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>buys more RLC

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thats literally me waiting for my real life to start. But I know I will be a millionaire next year because I am ALL IN RLC.

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All-Time High $4.05 -75.1%
Jan 12, 2018 (almost 3 years)

the absolute state of rlc bagholders

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How fucking stupid can you be, people saw the hype of the coin then and pumped it, that's ok. But since then, RLC has had 3 years of development, and right now is the fucking time to buy, it's being accumulated like crazy, this coin is unironically the next Link. $100 RLC by the end of 2021 is what you will see at the minimum

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Is it normal to spend 10h on biz creating threads about RLC? Its what most of my day consists of since last year and I think its imperative to let everyone know about this hidden gem, but sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time. But my faith is so strong, I can't even dare hold anything else than RLC because I fear this will shoot to 100$ overnight and I miss out

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take your meds. iexec? 3 years 0 users.
chainlink? 3 years 300+ integrations, billions secured by the network.
aave (formerly ethlend)? 3 years, millions of users $1,536,914,979 total locked value

you just backed a losing horse.
Classic stockholm syndrome.

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Just like XRP 2k EOY and LINK 1k EOY, am I right?

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oh and chainlink -29% from ath, ethlend (aave) currently at ath

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Here is the harsh reality for 99 percent of crypto investors. You are all disillusionized by society, your IQ and autism is a curse and it's a gift because it gave you this home where you can connect with people who suffer from the same kind of mental disabilities. So here you are trying to escape the regular life and say to yourself "when my coins go to the moon my real life will begin". But you have been here before, year after year, and many years will pass by. Maybe, eventually you will attain some gains and think to yourself you kinda made it, and buy a house perhaps, but by then you are already too old to start a life, you will be single and alone in your house. And just when you think, well there is still time to do things I like in live and enjoy life a little bit your health starts to deteriorate. Your start losing hair, you won't be able to maintain erections so even banging hoes won't help you to forget the pain and the harsh reality of your meaningless existence. So you struggle with what little you have untill you probably get diagnosed with the more serieus diseases and at the end of the day, after all these years of desperate crypto hopium when you are about to die you ll think to yourself "I am so glad I'll be dead soon".

Yeah this is the /biz cycle of life, enjoy it while you can Frens.

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you will never be a woman

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I'm so sorry for you
I already made millions off crypto

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Blackpilled faggot, I’m still enjoying life

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autists can't start a normal life anyway, might as well buy some digital oil