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Deriswap is Andre Cronje next 100x project.
Don't miss ! unless you want to continue to be poor!


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thanks I just bought 5 ETH worth

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this is scam, pajeets use send function on uniswap to make it look like yearn deployer bought the coins. fuck off OP

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Deriswap doesn't have a token, the yfi devs have said so repeatedly
This is literally the 23rd fake deriswap pool, look at the image again

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why do the addresses both have a fuck ton of different deriswap tokens?
100% scam

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I'm putting my whole life savings in this. When is he releasing?

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just use this tweeter to get legit contract creation event by yearn https://twitter.com/yearndeployera1?s=09

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This is a clever scam, whoever made the bot is definitely going to fuck with it when they get enough followers and make people buy their new rug coin. If I was much dumber I might even fall for it

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there's no deriswap token you street shitting pajeet. newfags, don't buy this scam.