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So I was off biz for 2+ years (long story)
Things I expected:
>My semi-poorfag 79k stack is now considered larp stack (check)
things that I didn't expected:
>this shithole is worse than ever its bagholder vs baghodler pvp 6x than 2017/2018
>same 2017 shitcoins shilled on same promises
>same ethereum killers bullshit (but new tickers)
>same btc is scam/btc is best thing ever threads
>no staking :(((((

This shithole is 10 times worse than I remember it reeks poverty and lunch money
What the fuck happend?
Any OGs left?

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we just got overrun with bots and pajeets shilling shitcoins to the point that it's much harder to have a normal thread
presale buyer here, I still lurk post now and than but I'd really rather not

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>This shithole is 10 times worse than I remember
isnt it beautiful?

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So its not just my time related bias content is 10x worse right?

Goodspeed fren

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> what the fuck happened?

Link is currently getting raped by btc and eth. The general mood on the board is down. Maybe come back when link picks up in sats (if it ever does)

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Its fucking terrible even back then some good info could be found. Now its just pajeets who can smell newfags shilling uniswap shitcoins.

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Everything is getting raped by BTC. Alts were raped in 2017 as well before gaining steam. Its like the people on this board don't know what BTC dominance is.

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The ones that did stick around figured it would be better to take shits all over the walls than let anyone new wonder in. Over time, new people did walk in, but they started to shit all over the walls too.
It's a shitfest.

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OG who used to have 100k stack but only have 25k stack now. I already cashed out a lot and still waiting for triple digit link. The only good threads on biz left are wfh general. The rest are curry infested.

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How long do you expect btc outperforming link and alts in general? What do you expect next for link? Any other projects your lookin into?

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Im not talking about that
Yeah its same but 10x time worse literally cant find 1 good thread for days lol

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Yes. What the fuck did you expect to change faggot? That Anons stop being toxic, mischievous and greedy? That is the fuel /biz/ thrives on. Has been and is. Sit down and enjoy again.

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Wanchain top kek

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everyone moved to twitter with biz screen caps and stealing high iq takes.

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are you working still or are you living off your crypto gains?

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If its anything like 2017 alts will get raped in sats for the next 5 to 8 months, picking up in Juli or August. Not looking at anything now. Just sticking with Link, ETH and increasing BTC holdings.

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whats left to talk about? No more swift, no staking, no Oracle Q3 integration... peaked at $20 for no reason. Even cripple can triple in just 1 week.

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yeah i know. Just playing the waiting game. Trying will hard rn not to lose my stack with shitcoin gambling

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Btw never cashed out 1 link because link was my "small 79k suicide stack" from 2017 (cahsed out shiton of btc and eth) and now somehow link is 77% of my holdings lol
I know what fucking biz is but biz used to have some good insights/takes/debates under all piles of shit

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>I know what fucking biz is but biz used to have some good insights/takes/debates under all piles of shit
It is now as it was then. These intelligent gems were as rare then as they are now. You should know that, if your story is true.

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There is literally nothing left to talk about. Not a single crumb came true. No swift, no salesforce, no derivatives, no docusign, no facebook. No fcking insurance, derivatives and shipping before eoy like Sergay promised in 2019. DeFi pumped it to $20, thats it... for a 100k or less linkie, it's barely a low 7 figure. Not enough to retire.

Literally just waiting for staking... it's all so tiresome.

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you sound very emotionally invested into one project anon.

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Yeah its terrible, back in 2017 there was still a lot of bullshit and shilling but overall I think the average quality was much higher. /biz/ made me a lot of money in 2017 but nowadays when /biz/ is shilling shitcoins I avoid them like the plague. Still fun to shitpost tho

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Checked.80k link holder from 2017, I usually just lurk here because I can't be bothered to reply to link fud threads.

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Yes, having less than 100K linkie is killing me here. If it wasn't for uncleoldfag I would have bought 4 linkies for $1, instead of 3 for $1. 10K was suicide stack, 100K was make it stack... they weren't joking.

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Why don't all you guys who are in here fudding i mean moaning about how awful it is, just sell?
Go on, sell. See if anyone cares. Why spend every minute moaning about it? But something else. Buy Bitcoin. Buy Gold. Buy Tesla. On you go! Leave us alone! If you;re so sure Link is shit, fuck off! Goodbye! Adios! Bon Nuit!
You never do, though. And we all know why.

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most og link holders don't have 100k link.. i don't even think chainlinkgod has that much.

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I thought he was talking about OG /biz/... Not Link.

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Because of the taxes?

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Chances of niggers coming back to /biz/ are very slim.

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All those who are still here, you mean. Those who had have left ship long ago.

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unironically lurk moar. you're out of practice or a normie if you can't find value right now. 2018 spoiled you.

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Those Dubs
Hello fellow faggot.
I bought in on link at .12 cents, and all the way up to 2.00. My wallet is in the rank of 8000's on Etherplorer. There are so many new fags here. I only stacked about 3,000 links. I had more but lost swing trading. These new fags will lose out too if they do not heed this warning. HAHAHA

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>What the fuck happend?
OGs left or are read only mode. It's now a platform for Pajeet shills and retards. Don't bother, twitter now unironically has better post quality.
See you in a year when everything crashes and all the retards get rekt and leave.

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Top 1500 wallet here. Everything has been discussed and until something substantial happens that doesn't involve shitcoin x using link no one will care. In fact shitcoins are using link to springboard themselves into fame regardless if it's the same broken promise bs we've had.
Old coins being shilled again is bullish though. Maybe I should stop calling everything a scam and invest and hope for the best. The world is a shitty place right now.
If 2021 is going to be big and it looks to be bigger than 17 then (((they))) have predicted it and syphoned money from the lower class through covid lockdowns.

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its absolutely worse
t. holding since 11 cents

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OG here, 56k stacklet, please don't call 79k semi-poorfag it hurts.

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I think you under estimate the old biz. Plenty of Link OGs had 100K+ linkies.... only poor fags like me had to half starve to death, just to get into the mid 5 figure.

Not really much to talk about anymore... either release staking and numbers go up, or just playing the waiting game.

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if you ever want to get a closer look at the lunch money anons just look at the twitter frogs.

would not advise it though pretty cringe if you ask me.

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Good thread. Lets you see how many faggots actually think Link is OG.

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Yes. 2018-2019 was Pyrric. We made what we could have made off of something like fucking RAIBlocks only to have 2019 and most of 2020 dampened (during a 2020 fucking bullrun) by Sergey relentlessly fundraising through token dumps. That and the SJW shit at HQ and technical goals getting pushed out and the non-crypto partnerships turning into mockeries. It's not been good and most of us don't care because we only need another 10X and are pretty sure we'll get there if we just wait and don't think about it too much. But even then, when we do get it we're getting fucking chipped in the next 2 years and governments are going to want to tax gains so we're going to just be staring at virtual wealth we can't fucking touch. The world is fucking gay. Hate it.

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As someone with a 100k+ stack I feel like the bigger your stack is the more invisible you are and less present on twitter.
It probably doesn't help that you get paranoia of hackers trying to do social engineering on you to steal your stack.
Chainlinkgod is compensating for his very small stack through twitter activity.
The more someone talks and makes comments on twitter the less he has.
Sergey's older twitter activity should be a reference for this.

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didnt he make gains with defi meme liquidity mining? im convinced hes part of a twitter group with other linkers that decide what shitcoin to mine and pump

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>Any OGs left?
Yes. But I'm only here because I was retarded and fell for the 10k make it stack meme. I want to die

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We can't leave...
It's a strange curse.
No matter what else we try to do we always feel different because we don't fit in anywhere else and come back here.

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link isn't og but isn't this a thread for early link buyers?
link doesn't need to be shilled. There doesn't need to be dedicated link threads
yes twatter frogs are discord trannies.

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>yes twatter frogs are discord trannies.
this has kept me from making gains on shitcoins. I refuse to give some faggot retard my money

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>link isn't og but isn't this a thread for early link buyers?
link doesn't need to be shilled. There doesn't need to be dedicated link threads
Really? I couldn't detect any Link hints in OP`s post. Except the fucking shirt pic?

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Wait.. Is he a scamming pajeet?
I ignored his DeFi rambling because that felt like gambling and not something an investor would do, but was he recruiting victims for his pump and dumps?

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H..hey guise! Link OG here xD my 100k stack? proof? Nah glowie XDD

This place fkn sucks!!! wow so bad even worse than 2017 ! No OG's like meself here anymore! Argh same freaking threads! Nulinkers everywhere! Ethereum killers everywhere! What a shithole!

Fuck off

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Summer 2018 buyer, still lurk and post, wagmi

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Well that and I assumed his stack was in link so... plus two years away
Given how close the devs and the shills are it's a huge red flag. Andre for instance is tight with chainlinkgod.
Yeah there's a pattern on twitter and here in terms of what is shilled and how. But there are other shill groups that operate. Most defi stuff is communicated to Chainlinkgod and he or the devs talk to other twatter frogs for group shilling.

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just the shit he shilled i could tell something was off. You can ususlly tell its them shilling because it ends up being a cordinated "topic" with die hard link twitter. Crypto oracle rarely posts shit so i dont think hes in on it.
Defi god him and finrekt are a couple that come to mind.

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kek same
60 IQ gang rise up

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Let me help you newfags out now..

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Also the lack of chainlink psyops threads is another big indication the trannies are now putting their efforts elsewhere.

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>Andre for instance is tight with chainlinkgod.
Yep he is so far up his ass its not even funny. He tweeted a procect that only had just listed as a smart contract. No website or anything. The memed the word "ape" like it was cool. im concinved andre was salty he didnt make anything on yfi and drained the funds for that contract. I dont remember the name of it right now. They make shit sound so confusing on purpose to get people to not think when a lot of this stuff has alread been done in tradFI

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It's sad it's getting harder to trust anyone as time goes.
How are we supposed to plan for a yacht party if more than half of the participants want to scam the real marines?

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I’m an OG with a top wallet, I just fud now. It’s boring these days

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>Given how close the devs and the shills are it's a huge red flag. Andre for instance is tight with chainlinkgod.
kek remeber the nft push? im pretty sure the devs run the whole show now. Which is a major problem. I get now why btc maxis hate on eth

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Isn't it the result of the number of real post decreasing due the the influx of new gamblers?
They don't need to criticize Link to get them to buy their bags, because we don't debunk their scams and don't care about those who are coming to get scammed.

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>How are we supposed to plan for a yacht party
pls dont go to that. you are setting your self up to get snatched up and beaten for your keys

>> No.24525876

yes this wording is a big Chainlinkgod and co signal.
yeah it's just token swaps for x yield basically. They have to get it going first. No one will buy Sergey's x% more interest if people like fucking Andre keep rug pulling and starting a new contract. There are no guarantees so no one will want to gamble with defi when there is a high chance liquidity could be removed in an instant. They're playing themselves.
Yacht parties were always a meme bro. Just stick with link and avoid all this first wave stuff desu.

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That's why the idea was to make it a virtual one.
They can't physically assault you when you are naked in your basement.

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Hey faggots, OG checkin in !

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nfts are pathetic. We already had crypto kitties and now we have a hundred projects with shitty chink art to trade? top kek.
no it's oldfags and devs paying shills and fans to shill to get their project coverage. Trannies just shill something else with the same goal of "not buying link". defi projects are all the same just like eth. They want your eth/link but they are happy to trade you whatever vapor they've just made.

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There's literally no reason to have excited breadcrumb discussions about LINK any more, because it's all out in the open, so for LINK oldfags who've been discussing it for 3 years already most of us are just lurking.
On top of that big exciting projects that launch today usually have WAY more attention and fanfare than LINK had at launch, so we can't even have secret club breadcrumb discussions about those either.
When a good bit of Chainlink news comes out the discussions are still good and the oldfags are clearly still here, but in between those moments there's just a lot less to talk about in general. Waiting on Chainlink, waiting on Arbitrum, waiting on The Graph...

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This, CLG is some 20 year old Jew with a modest link stack. I probably have even less than him though, sitting broke at 20k stinkers.

>> No.24526193

also count in that most altcoins have mooned off this btc pump but link has only crabbed
even xrp saw 200% gains

>> No.24526288

Im the autistic anon that did 2 hours worth of searching online clothing resellers searching for sergeys lucky brand shirt. I posted the ebay link a post or two after some dude beat me to the punch posted a different link

I didnt get the 100 link bounty and was too poor to buy the shirt myself then. Can you seek it in your heart to invite me to the yacht party

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To the couple other old linkfags in here, anyone got intel on when this stuff is coming? I’ve heard whispers of some news this month or January, but who knows if it’s tsigs or what. I’m not expecting steaks but who knows.

>> No.24526480

It was supposed to be out "soon". Christmas is coming so if we don't hear from them soon it's first quarter 2021 I guess.
T-sigs maybe before eoy according to Thomas during the ama which means two weeks at the latest. Crypto closes during Christmas unless its a pajeet project.

>> No.24526501

we're still here but just talk when there's decent news

>> No.24526565

Seeing an increasing spikes in normies and newfag who don't even understand how a wallet works.

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Maybe serger and tommy will gib is a Christmas present. Oh and FUCK twitterlinkers. I might start doxxing them just cuz.

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OG here who returned from hibernation. What is this API3 that’s being shilled, worth looking into?

>> No.24526610

still here, barely alive

>> No.24526628

you’re not an OG if you still hold link, we sold at $20 and now we hold xrp

>> No.24526631

No its indian people shilling

>> No.24526648

OG here, sold all for xrp. good luck guys. cups of coffee aren't $15

>> No.24526649

your guess is as good as mine. Tbh the latest blog posts has me thinking about the whole project being in a bind. We need adoption for price increase but devs are only concerned with pumping out shitcoins or so fucking braindead they dont know how to think creatively and make new shit for real world use cases . so we just sit and wait and wait from cronje to wrap a token twenty times for yeild farming. As soon as i get enough capital im going to crank out my own projects but that all depends on link doing what its supposed to do

>> No.24526651

checked, what's the story fren? i visit maybe once a month now, almost entirely pajeets and plebbitors now

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Op is a 4chan OP as much as I am an astronaut.

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This would just be more of wrapped token bullshit but I’m about fed up enough to teach myself code and start deploying basic DeFi shit on AVAX. As far as real world big dick banker shit like perpetual swaps, I think we just have to wait for the industries themselves to start demoing products. So far it doesnt seem like the DeFi crowd can accomplish it. In any case I’m sure both sides are working on it. Development of the space has been amazingly fast. It’s still in total infancy though and it’s possible that banks are waiting for regulatory clarification before going in. In the mean time I’ll just be trying to avoid scams and lamenting my linklet stack

>> No.24527071

>I think we just have to wait for the industries themselves to start demoing products
thing is they wont though. It's cheaper to sit back and do nothing make money they way things are now. The are just waiting to fork another project and take over that way. Look at sushi for example

>> No.24527185

It looks more like a feature creep problem similar to Star citizen.
Sergey took on too much on his plate and he tries to increase his dev ability by building up his team quickly.
In the worst case we will have to wait a decade for Deco and the rest to be fully in operation.
He didn't plan for ETH2 to be so slow in its development and is forced to take on additional projects to improve the usability of the L1 network which is slowing down his initial plan of increasing the Link network size and staking.

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File: 1.38 MB, 3360x2100, Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 10.35.18 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CLG got doxxed, don't know if y'all saw it

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One of the biggest financial shifts is happening right in front of me and I feel like I’m too retarded to fully capitalize on it. I’m just sitting here holding my 2017 link bag and dabbling in new scams and protocols here and there. I feel like I’m squandering and opportunity

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>> No.24527363

>Sergey took on too much on his plate and he tries to increase his dev ability by building up his team quickly.
good point didnt think about it that way. He is a rare specimen. Peopple make fun of him for being fat but i get it. Hes all work and you can bet your ass every waking moment hes dedicated to pushing things forward.

sucks for him he should have jsut not put himself out there like a moron.
feel that way to honestly but all you have to do is be a little slow, a little late to lose it all.

and here comes the shitters to thread slide as soon as any discussion happens

>> No.24527368

By the way are there some specialists in counter intelligence, spying and security here?
How safe is 4chan when there is an anon making lists of who posts here and using our writing style and posted pictures for it?
How safe would it be comparatively to 4chan's perceived safety to make a similar anonymous space in VRchat?
The best I can think of is to use random throwaway email accounts to create an account with a VPN and to use this VPN for VR meeting. The biggest risk may be the increased information (no talking allowed without a text to speech program?) we could give away there compared to our writing and that there is no way to screen through the pajeet mass trying to scam us.
It would be like /biz/ at this moment...

>> No.24527478

>and here comes the shitters to thread slide as soon as any discussion happens

>> No.24527483

yeah did a little work in that area. If someone wants you bad enough they will find you

>> No.24527507

Thanks for the information.
I only new he was some kind of poor student from his twitter account.
He may not even have a suicide stack.
The jewish part is concerning.
Some of them are certainly planning to backstab us.

>> No.24527508

oh shit didnt watch the vid. I see you've been around the block a bit

>> No.24527525

I am private Anon. I am not with any gov agency anywhere! I just read and to me you are no longer anons really

>> No.24527577

Top wallet here. I literally have arthritis from holding my bags. It hurts to type. No larp.

>> No.24527589

Sergey is a fucking rare breed. He’s like Elon musk except he doesn’t like attention. Kinda unrelated but it was very interesting to listen to the Serger give the same speech with the same slides over and over for 2 years because I could tell in each iteration how he was constantly trying to refine it so that it was easier to comprehend. He didn’t really succeed imo, but it’s not his fault because there really isn’t any easy way to explain Chainlink unless you completely oversimplify everything.

>> No.24527616

This is honestly the worst thing, the crumbs are more than often still just crumbs and nothing relevant seems to be happening. Google blogpost is still pinned on Links Twitter page kek.
Also staking taking literally forever to finally get implemented

>> No.24527624

Wrong, all that's stopping LINK usage is L1 bottleneck and the confidentiality problem, tsigs, arbitrum, and DECO will get things started, then staking delivers the final blow

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Not an OG - I bought 1000 LINK in mid-November. It has gone up since then but the majority of LINK discussion lately has been FUD.

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>> No.24527681

You could go to extrmeme measures like that but what’s the point. Maybe 1 other person would do it with you lol. I just assume that everything I post here can be tracked to me by the government. All internet activity can, and I don’t trust VPNs at all either. To elude the average autist, scammer or doxxer though? Don’t use twattar plebbit discord etc and maintain basic infosec and I think you’d be fine. I’m a brainless tho so don’t listen to me

>> No.24527690

Also oracle front running is still a problem , aequitas and tsigs solve this, they aren't pushing out a bunch of meaningless blogs, they are necessary pieces of the stack for enterprise

>> No.24527714

I love seeing the coordinated fud, it’s so bullish. It’s like the anti- twitter tard $link to the moon

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File: 1.71 MB, 2562x1904, Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 6.33.50 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's hard for me to know exactly wtf is going on. I was never in Delphi so it's hard for me to tell what their activity is versus pajeet shilling discord groups (which i presume CLG & Finrekt) are amongst. I knew SNX was going to be valuable early on, I just didn't know how to cash in on it and if I even should (w my 100% link portfolio allocation). AAVE on the otherhand, i still don't get. But that whole YFI/ Blue Kirby/ EMN/ SUSHI and all that other bullshit is fishy as fuck. REgardless we're all gonna be rich, it's just in what world will we be rich in.
what was the quote LINK ANON had? something like
>"golden chains are still golden"

>> No.24527723

>Decade for deco
Ari is on video saying fan zhang will be spending at least One year full time productizing DECO

>> No.24527737

How badly do they want us and how can we find that out?

He is like us in a way.
He got his fake ego destroyed by one of the first BTC market crash or got a spiritual teacher while BTC was being developed, and only cares about his goals in life. He confronted his death and found his answer and is able to ignore all the noise. I am a bit jealous of this because I am still stuck trying to find my own answer while time is ticking away.

Elon is trying to prove to the world that he is important and needs validation which make him do stupid things irl and on twitter resulting in a lot of haters and a reduced ability to deliver because of his ego creating unnecessary problems.

>> No.24527753

>it reeks poverty and lunch money

the board is flooded with vocal poorfags and every decent thread is overrun by aggro posting children and their obvious lunch money positions

>> No.24527814

someone made a good point tho in another thread. Though the lack of technical progress is disappointing, it is normal for any company which quickly goes from 5 to 50 employees. Once all the new hires are integrated and incorporated, new technical progress will come five times as fast

>> No.24527827

Am Ende eines Krieges steht der Tod. Der nichts bereut.

>> No.24527835

>How badly do they want us and how can we find that out?
you wont. all you need to do is look at this post here>>24527717

>> No.24527891

For the VR Yacht party!
It's a bit lonely that we are stuck on 4chan while it's slowly decaying thanks to Hiro being too drunk to care.
I have been thinking of trying to replicate 4chan in VR space in some way as an alternative and a way to have fun parties.
It's so hard to meet someone similar in real life, that could be a good compromise.
It would be an interesting experiment at least.

>> No.24527904

Can any oldfags tell me what's going on with Delphi? Is that still active? Has anything noteworthy come out from them?
>(can i join lol)

>> No.24527935

They tag their memes with their logo because they don't understand that memes are supposed to run on their own memetic power and have no connection to their creator.
I literally can't say anything more damning than that. They have no fucking idea.

>> No.24527949

Mein Freund. Es war nicht deine Schuld. Du kannst den Lauf der Welt nicht verändern durch den Gram. Mein Herz ist voller Hass. Was war, das ist für immer. Es ist hart, es ist grausam.

>> No.24527970

Afaik they were wannabe esotericists / illarpinati. I was never in nor do I know if it’s still around or active. I have my own group and we just chill and meme and talk about shitcoins and link crumbs

>> No.24528015

Is The Graph really that good as the shills claim? I'm not a tech fag but i'm always suspicious of any coin shilled here. I bought Link mostly with very basic understanding+The memes admittedly.

>> No.24528042

fuck. memetic power.., last thing was really actually link. trump lost. what's next... we need roar wins

>> No.24528091

Retards unite and hope again for Satan, who always has the solution....

>> No.24528156


>> No.24528168

Indexing isn't as important as what Chainlink offers but it's probably the best new project in a long time for similar reasons. Blockchain agnostic, very useful (already doing billions of queries), good token use with incentives to buy and stake early, high demand, low crowdsale allocations etc.

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File: 146 KB, 788x650, 1604354025839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It feels like Vitalik and his ETH 2.0 EOY meme

>> No.24528250

Vitalik, whomI personally dislike like shit, is a really smart guy. Can't deny that. And his project too. Was sponsored by the PayPal mafia guys too... do not disrespect him. He is a very smart guy. A fuck.. disrespect the pimple face... it is still great

>> No.24528280

I am a poorfag with only 1k link but now poorfags can barely afford 100 Link and look up to me like I am rich. Truly is a dwarf among midgets situation but I get a kick out of it none the less. Is this what success feels like? Am I gonna make it?

>> No.24528371

I feel like a right dummy for not snagging 80k when I had the chance. HoWmuchMonEywillieVenNEed?

t. 30k

>> No.24528384

17 "OG" here
Just can't be bothered. We unironically have threads in hindi now. Should give you an idea

>> No.24528403

>I know what fucking biz is but biz used to have some good insights/takes/debates under all piles of shit
Still does from time to time, you just have to sift through the shit to find good posts.

>> No.24528404
File: 920 KB, 1260x869, Vitalik.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I respect him.
I would never be able to do this and the tweet comparing child porn possession vs drugs.
Is is really the power of autism alone? Or is there something more?

>> No.24528434

what's your price projection? how many graph to make it? I don't really see the value tbqh, but I'm also retarded.

>> No.24528456
File: 23 KB, 526x526, Emx0maBVkAE39HJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is he taking part in it?

>> No.24528492


>> No.24528580

It's just as shit as I remember, but the occasional nuggets of gold outweigh the pain of having to sort through shitposts.

The most important thing is to always remember to think for yourself.

>> No.24528666
File: 29 KB, 619x495, images (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah took part
Took it apart by reporting to the stinky jannies

>> No.24528671

I repeat ... lol
Now.. out of all question you could ask Vitalik... it is his sexuality?

>> No.24528673

oh shit, that's dope
care to drop an invite?

>> No.24528718

Fpbp. The botting and jeeting is so bad there are only around 10 organic threads here at any given time.

>> No.24528755

>no swift
>no salesforce
>no docusign
>no facebook
is this nigger retarded or has he just been asleep for the last 6 months? jesus christ i fucking hate these mouthbreathers, why the fuck do i even come here anymore

>> No.24528774

Sorry dude it’s been closed since 17, it’s a small group and we’ve been shitposting together for years. No room for new people. There are a number of public link groups on telegram though that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

>> No.24528789

i get it all good

>> No.24528793

It’s been this way forever. Stop viewing the past with rose tinted gucci goggles

>> No.24528807

biz being shit is unironically bullish if we break out above 20k. only oldfags and scammers paying attention to crypto right now.

>> No.24528817
File: 16 KB, 445x267, 1268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah make sense

>> No.24528921
File: 292 KB, 959x1084, 1596663587953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we'll start one

>> No.24529022
File: 436 KB, 1080x1055, B5947E43-1B41-4AFF-A66F-568523FAC7A2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OG here with top 200 wallet. I come back here once in a while but the breadcrumbs are over with. Link will be top 3 soon enough and we have all already made it. Fuck CL Twitter. When I went all in on Link all I had was biz. The only link marine on Twitter was fucking rutabaga and her chainlink news account. It was cringe at the time. Anyway all you nulinkers just hold and you will be rewarded. 1,000 link will be a million dollars by 2024

>> No.24529085

Wow you missed a lot the FUD about Link this summer was insane. Literal armies posting thousands of threads about Link being a scam.

>> No.24529131
File: 114 KB, 332x332, 1607007901485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all 2017-2018 anons should join this discord

>> No.24529148
File: 718 KB, 1200x1000, AriSergeyOccult.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

premain net newfag here.
anyone think that Sergs is dumping tokens just before a big announcement?
seems like it could be his style.

>> No.24529195

I now begin to get an idea why you like to call each other faggots. You like men. Like Vitalik. Skinny tRussian men.

>> No.24529229

my theory is that he sends them to binance but doesn't sell them until he pumps it, then sells it, then dumps it

>> No.24529260

im the anon from earlier with the group. vpn changed but anyway this is how you do it. get a hundred people to join, discuss biz shit for a week or 2, then cull all the lurkers and libtards and WAH LAH you have your own group. Next step is to see if it survives. At this point, my group is gonna stick together for a long time, possibly for life if link goes to 100+ and we all make it several times over.

>> No.24529268
File: 134 KB, 454x749, soy anger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>My semi-poorfag 79k stack is now considered larp stack (check)

Fucking hell this hurts to read. I have a 1k stack and could have had at least ~30k if I would have gone all-in on LINK rather than fucking BAT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>the linkies objectively won

I never would have believed this in 2018

>> No.24529295

damn seems legit, thx for the tip

>> No.24529392

can I ask what stopped you? I didn't go all in because I was unironically expecting $80+ by now

>> No.24529457

How do you manage to keep your motivation to use Discord?
I can't explain why but I hate the platform and its UI which is somehow harder to use than 4chan.

>> No.24529491
File: 251 KB, 500x758, 300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of us were expecting even more...

>> No.24529733
File: 282 KB, 785x785, 25 cent shitcoin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Became too emotionally attached to my shitcoin of choice. Huge, huge mistake. Grabbed a miniscule stack of LINK before it was too late, but I'll always regret not going all in on LINK. I was so close.

>> No.24529748

1k eoy 2028 right?

>> No.24529765

that's not CLG. seems like a false flag, probably by himself, to cover. His name is Zachary though : ^ )
shall i share more?

>> No.24529793

we dont use discord. that site is for trannies.

>> No.24529825

I had a baby stack back in early 2018. No I'm up to 6-figures and everyone else here seems to be poor.

How did /biz/ screw up so bad?

>> No.24529833


>> No.24529867
File: 39 KB, 844x200, 1575908644103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The problem is we got so overrun with newfags and salty people who missed sub $1 link that now any proper discussion of the tech or breadcrumbs gets spammed/fudded out.

There's no room for any real discussion on link any more which sucks because 2018 threads were incredible. Most of us oldfags just lurk now and wait for the inevitable.

I just read these now for the nostalgia trip/hopium:
https://imgur.com/a/bklfSCi - Positive & Bullish Thoughts
https://imgur.com/a/HS9hIfr - Connections & Breadcrumbs
https://imgur.com/a/GnW0DmO - Over 1.4k Chainlink Memes

>> No.24530126

ok... and?

>> No.24530203
File: 7 KB, 35x38, Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 6.27.24 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm just saying the zachary posted earlier is not CLG. I know who the real CLG is. I guess I won't dox him though.
pic related and downscaled for funzies

>> No.24530389
File: 135 KB, 1242x766, F33771E7-3C95-4213-AE2A-432C024E78BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Check’d like Finrekt

>> No.24530504

Poor Sergey..
Now I understand why he never stops running.

>> No.24530735
File: 44 KB, 483x581, D1BA29BC-0A4B-45A5-8F3E-446AA52723B7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m a top 250 wallet as well. I do miss the vigorous shilling/fud/research...just holding now. Waiting for some catalyst to make me sell. What’s your plan fren?

>> No.24530964

Dear 2017 og's. I missed the LINK moon mission and come to you for your wise counsel. I've been around since the GXY, ETH and finally LINK shill threads, and one thing I realised was you never get it wrong. I've noticed a couple of shit coins being shilled recently, namely

Do any of these rival the previous years' expeditions to Mars? Please no bully, I'm not looking to pick a color lambo - just looking to live free and simple. Thank you in advance

>> No.24531012

The future is too unpredictable to make a one size fits all plan and hope it will work out.
The best idea I have at the moment is to remain flexible and to wait for new information before acting.
It will all depend on what Link's price is in the near future, how the BTC bull run works out and how big the Chainlink network grows until that time.

Cashing out may seem like a good idea until your bank freezes your account or goes bankrupt and you are stuck with worthless fiat durin a collapse of the system with capital controls.
It will be important to act fast and be prepared to act instinctively instead of making a plan when things happen.

In the current times if we cash out a bit we need to put it into either gold/silver or find something similar which doesn't lose its purchasing power through inflation. Stocks could also be an option if you are ready for a few decades of stagnation and know how to trade.
Ray Dalio's all weather portfolio is supposed to be a good investment strategy protecting you from all risks, but I have a hard time justifying buying debt of a dying empire with a 1% yield official and more than -4% real yield.

>> No.24531021

Its a massive shit hole.
We are all in discord servers now.
Check [redacted] and [redacted].

>> No.24531040

saying /biz/ recommended those is like saying detriot created the Model T

>> No.24531131

You should always do your own research and never invest in something you don't understand.
All the things you listed are scams made by people who want to dump on you.
You should always ask this question first:
What is the hidden goal of this person selling me his new coin or idea?
How is he profiting from it?
If it's too good to be true then it is. Don't let greed take you over.
Trading successfully takes years of training and understanding human and market psychology.
Being smart doesn't help if you are unable to put some distance between the market and your emotions.
When investing in a project you have to understand what value it really brings to the world and how competent and honest the person running the project is.

>> No.24531198

Interesting take. I frequently think about how insane it feels to cash out for fiat in these times...I too am patiently waiting to see how/if this BTC bull creates speculative bubbles reminiscent of ‘17. If the team has any financial motivation at all, they’ll launch staking during during a big BTC move.

>> No.24531199
File: 155 KB, 1077x1428, IMG_20201204_141214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

API3 sale now on insiders have already accumulated by the volume spike just a matter of time before the steam runs out and the dump begins. Just like what happened with sushiswap.
PNK is shilled by Timo and some breakaway anons who used to shill link. They use the same techniques.
Don't know about the others.

>> No.24531306


Thank you, kind sirs. May you live to see your children's children.

>> No.24531965

checked and good on you for being man enough to own it. I've a friend who was all in bsv. to this day I think he still trusts the plan.

>> No.24532081

# 1 : you do not talk about /biz/
# 2 : you do not talk about /biz/

>> No.24532254

Graph value might be more convincing than Link from economics perspective.

>> No.24533270

Since there are so many OGs here,
What happened to Idena?
It had so much genuine quality content for a few days, and then no mention since.
I get the value, saw the Vitalik mentions about importance of decentralized identity, but it just seems to have fizzled.

>> No.24533986

explain how

>> No.24534417

Maybe look into making a VR chat room as an experiment

>> No.24534462

Municipal marmalade makes mustafa mad

>> No.24534551

> no staking

bro read about STAKENET (XSN) , love you bro % fuck you bro welcome back

>> No.24534990
File: 12 KB, 250x250, pcieya4kxui31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked, 2019 was pretty good if you were conditioned enough to just avoid pajeets at a glimpse. 2020 however has worse and worse threads by the month. OG's are just watching quietly, it's all been said and done.

>> No.24535027

Checked. I’m FUDing LINK in the other thread despite being all in since mid 2018 because I don’t want the pajeets that flooded us to buy in.

>> No.24535055

>not finding haircombs and looking at boobas

>> No.24535316

i know a guy w 200k+

>> No.24535321

According to ethplorer collectively my wallets would equal a rank of 147. I managed to fud my way to a 240k stack. I still actively fud when I browse /biz/ maybe 1 time a month.
Old habits die hard.
Really nothing left to discuss. We’ve reached a show it to me stage. Thank goodness Defi pumped some hopium into the markets and my pockets.
I’m guilty of visiting Stani the pawn man
for some runway while COVID-19 sets the path for the 4IR aka great reset aka build back better.
I’m sure I’m gonna make it.
Sometimes I wonder what good would my riches would be in a post pandemic era?

>> No.24535347

i tried to participate but my timezone prevented me, im sure others experienced similar

>> No.24535357

chainlinkgod wasn't an og, he only came after that 18 page chainlink shill was made which was somewhere around mid 2018

>> No.24535897

Can you post a new link fren? Went to bed yesterday

>> No.24536888

discord is a centralised data-mining botnet
dont be an idiot

>> No.24536898
File: 161 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201204-100744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

39k OG here, mainly just lurk now as the quality of threads is terrible and there seems to be no one here. Actually been tempted to sell some of my links for the first time ever this week, due to my metamask being hacked and also because Sergey is now taking the piss with the amount he's dumping every week along with zero progress and radio silence from oracle

>> No.24536954

I still don't understand how you got hacked on Meta Mask on your Mac OS. This worries me since I have occasionally use my Meta Mask account for losing money with Value Yield farming.

>> No.24536990

that was back in the day. Holy shit that kid got v&

>> No.24537111

Me neither, bought antivirus yesterday and did a full system scan, came up completely clean.

>> No.24537751

See you on the yatch soon.

>> No.24538008

I've been in link since it was offered on binance and all of us had to switch from bittrex. I read this site everyday and have no clue what Delphi or CLG is. Are those discord groups? If so, who gives a shit?

>> No.24538082
File: 431 KB, 857x789, 1606774252731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>plaidshirt front man
Where can I buy the real CHAINlink outfit?

>> No.24538122

It wasn't hard to accumulate 50k at the time. We knew what we had at the time. I'm going to start unloading soon.

>> No.24538154

>10k make it stack meme
checked and we will make it fren I only hold 10k since -17 too its enough you just gotta believe

>> No.24538452

Can any of u oldies tell a newfag here if it's too late to buy link? I wanna get in crypto but I only own eth atm.. I would appreciate it.

>> No.24538529

FYI to OGs thinking of selling. This usually happens 1 or 2 weeks before a major move. I felt the same thing before the defi pump this summer. Actually have my first thought of swinging but naturally I didn't because I'm a Chad.

>> No.24538596

I have to sell a few hundred link or get a job in January. I'm thinking of going back to waging... but I don't want to. What's a few hundred link to cover my bills?

>> No.24538615

link is doing the same thing eth did in 2016 anon. January starts the bull if it behaves like eth.

>> No.24538626 [DELETED] 
File: 223 KB, 2064x1292, 7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imo I have found a new Gem!

Take a look at DDIM on Uniswap, it seems like the DuckDAO platform made a revolution among investment systems. Take a look at duckdao.io, share your reviews about it

>> No.24538793

You should export your logs and contact metamask, unlikely but perhaps a 0 day?

>> No.24538842

i'd rather suck dick desu

>> No.24538848

OG holders don't talk about how much they have because why would you want to associate your public image with your wealth? Only niggers do that. There's a few odd ones that stick out but the vast majority is not out in the open. And never will be. Enjoy your shitcoin scams while the rest of us chill in Bali.

>> No.24539398
File: 133 KB, 528x321, 1541706734373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit had to make cofee and read all this
Hi again frens
So I guess my feeling was right
Also had to google who CG is
So tweeter is THE palce now some kids made name from themself steeling biz hi iq takes from 2017/2018 LMFAO
Its awfull since its not anon and only value of argument matters like biz but its pseudo anon and value of brand of semi anon avatar matters lol
Fuck ChainlinkGod if you read this go suck bag of dicks fag
Also after days of browsing I kinda agree with this take >>24527753 we used to have civil conversation among white man and you could smell pajeet trying to infiltrate and shill from miles away now its just piles of shit upon piles of shit
Well tnx for all feels i went through reading this and gl all

>> No.24539629

Yes might do that. I panicked on the day and transferred everything to ledger and unnstalled metamask, so I might not be able to recover the logs now unfortunately though

>> No.24540688
File: 15 KB, 559x423, 1590869217790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>basic bitch high schooler shirt
>dirty pool table
is this suppose to be a flex?

>> No.24541303

lurk moar newfren

>> No.24542127

If you're a OG who's shilling RLC right now with the tread's spam and jannies deleting them ?

>> No.24542301

Not a presale marine but basically an OG here, 33k stack. Feels like Fall of 2017 when BTC and shit alts were pumping while LINK did nothing. Only now everyone knows about LINK and it's still doing nothing. I’m just living life normally waiting and hoping for continued pumps over the next few years

>> No.24542529

>lurk moar
no thanks if I wanted to browse reddit i'd stick a broom handle up my ass

>> No.24542638

finally a post with some legit folks who know what they are doing.

sort of off topic but i figured its worth a shot. i invested in BTC, LTC (sold these), ETH, and XRP in 2018.

since then i've dabbled in LINK and some shit coins posted here (ERG, PNK). i'm to find some education which will help me see through the bullshit posted on here for actual opportunities.

i see you guys refer to market cap, circulating supply etc. does anyone have any recommended material (books? audiobooks? forums?) they could recommend so i can get a better foundation?

any info is appreciated, thanks in advance

>> No.24542642

Is this the real outfit?

>> No.24543416

Where does he get his Adrenochrome supply from? Mcdonalds?

>> No.24543913

>Any OGs left?
you are here forever. never forget.