized or explained away. The most minimal Unabomber returns would disrupt the usual discussion of false problems and false solutions (usually known as "reform".)

>> No.24569431

Shit I do have income of around $100k

>> No.24569436

"This post is extremely low quality" is actually a rule here

>> No.24569459

it's literally lefty /pol/ over there. they circlejerk equally as hard but around liberal shit instead of conservative shit. it's worse because they have an upvote/downvote system which is why you literally only see the extreme political bias they have on the front page 24/7 on imgur.

i can almost guarantee you if someone made a detailed post saying "i live in a scandinavian country and it sucks here" and fully explained why it would be downvoted into oblivion never to see the light of day.

>> No.24569467

if it doesnt break next monday im gonna buy more shares

>> No.24569468

Yeah that selloff was profit taking imo. Also the fact they didn't give any forward guidance but I don't know why you'd sell on no guidance if you have been following BIG at all this year. I've been in a few months after forgetting about buying it in the spring.

>> No.24569476

buy some widow and orphan stocks since your risk tolerance is obviously pretty low
jnj and ko are my favorites
dont forget to get some tsm, we all told you

>> No.24569483



>> No.24569485

Unironically doing this, Voted Yang and I'll gladly vote Uncle Ted

>> No.24569486


>> No.24569490

>Implying anybody cares if you don't participate in the electoral Hobson's choice

>> No.24569500
File: 124 KB, 950x515, 0135B276-B385-4B72-A358-24F4F1DCA471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you ready kids?

>> No.24569504

It was the initial news of the starting up of the MN.V dig. The dig is finally over. Positive news already came out from that last week and it spiked 20% only to get squashed by shorts. I keep seeing thousands of bids at 12cents lmao. I think investors are waiting on the samples and estimates on the claim. They were able to dig more than anticipated, let's hope the samples were rich enough for investors. When that news drops this thing is taking off like a rocket. Dec 3 there was a conference for investors so Friday was the first trading day they could enter. This coming week should get some more volume.

>> No.24569507


>> No.24569511

Firstly, tell us why you are holding MSFT. What is it that you hope to achieve by this? Only then can we advise you

>> No.24569524

then it's going up to around $53k. appreciate you contributing to my obamacare subsidy. can you believe they don't look at your assets and only income for that shit? unbelievable

>> No.24569526

untill he gets a majority vote

>> No.24569530

>"i live in a scandinavian country and it sucks here"
To be fair, the only thing that sucks here is the fact that mass immigration is a thing. Without mass immigration these countries would be heaven on earth and I would gladly pay the high amount of taxes

>> No.24569531

This market is so clowny that even good earnings result in dumps. Earnings are such a coinflip now it's retarded.

>> No.24569542

I thought it was Rolls Roy's.

>> No.24569545


What is your strategy for playing earnings calls? I want to learn.

>> No.24569558

SNDL Bro's...
What now?

>> No.24569562

*Royal Roy's

>> No.24569567

you could say the same thing about /smg/.

>> No.24569568


I was told it's a safe reliable company with a decent dividend. Maybe that is true, but I'm mad missing out on gains that even VOO could blow out ofthe water.

>> No.24569570

I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend. I hate the weekend.

>> No.24569580

take some profits my man

>> No.24569581

I hold stock through earnings on good companies. Binary events like earnings are a great way to achieve alpha without market correlation. Most people use them to gamble

>> No.24569585

It seems like you can short because they dump then rise on a random day shortly after. I don't think they usually get as high as they were before the call though, I learned that the hard way.

>> No.24569588

no one actually plays earnings, 555-come-on-now.

>> No.24569608

>safe reliable
Yes, MSFT is safe and reliable I would say

>decent dividend
Well... no, definitely not

Why don't you invest half your portfolio in nice dividend companies and the other half in growth?

>> No.24569609

*Royal Rolls, it's because they roll and are of good quality (thus "Royal"). Educate yourself before you post

>> No.24569630

there is no escape from the influence of the jew. you will eat the bugs. you will accept the rapefugee horde. and you will be happy.

>> No.24569635

Yo I got in at 11 what do?

>> No.24569647

You will ride in your SOLO cucksled.

>> No.24569674

>why is the price of my bond proxy staying the same?
really made me think

>> No.24569711
File: 64 KB, 834x625, 57d2f95b077dcc1e008b4a5d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guten morgen, Hans. It iz halb sieben in ze morning. Eat your bogz and drive to verk in your state funded EV.

>> No.24569765


treat your gains like income tax and you will be OK

>> No.24569788

Fuck it I'm going to buy 20 shares of GME before earnings. Can't stand the suspense

>> No.24569804


fuck that shit is ugly

>> No.24569832
File: 808 KB, 674x867, 1458790277074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so what are the plays for next week? C3.ai whatever the opening price?

Im not that bullish on AirBnB as the pandemic has fucked travel may dive then buy it over the next couple days?

>> No.24569839


oooooooooooooooooooo GME meme power

>> No.24569850

Selling cash-covered puts on high volatility stocks that I expect to crab but don't mind getting assigned.

>> No.24569886
File: 443 KB, 1121x997, 1606355665956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only 20

>> No.24569902

Most IPOs on the week of listing are a scam. That's because subscribers to the IPO get it dirt cheap and flip it on the market for instant 2x, 3x, 4x returns. Don't be surprised if a really good company dumps 30% on opening day. What really happened was subscribers bought it for 1/2 to 1/3 the price and flipped it to chumps. This is explains why PLTR was such a meme by the way. It did not do these jewish trick, was a direct listing; which means all those institutions and jews could not flip the stock for instant profit. The stock did a 3x after IPO direct listing instead of before the listing like a traditional IPO did.

>> No.24569927

bullish for gold

>> No.24569943

Just keep buying CLF and buy the C3 dip if it happens

>> No.24569955
File: 87 KB, 500x602, 98235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, maybe i should visit /tv/ sometime

>> No.24569972


>> No.24569973

ive never really understood why people do this at a personal level help me understand.

take a GME $15 put for the end of next week. from what i understand you are staking $1500, the cost of buying 100 shares of GME at $15 for a profit of $117? could you not use that $1500 to make more thatn $117?

>> No.24569975

C3 has MSFT investment though right? \

Also I don't really understand how the IPO increases before the listing, they just raise the price?

>> No.24569981

I'm with you buy C3.ai what ever the price, I think AirBnB is going to go down since its travel based, I would buy on the dip

>> No.24569983

I only have £1.2k in cash out of an £8.5k portfolio. I hate selling shares... and I need money for NAK2 and to buy dips. If GME dips after earnings willl try to increase to 50

>> No.24570002

hello old friend, 2008 for me off and on Im fucking 34 now

>> No.24570047

Rounding up reddit users and shooting them is the best idea I've ever had.

>> No.24570049
File: 2.25 MB, 1750x2250, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am looking to add real estate and financial to my BUY AND HODL folio, which is currently 50 percent VTI/VXUS, and 50 percent other ETFs with some exposure to individual picks as well.

Any good recs? I'm trying to avoid weighing too heavy on individuals but it seems like for REITs that's the best option.

>> No.24570057

Can you share any mistakes you've all made throughout the years?

>> No.24570069

Subscribers get access to the stock before it is listed for public trading. Goys can only subscribe through a deal with an investment bank that finances an IPO. And they usually only give us breadcrumbs.
When an investment bank finances an IPO; they negotiate a price with the owners of the company. And then sell it on the stock market for whatever people will pay. For example, say they finance a company wanting to raise capital by selling 10% of their shares for $20 per share. Investment bank and its subscribers get that price and then sell it for whatever people will pay for. That could be $10 or $100. PLTR didn't do any of this hence why it's being FUD so hard

>> No.24570081


>> No.24570098

I don’t think NAK will pull a PLTR guys. Am I alone? I was incredibly unimpressed from my DD.
They’re pretty much kept alive by 3 companies that might replace them at any time.

>> No.24570104

oh damn, so how do i find out when that hasn't been done? that's good looking out

>> No.24570107

no basically insider and jews control the price based on how many bids are out there for it, you just cant buy it so retards bid the price way up before it hits the market. I saw this with lemonade went from 26 to 50s before it listed. It did hit 100 that day but has sank back to the 60s since then. I was foolish not to buy then dump it. Same with the chink EV company that listed a few months back

>> No.24570112
File: 38 KB, 286x216, 7C73FD02-9F4D-4DA4-BA15-F9A283C72F52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like a waste to sell any of my Steel stocks for them. I see X and Clf going to 30 by the end of Jan.

>> No.24570137

Kek, hey everybody look at the newfag

>> No.24570138

There are many websites that do the work for you like iposcoop but even they miss some good opportunities because there is just so much stuff going on in the finance world.
The source will always be the SEC form S-1 on SEC.gov that is where all information on IPOs come from.

>> No.24570141

Take your meds, nigger.

>> No.24570157

sure some of my mistake have been
1. not getting in early enough
2. selling too low/ early
3. not holding long enough
4. selling at a loss, 90% of the companies Ive investing in recover in 3-6 months even if down 50%
5. not taking profits or setting or not setting a stop loss once I am at 40% or so on a volital stock

>> No.24570165

I'm in CLF with a few calls and 150 shares. Should I go 500 shares?

>> No.24570172


>> No.24570175
File: 37 KB, 551x550, 14547649806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone redpill me on GME earnings ?

>> No.24570176

ill add the biggest mistake I have ever made is playing options, one month I was up 50k only to see 30k of profits disappear the next.

>> No.24570205

good stuff, thanks. yup I got started in the summer during the bull run and options fucked me good, I don't mess with them much now but when I do it's "safer" stuff like credit spreads - "theta gang" stuff.

>> No.24570208

could go up
could go down

if it goes up it might not come back down

>> No.24570217

Boys, listen up, grab a small bag of EXMT and sit back for an amazing ride incoming

>> No.24570227

I guess I have to figure out how to do that, I've been learning how to take apart sec filings and looks like that will the next step for me

>> No.24570228

I have $60k in Clf and $30k in US Steel.
Only thing that worries me is a market crash. Also, look at Clf yesterday, it tries to triggered stop losses.

>> No.24570232

gamestop and chewy on same day?? hmmmmm

>> No.24570249
File: 18 KB, 286x216, 7C73FD02-9F4D-4DA4-BA15-F9A283C72F52-01-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best booba yet

>> No.24570258
File: 55 KB, 362x272, Randy Jackson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24570259

Never. (((They))) need aftermarket and premarket to manipulate the prices.

>> No.24570266

what is the ticket for this

>> No.24570272

RYCEY - God let some "cure" news drive this baby up next week. So I can sell with all haste. Cause I'm greedy and I want my money as fast as I can get it. 3.2 - 3.4 and I'm gone. Sell orders are primed and ready for deployment.

>> No.24570286

Then the market crashes a 70% and stagflation comes in and the market never recovers, and this old man wins once again before dying

>> No.24570310

>GME puts
take a look at the premiums lol
breakeven is $13.9

protective puts dont make sense with GME because the IV is ridiculous. You're better off just panic selling rather than being in the odd situation where GME dips AND you still lose money on your protective puts

>> No.24570311

also not a mistake but I like to pull money out of the market to invest in real property, Currently own two houses about 50% paid off I live in one and rent out the other. I have around 50k in the market right now houses are around 300k. I fucked up and rented too long dont do this, I'm sort of fucked though since Im a faggot Army officer

>> No.24570318
File: 1013 KB, 1200x734, B222100371stoplogs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


i am very long on NAK.

i think NAK is 100% relient on pebblemine. you have like 56ish days before they file their appeal. everyone and their mothers including ole joe himself is VERY against this mine due too.. salmon..

being from washington i find that halirous cuz we fucked the salmon but have VERY cheap hydro power. Pic VERY RELATED.

back to the point.. if these green new deal renewable energy cucks REALLY want EVERYTHING to go green we are going to need a metric FUCKTON of copper.. waaaaaay more copper then we currently are producing. the absolute need for this copper will outweigh the push back because of the fishy.


>> No.24570320

I'm guessing this is under Shares Available for Future Sale section?

>> No.24570343

SRAC. NASA and Space X related. Normies will pump it to the moon

>> No.24570349

Look for " direct listing" when looking at an ipos news.

>> No.24570350

bad earnings are priced in -> need to beat -0.85 lol
good earnings/guidance are not priced in because it's still at 0.15x of revenues

expect short seller shenanigans regardless of whether it's good or bad, it will be so fucking volatile the ticker will probably move in $0.5's

>> No.24570351
File: 166 KB, 864x864, 1485190129016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to throw all my money at SOXL but the price is so high what do i do. I told myself at 350 there was no way it'd go higher.

also SNDL bros will we ever recover and hit $1

>> No.24570355
File: 167 KB, 675x634, 1A83B91A-D62B-4D32-942C-93F6F764578E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24570357

I’ve got about 20 calls and 147 shares. Going to up that to about 500 next good dip. >>24570175

>> No.24570360

its going to .20 cent just like the obummer years, buy 20k shares for a 4-8 year hold and you will probably see 2-4 bucks at some point.

>> No.24570364

MindMed. Getting listed on the Nasdaq soon

>> No.24570397

thank you

>> No.24570399

Guys ever since NAK was rejected I’ve been dumping gallons of acid into the salmon river near it.

>> No.24570400

just DCA. nobody knows where this shit is gonna end up. Could end up in the fucking toilet.

>> No.24570416

The Great Depression 2.0 begins next year.

>> No.24570431

should've just listened to Pan Man

>> No.24570437

AMCI it will hit 12.50 then buy it next week

>> No.24570446

thanks man, might have saved all my gains with taht little tidbit bc i made out good with ipos last week but i need to know stuff like this

>> No.24570475
File: 441 KB, 1600x1067, Grand-Coulee-Dam-Columbia-River-Washington.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24570479

The profession of private detectives is becoming more popular nowadays. That’s why after the prosperous pre-sale the GTX price can grow x10!

>> No.24570496

There wasn't a Prince Roy or something?
1. I don't actually want to own GME, but wouldn't be upset if I did.
2. That put has roughly a 29% chance of being assigned, and if it does, I can sell covered calls at a higher strike than the breakeven to keep making money.
3. I know that I'm staking $1,500 for a week and make a 7.8% return.

>> No.24570545

bake new bread, goys

>> No.24570599

The profession of private detectives is becoming more popular nowadays. That’s why after the prosperous pre-sale the GTX price can grow x10!

>> No.24570602

>SMG said it was one of the best companies
Lel no, there's two consistent posters who shill for it.

>> No.24570611

>3. I know that I'm staking $1,500 for a week and make a 7.8% return.

yeah that is pretty good... might try this with PLTR.. wouldn't mind holding them for years

>> No.24570618

The /pmg/fags were right
>The /pmg/fags were right
The /pmg/fags were right
>The /pmg/fags were right

>> No.24570655

tech in general is in a bubble right now, everyone knows it. you're better off buying shit like KO or HD if you want something safe and reliable for hodling. if the bubble ever pops that would be the time to buy MSFT again, or AAPL or whatever, whenever they come down to sensible valuations again.

>> No.24570692

Madrid exchange

>> No.24570716

That country will now be destroyed within the year

>> No.24570737


>> No.24570751

MMED is over valued and just has hype from oleary, which could be good or bad depending on what you think of him.

SHRM is still halted (in Canada anyways) they have some of the better subsidiaries. Covid is slowing all the fillings down. Their website has info on when they will be trading.

CYBN literally has no news, and pumps. It's over valued compared to MM

Best for last
NUMI. Actually has a licence. One of the only companies growing in Canada. One of the only companies with clinics. One of the only companies that will turn a profit first. It is still valued under IPO price which was 1.30. Cheapest of all three and has the most potential for a big swing.

I own all four. My bet is on NUMI

>> No.24570760

new thread

new thread

>> No.24571062
File: 130 KB, 450x400, 776.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good Earnings: People sell the news.
Neutral Earnings: People sell because below expectations.
Bad Earnings: People panic sell.

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