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Working from home, doing absolutely nothing.

Planning my upcoming ski trip on company time. Any anons doing anything cool on company time this fine thursday?

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yeah, quitting my job in about 2 hours kek

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Damn son did you make it with crypto or are you just saying fuck it?

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>any anons doing anything cool while on company time?
Whackin it

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using my job to go back to school which is also 100% online and get a better job in a different field. while im in online classroom listening to a lecture I am lurking /smg/, soon ill break even! call me Gorden :D

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I'm learning shuffle dances for my tiktok videos, doing asmr videos of my dog for my youtube channel and inventing new vegan keto recipes. All of this while I wait for my doge tokens to join the upcoming bullrun

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Learning about crypto. Going to take a walk and get a burrito. Very comfy.

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I'm working from home but I still have to do a shitload of work every day. I'm a business consultant working on cash flow models..

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I still prefer this to working in an office though, 100%.

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I don't work from home, but my job is really comfy and low stress. All i have to do is just coast and not fuck up for the next 6 months and i can retire.

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Saying fuck it. Taking a different wage cuck role with less hours and more in line with what I want to do with my life. Still a wagie but I've got a path to the end now.

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Very nice i mute all my meetings and play Xbox while people talk. I also smoke wax everyday and work about 2 hours total. Top Kek. Fuck bosses.

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Only work 4 days a week as HR for a company. Work with new people and give them a tour of the building they will slave in, type up some bullshit on a spreadsheet, bullshit with co-workers and go home without actually doing anything. Today is my day off. Gona go to the store and buy some parts for my new gaming pc, get some mcniggers, finish building my new pc then sit and look at charts all day while I enjoy some earl gray and a bowl for the rest of my 3 day weekend.

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Sitting at home doing nothing but playing runescape and posting on /biz/ all day while the government pays me unemployment benefits. And now that the chinavirus is getting worse it's guaranteed they will extend it for at least another half a year. Meanwhile I have $100k sitting in crypto that's about to make me a millionaire, so I'll never have to work a day in my life again. 2020 has been the best year of my life.

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I'm posting this from my wagie cagie where I shitpost all day while waiting for my pathetic RLC stack to 1000x so I can retire early and buy a nice condo on the waterfront.

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