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>mfw thinking about chainlink pumping to 1000 eoy as trump is announced winner of the US 2020 election

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i share a board with people this delusional...

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>heres how chainlink can still win

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Sergey won

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>seething kikeniggers mad that i outsmarted them through both the link fud and the election fud

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fucking based

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Checked and based. Trump and LINK will come out on top fuck all y’all fuck riggers fuck fud

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thanks for letting me know the delusional retards who think Trump can remain president after losing the election are some of the same delusional retards still holding LINK

just sold 100k

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Anti-Trumpers aren't even human. Idk what kind of sick fuck you have to be to support Joe Biden but you're not my people

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Checked and me too.

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is this real?

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Trump won my fellow niggers and Link will moon because Sergey is king

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posting in based thread also checked

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>2 more weeks bro

buy api3 losers

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>post ends with 1100
>that’s the equivalent of 12 in binary
Is 12/12 the day?

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Double checked and based. I know this to be true as well.

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they had no idea who they were fucking with.

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shills are going to dissapear as fast as the came in, absolute cope watch for people still shilling bidens 'win' after all the fraud displayed.

who would have guessed that links prophecy is going to come true because burgercunts cant run an election properly

seethe, cope, dilate

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Based retard

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