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is iExec the comfiest hold out there? I mean, RLC does everything... Doracles, TEE, the decentralized marketplace... So happy that Gilles decided to also make it a stablecoin too. It honestly is more stable than Ampleforth.

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What's the point that it's a stablecoin? You don't wanna m00n?

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shhh fren, I'm still trying to accumulate

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Fuck you, RLC just supports the dev teams tranny yacht parties. AMPLEFORTH is a way better project, it's probably too high IQ for you RLCtards

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all I wish is for Gilles to be able to afford a new car for Christmas :-(

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It's pretty comfy going all in on one altcoin and ignoring the constant pumping dumping and subsequent red wojaking.

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Fuck off noiler faggot and you will die soon

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I thought this was a stablecoin and now I'm down 7%. Should have just bought Tether.

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it's ok anon, they will burn more tokens once they wake up, it's 2am in France

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Who will? The rioters?

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yes, the niggers

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Checked. Wait till they figure out they can't have any digital oil..... Kek

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5 digit barons report in

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A true Allamah, wise AF

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i wonder if Gilles has seen our memes

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so much fud from noilers over the past days, makes me feel comfy

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I will not let you dump on me

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Stained pants on the other guy, GIlles is a sicko

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Feels comfy cranking all that shit out, I feel lighter already

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how can one man be so sexy?

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Bought another 200 barrels this dip. Feeling comfy with a make it stack above 8700.

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someone's calling, says he wants to buy them from you at $100 per barrel

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how fuck you

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I'll just leave this here

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Jesus(GIlles) fooking christ.

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you think he will notice if i snatch one?

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give me the phone so i can tell him to go fuck himself, and to send the CEO of intel instead of some shitty grunt

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feels like buying ethereum for 1 dollar

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He deserves it after trying to solve the Boolean problem if you ask me, even if he couldn’t manage it. It’s still noble to try

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I'd argue that it actually doesn't do shit, a vaporwave token that only dumb money and dying companies trying to stay relevant would touch.
And that's exactly the kind of token that'll draw in the largest amount of money, I've accumulated ~10k barrels as of last week.

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We’ll dance our way through the streets of Paris lined in oil

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You gotta do what you gotta do to get those contracts

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I got scared when cripple was taking a nosedive so I traded for 6k rlc. hopefully I can at least double mym oney

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the new coinbase backed NuCypher makes ixec obsolete

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How am I supposed to believe a fucking word you say if youre so new to iexec that youre still in the mispelling stage
Kill yourself

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literal who

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Beh honest with me... next local top?

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it is good coin. nsmdo

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The profession of private detectives is becoming more popular nowadays. That’s why after the perspective pre-sale the GTX price can grow x10!

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>literal who
as far I have understood it's a new way to do TEE

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Please, try duckdao.io and give your reviews about it.

I think it is an a good solution to connect both crypto game and investment system with long-term partnerships

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Please, try duckdao.io and give your reviews about it.

I think it is an a good solution to connect both crypto game and investment system with long-term partnerships

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which smelly brown poopoo country are you from?

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I have super small 700 barrel bag but if this doesn't moon before first of january when I get money I will buy 1000 more

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You need 170 more barrels to make it in the long term

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will google, IBM,Nvidia,Apple, INtel and all the other big players buy my bags?Surely as fuck they ought to have at least some interest in the adoption of blockchain based cloud computing since it offers them many advantages compared to the current cloud computing industry?

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i have 4700 barrels and i feel EMPOWERED

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I have 6k barrels, how much should I hold onto if I wanna sell off a few at say 2 dollars for some short term gains

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no it bleeds sats like crazy

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>will google, IBM,Nvidia,Apple, INtel and all the other big players buy my bags?
why should they?

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I'd do 1/4 or even 1/8, but if you're really low on money half will break you even, although you'll feel the burn at higher prices.

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DOG SHIT COIN. Cant even swing this with you cucks holding it like deluded linktards. Fuck why wont it dump

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Them ordahbuuks looking so fucking thin JUST FUCKING PUMP ALREADY REEEEEEEE

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its too powerful for noilers.

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>buying AMPL when BASE exists

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Morning frens! :D

I went to bed at a healthy time, shortly after creating this thread, I slept soundly because I know my RLC holdings would be stable (as the coin is pegged to the dollar).

Feels very comfy seeing so many frens kept the thread alive!

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Good morning fren

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Anyone have the copypasta of all the links to show why oil is good and had a future?

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Didn't want to wait so bought 600 more

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Mornin champ

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Good morning frens, prices look good so I dropped another couple hundred $$$. Have a nice day!

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Feeling stable today oilers

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I've realized that iExec is something like Uber.
Instead of centralized providers, it opens up the market to everyone. Anyone can drive for uber using their own car (provide computing using their own equipment) and that is what you call a disruptive technology
Aka the holy grail of investors. All investors dream of finding the next disruptive technology, except for in this case, that disruptive technology happens to be a power player in the next technological revolution, blockchain, which is coming of age and already predicted to generate over 3 TRILLION dollars of value by 2025
And dist cloud computing is but one tentacle of iexec
Offchain computing is another
And I do think the artificial intelligence marketplace function of iexec will be its premier usecase
I think that alone will generate staggering amounts of value

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Based never selling

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Insanely based

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Imagine not realizing that it actually can be so good

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everything depends on the adoption of the market place. Either this coin will go to 0 or it will moon! I hope 2021 will be a good year for iExec.

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you talk like it's no big deal to you, 600 barrels is like 600 dollars, in some countries that's a year salary.

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are you going to buy a lambo color black oil with an iExec logo on the front?

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The fact they're having a new ico means they have customers lined up
I can see the french gov shilling erlc to every european company as europe's new cloud

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Where I live state pays me 600 dollars every month for studying

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Toi t'es pas dans la merde si tes espoirs reposent sur le gouvernement français

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Lambos are disgusting pajeet tier cars. If I ever make it to fuck you money all the expensive watches/cars/clothes I own will be from brands normies have zero clue about. Fuck appealing to the lowest common denominator normies.

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Is it to late to buy frens?

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irrevocably based

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Feels comfy throwing a couple hunnit $ into the pot every week, thanks based whale-chan for suppressing the price to help out the wagies.

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Are you me?

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I hope we all make it next year

This shall be our liberation song;


liberation from slavery and misery. Normies can have a normie life without the money, for us this is all we got to hope for, even still if we make it, I bet some of us would still contemplate ending it all. Chasing gains is like therapy.

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wasn't that a binance bot?

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binance would be more stealthy about it probably
this is too obvious

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How come no one ever talked about link like this? No one doubted link but iExec does so much more

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I think it's because Link had mainstream connections from the get go, some Google endorsement announcement made it gain a lot of trust, and it was new and revolutionary. iExec is also new and revolutionary but I think we need to wait for mainstream confirmations from the likes of Google, Nvidia etc. that they are going to cooperate and use the market place, things should accelerate if that happens.

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I invested 18k in RLC and XRP so I am just hoping to get that back so I can have a very comfy hold cycle. ideally I think id wanna get rid of half of each if they both climb well

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What?? There was so much link fud...

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This, we quickly discussed about it some days ago, that's a Moby Dick tier, but a based whale anyway

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>what happens at 870

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Saved my friend

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Stacks looking comfier by the day

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Not true, a lot of people doubted LINK... Was about 50/50, which makes RLC exactly like LINK. That's why everyone is like "this feels like LINK". RLC has even got better memes, LINK only really had that SN is a fat fuck, that he always wears the same shirt and 1000$ EOY. We have Gilles Fedak is a trans, he goes to jakarta, to find the supreme tranny deluxe from ICO digital dog shit sale. We also have the incompetent Blake, who can't market for shit, even if you put a sledgehammer on his balls. We also have stuff like Gilles is buying new cars with digital dog shit money.

All in all, we have more fun stuff than LINK ever did.

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based on memes alone I think Chainlink should be replaced by iExec, we have decentralized oracles.

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>we have decentralized oracles.
Better ones.

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Sirs write in dog poo

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No if it’s below a dollar you’re still early

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