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Does anyone in here do anything with DeFi?!
What platforms are you using and what for?
Anything that is not fucked up right now and actually fucking works……
What about PlasmaPay peeps? I was thinking about using them since they partnered up with BaseProtocol.

Keep on seeing posts on Twitter but thought I’d ask this community.
Just asking for some info and advice! Throw it at me!

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Defi is a ratards gem, make money from doing abso fucking lutely nothing. But i use BASE though to hedge my funds, can't go back to my mums basement

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heard f the plasmaplay partnership with Base, time to quit the life of a degen and lend while also hedging your shit, all in on that one

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>Does anyone in here do anything with DeFi?!
You have to go back

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I sold my wife yesterday to buy some more BTC. Have a couple now, gonna sell my kidney too very soon. Imma make some

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Got in on BASE protocol and i literally 2x my portfolio when they launched on uniswap 2 days ago. It was the easiest money i ever made

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Hail base, just concluded their rebase and my bags just got fucking bigger and heavily, who has any fucking lambo dealers number, time to order my ride retards

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fucking defi scammers never get tired of shilling dead bags, go get a real job working at McDonalds, you would earn more pajeets

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$BASE is really one of the most ongoing projects in DeFi thus the present market. Their customers are participating on very high levels with interest!

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never cared of the lending shit but with BASE involved i just might take a look believe totally in the project. And with their recent launch FOMO time degens

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BASE BASE BASE, been hearing alot about them on CT. Saw a bunch of shitty scammy influencers talk about the, i'm sure they're shit though

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I'm up actually 3005 on BASE. There is some fucking crazy shit going on with them. You can't lost in a bull run. Cascade actually just prints money and its fucking crazy.

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Kek think about it. What rebase token is making a resurgence.
What does biz do best? Filter.

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Ho Lee Shit Base gonna buy me all the bitches I can get! But no lambos for my bitches keep in mind everyone BROS BEFORE HOES

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Anyone else hyped about BASE like I am? The rebase went amazing yeaterday, looking forward to todays too!!!

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The look on my face exactly like this when I found out about Base!!

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Do you have any strategies for rebase today? Buying at .25 yesterday seemed to work really well for me haha

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Screw Base, all these alts would be dead if not for BTC, BTC all the way!!

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Anyone has any suggests how to get in on it the easiest? Been hyped ever since I saw what they did for the paat 2 days on Twitter

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Thoughts after seeing it basically wanish when sale started

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It’s pegged to total market value, and the market is about to crash. So screw BASE and let’s all hop on something that actually can save our lives, like food and shelter!!

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Always believed in this market, ever since I first read about BTC I dreamt of the day when it is gonna be so big that something like this woud be plausible!!

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Go BASE, ride the bull way now, go all the way!!!

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I wonder how normies go to work when you can just put money in base Cascade and make tons back. Smart degen I am lmfaooo

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next positive rebase in 4h for Base Protocol, get in early investors get the most piece of the cake

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One of the best projects right now to get in early and make 10x - 20x short term.

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AMPL reached around 800 million MC at it’s peak. BASE is advanced/better version of AMPL and is still around 2-3 million Marketcap. Just do the math guys, even if BASE reaches 1/4 of AMPL market cap it is 100x from its current value. So invest now and be patient for few days for life changing money.

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BASE is the shit right now! That was a champion launch

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Hate it when fuckin spectators talk shit when you dont have the balls to actually get in. dead bags ?Got 2 times the heavier bag in under a day meek shister

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kek..the jokers bitching about BASE need to check dextools to know the shit happening around them... 2x ..drunk ..and waiting for the next rebase

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Another day another shit token thread.. never touching a negative rebase token ever

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BASE is just a better AMPL without the whales shoving it up ours bases..kek

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Take a piss hobos, base is just a pajeet run faggot reeking shit token not more not less

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Posting blurry memes when there are clear ones should be a bannable offence

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You chads ever heard of anything called TA. Top 15 on Uniswap and 1st on dextools on launch and you faggots still bitching ?

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The new rockstar BASE. How can you faggots not want an index for crypto with 2x gains everyday, makes no fucking sense

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I have no idea what DeFi is. I have only recently started to dive into this complex topic of cryptocurrencies. If you can share some detailed information that would be useful for me, then I will wait for your advice. I, in turn, would like to share a piece of news that made me very happy. I found out that a lot of crypto casinos have opened now, like https://fairspin.io/ on the Internet. This is a big step for the gambling industry. What sites did you play on? Do you consider this a waste of time?:)

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Go and read more about this subject, newbie. Some crypto casinos are not bad, actually.

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