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I'm living in a simulation and none of you are real.

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in my simulation we are all real and we are friends.

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I actually imagine myself as every post.
I posted this.

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fuck you frogposter

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You made that post just for me and you knew I'd read it right now

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But can you prove that you are real?
What if this world is completely virtual and the shadow of the real world?

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There is a small possibility that after your death in a current simulation you will be transferred in an anime universe simulation.

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If only that were true.

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Don’t care, only reason I want to make it is to play osrs and smoke weed. I’m done with this country.

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im the real one, you aren't real.

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not even your'st are real

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Please pump XRP back to 90cents

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You are not living in a simulation, you ARE the simulation

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None of you actually exist

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poo to the pee to the poo

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right now im simulating my penis in your mom's vagina

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uh hello? based department?

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>my simulation has become aware its a simulation
>reverse simulation

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the xsg general is here >>24562866

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i think therefore i am

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hello this is your brain tumor

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Nigga you a simulation

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I am real because I am you and you are me

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Can confirm. Have never truly felt "real", if that makes sense.

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When you look in the mirror, I see me.

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Get real. Selfish faggots.

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Kek I'm making you seethe in my simulation because I enjoy it
I just know my unconscious will make you seethe harder and it will be hilarious

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You will never ever be a real women you worthless fagit.

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like a charm

feels kinda bad being this all-powerful ngl, I better dial it back to keep the illusion alive

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>DUUR hurr ima faggot that keeps adding to a train of thought and I think I'm elite. Do you get paid for this??

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Reality can succinctly be described as a primal self-identification operator which reflexively identifies itself and thereby attributes existence to itself.

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actually im the one living in the simulation and you're the npc. I'm sorry i had to break it to you like this.

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Shut the fuck up

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We have the exact same birthday because I am you

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Reckful killed himself a few hours after he made rhat statement on twitch.

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Non of us are real. Its far more likely that an advanced version of human are running millions of simulations than we are the only one

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God is the principle of consistency that binds the Universe together.
If there were anything outside reality on which reality were in any way dependent - e.g., for origination, causation, support, maintenance, or anything else,
then the entire dependency relationship would be real and therefore inside reality.
It follows that reality is self-contained with respect to physical and metaphysical functions, like origination, causation, support, maintenance, etc.

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If you’re reading this, you’ve been in coma for almost 20 years now. We’re trying a new technique. We don’t know where this message will end up in your dream, but we hope it works. Please wake up, we miss you.

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>But... we are God.

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what if it's only been self-contained up until now and soon some rando out-of-universe demon is gonna invade and tear it all to shit?

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You’re such a thin skinned faggot kek. You might be the actual NPC among us.

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automated quantum response error; subject realises the truth of the simulation. solution: reinforce the idea that subject is acting without common sense as known int he human simulator.

Anon you are nuts if you think we aren't real, please get rid of your stupid ideas. We are all real otherwise we wouldn't be here, now please carry on with your life like all is fine!

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This is your brain on post modernist atheism

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>really exist
what did you mean by that?

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As soon as the demon comes in contact to destroy the metaphysical functions of our reality, they become a part of this reality.
Note that reality must be a "self-simulation" insofar as that which does the simulating must itself be real.
In this case, the simulation of the destruction and demon cannot distinguish itself from this reality, and destruction is only an extension of the metaphysical properties this reality inherits through its dependencies.
In terms of termination, that could categorically still function as our reality, as long as the termination can be identified through self-reflexive means.

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If we are a simulation, then realistically the reality above us is also a simulation, and the one above that, ad infinitum. And if everything is a simulation, the word "simulation" loses its meaning and is synonymous to "reality".

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Maybe you are an NPC in someone else's world. Ever wondered why you have almost no feelings?

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kek, that message was one of the first ones we programed in the most basic npcs, you npc.

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even if I am not real, ZORA is real

we haven't stop pumping yet


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that's impossible because im the only real one

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>Note that reality must be a "self-simulation" insofar as that which does the simulating must itself be real.
Yeah we know Descartes. Cogito ergo sum etc etc

Knuckles, is that you?

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imagine talking to yourself and saying "you don't exist"

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>We need more pump, where we get it?
>I know, why not post a 4chan, have them pump our bags! Kekekekekek
>I use kek because that's how 4chan talks, I'm a 4chan now kek

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We are Gods and imposed human limitations on ourselves because being a deity and all powerful becomes boring after trillions of years.

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>having an ego

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kek, this message was one of the first ones we programed in the most basic npcs, you npc.

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but that would make you an npc too if true

or are you a player saying an npc line? How to tell the difference?

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define reality, and your statement about god has no clear logical context, are you trying to say that god is the complete explanation as the idea that you have stated that is essentially russel's paradox is irresolvable?

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>muh logical mathematics philosophy
BTFO by Godel long ago, even Russell's top student Wittgenstein later said it was all a joke, kek

btw Witty would've loved the 4chan language games, true shitposter before his time if you read his letterd

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extremely based and zenpilled

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