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We should send him and all his family in Liberia or something, so he can experience solidarity with niggers.

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Pajeet detected

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Here, here! Great reset is a lie for more control.
Seething leftist whos public schooling system failed them.

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I warned you Chainlink would unleash untold suffering on you and your loved ones. For years I tried to warn you. Blinded by greed, you laughed and mocked me. You followed false prophets that said you were the chosen ones right into the slaughterhause. All the money you might make with link will not be enough to escape the hell you helped create, or to buy you more time when the time comes to pay for your sins.

Why didnt you listen?

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>crtl-f chainlink
>0 results
Why do linkies always think it's about them?

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It was their only chance to ever sniff some pussy and afford frivolous toys. Also attention.

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>he doesnt know about chainlinks connection to (((them)))

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Technology is unbiased. Only the application is the problem, computer don't hack, people do... holy fuck actually have to explain to the end user that they are the problem. Yea chainlink has the ability to enslave us. But its all code, resistance to the great reset will set everyone free. Klaus is a literal hitler, holocaust on the poors is his target.

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yes klaus let the refugees in, i want them to fuck all our girls

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Payback's a bitch, don't care.

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>technology is unbiased
>ignores that (((ari))) and (((sergei))) work closely with the kabal and have guided every stepnof chainlinks progress to align with the interests of the great reset

Repent stinkies!

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His refugee will be raping ur mom have fun

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>Welcome to the family table
>We are unbiased
>Source: dude trust us
link marine screeching in the distance

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>oil prices are responsible for migration

This is a stretch even for the blue pilled

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>source: dude trust us

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Screetching at what? Bought at. $1 and below sounds like cope from u have no idea wtf ur talking about. The great reset psyop is glorious to watch spergs thinking they are going to do well. Heuheheheheheh

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classic shill, possibly non-human

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Must have triggered the shills lol. Tech is unbiased need to remove ur head from ur ass. Never known of a computer just breaking into nsa or nasa, fbi, white house. U have no examples. Bitcoin can be coded to do all the shit other coins do. Fuck people really don't understand tech, even though they use it everyday to check Instagram.

This is ur future faggots

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Low quality bait

All feilds

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>tech is unbiased the biases of the people creating and controlling it dont matter

The stupid stinkie shill is still acting dumb I see

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YOUR future on "CHAIN" link

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Classic inverters, they have been programmed well.

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Deja Vu.

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>that pic
Based beyond comprehension. Linkies and their handlers will be hunted in the streets.

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You faggot Nolinkers will never get my moonbags. You head literally three years, get cucked

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This is the worst fud so far its actually bullish. smart enough to understand whats happening but stupid enough to not understard u literally cant change how things are moving. All you can and should be doing is to secure your own future. Balls deep boys its happening u want it or not.

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I fucking hate refugees in my beautiful nordic country.
Its weird how much shit they bring with em that we didnt have before those shitskins.
And its called multiculturasim.
I will run a chainlink node that kills all refugees trying to come to europoor

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>lets collaborate with the enemy we have no choice lets just make money off the enslavement of our children

Those words wont help you when you are staring at the barrel of a gun, evil stinkie.
>As above so below, as below so above. They who want to be first shall be last. They who want to save their life will be first to lose it.

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>u literally cant change how things are moving
>its happening u want it or not.
Non-human right here, typical schwab marine

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1 LINK = 1 Refugee
Do you want to believe?

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Automation is bad and evil. Technology is the enemy. Where have i hears this before?
"Please dont invest in the future or you are bad person" ahahhahh i know it all tranny fud but seriously is this the best you came up with?

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Guys please dont invest in smart contract tech even tho its the only logical way of advancing further as a species.
Adoption is guaranteed at this point and if ur watching from sideline because some fucking stupid feminist propaganda then you dont deserve to make it.

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You are still pretending to not understand what we are saying so you can strawman and convince yourself you are right. Typical kike pilpul.

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Dude its your children that are goin to the wage cage. Not mine.

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Your family will be wiped out you will not live out your fantasies. And it will be you who sealed their fate. Remember this warning in the years to come

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kek, deluded to say the least. Now you have no choice but to continue shilling for Schwab to your own detriment.

Good riddance I say.

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Ill print it out and wipe my ass on it

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We can have technology and progress without your shitcontracts and schwab token. What part of "token not needed" do you not understand?

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What a fookin legend

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This is the worst FUD campaign ever created. Everyone who looks at this shit always thinks the OP is retarded. Imagine spending three months in photoshop creating all this thinking your dpi my anything but wasting your own time.

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>token not needed
>you need Chainlink tokens to operate the node and execute smart contracts

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Uhh sweaty, land doesn't vote. People do.

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top kek @ westerners

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Sweaty huh? Get out chink

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>you need Chainlink tokens to bla bla shitcontracts bla bla
Let me put it this way schwabie:

The only thing forced is your Schwabcoin that you pushed here and tweeter for the past 3 years.

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fucking diversify your goddamn economies, you absolute mental pygmies... oil is a finite resource and we’ve known this since we discovered fossil fuels. What are you going to do when those resources have been depleted? For fuck’s sake, this is hopeless.
It’s painful to see in Leafistan w the oil sand-loving Alabertans, and in my hometown in Northern Ontario. Absolutely myopic. So fucking stupid.

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how long will you survive without Western subsidies? What if Germany decides to remilitirize and "needs space".

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Its bullish for military companies and pest control, thats a lot of future targets for there products.

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German here, the niggers are our secret weapon. We will give them all explosive GPS tracked collars and form a slave army out of them. After that we will overrun the Slavs with living nigger bombs. The funniest thing about it will be when all remaining niggers explode at once after our victory.

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>how long will you survive without Western subsidies?
Most subsidies go to gayreeks and the rest of medoids. EE is still poor, but the scars of communism are steadily healing.
>What if Germany decides to remilitirize and "needs space".
Lol, most germans are very anti military Just go look at any public anonymous poll where they ask if you would want to go to war/defend your country. 99% of germans are pussies

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Except you wouldn't need human meat this time around. Drones, robots, cyberattacks, stealth jets etc
Germans are docile by nature but when they are pissed, well rip to their enemies.

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Bust a cap between that faggots sad drooping eyes

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Chinky-kike failure fud

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Why dont u take ur ideoligist bullshit to /pol? We r here to make money not cry about some makebelief.

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Seethe, dilate and cope

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>3 years
>starting to realize its too late to get a sizable stack
>desperately trying to fud the most bullish project on blockchain space
>not working
this is the life of a discord tranny

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And some people still think Brexit was a bad idea.

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>the most bullish project on blockchain space
deluded kek

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>Schwab believes the solution is for solidarity among Western and developing nations
Solidarity with barbarians is treason.

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A/C electricity BAD and EVIL
the absolute state of smoothbrains

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>solidarity among Western and developing nations

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It is the most bullish project in the blockchain space. Not hurr durr let's smoke this glass in the carpet while we play roulette. Fundamental-wise and what can happen after it and layer 2 solutions are complete. That is the most bullish thing in the space.

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Just by eixting it changes our whole paradigm, that's how biasd tecj is. The fact that people create tech already means a bias is present. Muh commodities etc

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I have literally nothing to fight for. The parties in charge have represented my ideals for ~1% about 10 years ago. And I'm not a natsoc or something along those lines. Those represented by this government should fight though. Unless there is nobody represented by it. Heh.

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is adoption of smart contracts going to increase or decrease in the future? what does the smart contacts rely on? are the other competent oracle providers?
This fud thread of yours is not working in your favor. it would be wise to just suck it up and go back to your discord.

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>supports a nwo kike project
>calls others trannies
1 Link=1 refugee
Oh look adelyn's bot is turned back on to defend meister klaus and his project. Remember when the 42 bot larped as a qanon follower who was supposedly against the pedo elite? Those were good times. Now strap on lads pilpul and thread flooding incoming with a bunch of useless youtube links to distract anons who started talking about schwabb and his plans.

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ill support the project which gives me the most returns. there is no morals in investing. faggot

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Ya but one cities bad policy that makes people too poor to leave, shouldn't dictate an entire state.
Cities that break population density limits or homeless/poverty density limits should have their votes counted 1/2 at least, maybe even 1/3.
If these peioem really wanted their vote to count because the system is fucked and needs to change, then they will move out to the city, if they don't give a fuck like poorfag city dwellers often do. Then they will stay in the shitty parasitic democrat run city.
Hell riots before an election that lean heavy one way(leftist) should have their voting power scrapped completely: they failed as a city and let violent intimidation disrupt the honest voting odds. They should be punished in a severe way that they won't pull this unethical shit again

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QRD on this? I hear rumors but nothing substantial

>> No.24570969

These threads are hilarious
Thank you for whoever is making these Schwab globohomo future memes. truly advanced fud.

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Europe is already filled with mutts. You might as well dump the rest off there. It's not like they are actually white anyways.

>> No.24571098

Ban this spammer posting same pic with 3 word text jannis do your job

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Hes predicting it not encouraging it. Klaus is just the passive observer to euros stupidity. Europe wants to do nothing to stop the flow of refugees into Europe so they deserve it at this point. Decadence will always end badly.

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confirmed browns

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This all has to do XRP and nothing with chainlink lol.

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>More black men and Muslim men in white countries equals more economic growth.

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NWO supporting kike. You will go into the oven, and you will be happy

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>Yes Sir, a Rothschild banker named Macron
>But Sir he's an unknown nobody there and there's only 6 months untill the next election

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Based lizard daddy

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