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>170k in crypto
>14 dollar phone

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The cheapest smart phone I could find was $50

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>350k in crypto
>$1.21 in bank

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>he doesn't know

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>250k net worth
>$4500 car
Actually proud of this one

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This is the way

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>mid 6 figures in crypto
>$1k in the bank

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I've got a $100 android and nearly $1M in crypto. Fuck stuff. The android does exactly what i need it to.

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Got them all for 90$ last week.

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>$75k net worth
>$500 car

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Post wrist, thieving nigger.

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>400k in crypto
>Had a negative balance on my bank account Yesterday
I think we're all gonna make it

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Actually you could say that. Lowballed my whole city with multiple accounts

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>$2.5k net worth
>$63k car

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based boomer

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>90k net worth
Even if money could buy happiness I couldn't fucking afford it. kek

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>320k crypto portfolio
>12k in PMs
>480 credit score

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>$135k in crypto
>haven't upgraded PC since 2009

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>792k$ in crypto
>playing dark souls 1 on low on thinkpad t430 intel hd 4000 because can't afford a gaming pc

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where the fk do you get a $14 phone? you got one of these?

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>725k in crypto
>no health insurance or car

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tcl lx from my local walmart 3 month ago

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>$200k in LINK
>$30k student debt
>$10k credit card and overdraft debt (all from buying LINK)
>$200 available on card
>$800 e46 compact that I fixed up
>$0 rent living in parents basement

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>$58K in crypto
>$80 in bank
Can’t really splurge yet.

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>1.05MM in crypto
>50k in bank/stocks
>150k in house

never selling
i will never let the jews have my crypto

t. """""""investor"""""""/retard holder since 2013

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~5.8M Crypto / 2M in banks / ~19M index funds

29yrs old
4k car
$150 phone
dollar store clothes
live with parents

Watch out, I'm gonna make it guys!

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>$12k in crypto
>$10 in my bank account
>183cm height with 57kg weight
>eating like a somali poorfag every day

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I have a psychological barrier kek, I know it's my fucking money but I feel the bank will scold me if I spend too much

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What am I supposed to spend money on? I'm 25, my living expense are $300 a month, and I make $4k a month. Should I buy a sports car or something? I'm legitimately confused at what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. You aren't supposed to just horde wealth until you're too old too enjoy it are you?

I mean I'm not rich but I'm not broke, I just don't know what people my age do, aside from have kids and buy a house and minivan or some shit. I'm never going to be able to live that kind of life

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>$120k networth
>20 year old car my dad gave me. i do all the work on myself
>$300 phone i bough new 7 years ago

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Women are professional moneyspenders. Normies would get a gf and marry her and let her spend all their money then get divorced and lose half of what's left and half of your income for the rest of your life.

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I want a 14 dollar phone where the fuck did you find one?

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I got 2 phones
One for the bitches
One for da dough

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paзныe вeщи

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>30 year old
>95k salary
>get paid in ETH
>cash out whenever I need to
>734k in crypto


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I would like to see more helpful and perspective systems. The best example is the gotEM system. This platform will go to the moon! The pre-sale will take place on telegram and their website. Buy GTX tokens now: gotem.io

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What platform do you support now? I have one great solution gotem.io. Thщey plan to start IEO on Probit shortly and I am convinced they will reach x10 after the listing starts.

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>90 BTC in paper wallet w/ metal engraved backup in the form of a puzzle that I only know how to solve
>100$ in bank
>6 year old shitty phone with broken screen

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806k crypto
280 credit score

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should i cop ive been wanting to escape the jewphone for too long
other 9 button phones lmk

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What if u get hit in the head and forget how to solve puzzle you need to send me copy sir

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expensive hobbies like kayaking, surfing, hiking, boating, fishing. you can get good quality gear and really get into it.

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>500k in crypto
>1k car

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well he couldnt post on 4chan without a smart phone retards

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>he doesn't have a homebuilt freebsd laptop
>he doesn't leech off his office's internet

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>300k in crypto

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3k in bitcoin (That's all I have)
3rd Country.
No car, no job, no gaming pc.
Never had sex.

God bless america.

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What? Why would the bank scold you for spending your money? Is this a mutt thing?

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>he doesn't have a homebuilt TempleOS laptop

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they scold you if you don't tip them

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- half a mil on crypto
- 400 euros on bank acc

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>250k net work
>no car
get on my level negro

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damn, and I thought I was badass with my 2011 machine

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>falling for the money meme

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It hurts man. DDR2 RAM. I can't run a browser, BTC Core, and my torrent program at the same time without programs crashing.

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>$53 billion in crypto
>$12 horse
>Negative $400,000 in bank

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>25k in crypto
>7k in bank
Apartment rent is not paid by me
Don't have a car

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Also my horse has aids and sucks dicks and sometimes he sucks my dick and I also have aids because my horse with aids sucks my dick.

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>30 y.o making $3500/month still living with parents
>literally put $3200/month into crypto every month

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>100k in crypto
>phone is 6 years old and the mute button is broke, automatically turns itself on silent
>I don't mind because I hate talking to people anyway

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based if true

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>100000000million in le cryto
>use dick as phone lel

this is how you larping faggots sound.

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Loans are so cheap.
LL (Leveraged link) is easy money, im still buying

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I probably killed you at green dragons. Sit retard

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>$200k+ net worth
>only use company rental truck

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