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Oh wowie wow wow. Wagie is having a good day now

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>mr. shekelstein takes the banana taxes out of your paycheck because it's a taxable gift

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Is this a supposed to be a joke?

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>Slave 246B-1219's potassium levels are low. Initiate snack time protocol.

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lmao, this is just terrible

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Wagies should just commit mass sudoku. You’re literary worth less than a Banana kek

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that sign is taped to the kronos brand time clock for punching in and out.

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This is fake right
Does anyone have a similar picture that showed a company 'paying' employees with literally candies

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This is a situation where it's better to just not give your employees anything, rather than reveal your hand and let them know how meaningless they are

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I worked at a department store that had employee appreciation days each year. One year there was pizza and salad, but you could only have pizza OR salad. Another year they bought muffins for everyone but the muffins were too big so they cut them into quarters and everyone could each have a quarter of a muffin. So glad I’m not a wagie anymore.

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>but the muffins were too big so they cut them into quarters

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You don't need a whole muffin waggie, mr.shekelberg is not made out of money even though he just got a 2 billion dollar bailout from the gubment. Now don't forget to pay your taxes waggie, mr shekelberg ain't gonna bail himself out either.

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Fucking kek at this thread, how did society let this happen? Or is it deserved?

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this is what we got for the convenience of living in (((modern society))). Those fucking eskimos living off the land in alaska are living a much more fulfilling life than the goyim slaves.

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i was a temp at a big company where they had bagel wednesday and it was pretty kino desu

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This gave me the kek of the day

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Bunch of ungrateful faggots in this thread. I guess that's what the manager deserves for making a kind gesture. Don't want the banana? Don't eat it.

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There are many places like this, i remember one time they gave us a piece of uncooked meat for us to eat during christmas

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>grab banana
>receive electric shock

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who got the top quarter?

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>take it or leave it
>leave it

>put on notice for not being an engaged employee because you didn't participate in the employee appreciation banana event

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kek you can feel the sarcasm from whichever wagie was told to type and print the flyer too

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