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How can I make $50 per day without wageslaving and hodling.

Day trading crypto possible?

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it is possible

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possible but hard. Set up some blog websites or dropshipping stuff

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>Day trading crypto possible?
I do this and I'm a total noob. I sort the biggest fails and take a screenshot, then I come back half an hour and compare them again. I buy the ones that gained 5% in the last 30m and hold them for another 30 min, repeat.

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Which exchange?

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dropship what tho. what do people even wanna buy that they cant find on amazon

that sounds retarded, but based
I'm trying to do a 1-2% strat as long as I can rule out fees and make a consistent 1% per trade.
I'm a fucking autist noob at this shit tho.

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God fucking dammit I want a muscle gf so fucking bad. I need to hurry up and become a millionaire so I can get an olympic competitor gf and put her on a body building routine and just fucking impregnate her repeatedly.

No, you'll just blow your capital. You're better off doing odd jobs around town for boomers. It's better to make $36k from hodling for a year than it is to try to swing for $50/day.

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Get on your knees and start sucking

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How to reincarnate as a physigonomatically kind and intelligent being?

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is the risk really that high in daytrading crypto
i think the volatility is perfect to aim for 1-3% gain

i can't be a wagie anymore. I just can't do it.

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all it takes is a haircut, better clothes, exfoliating, eyebrow management, shaving, and learning how to smile

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Yeah, the volatility really is that high. You're going to get liquidated within any given month unless you have crazy amounts of stops set up.

Seriously, just buying and holding is way better, and then you can withdraw your $50/day with no worries. Otherwise you're just going to lose your stack and make a bunch of shit threads with pink wojacks here later and I find that shit annoying.

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how the fuck can i buy and hold when i have nothing to start with lmao
i'll hold $500 for 20 years before i can do anything with it.

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>I want a muscle gf so fucking bad
you know, your life might be easier if you just admit you're a faggot anon

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I would rather buy INJ , hodl it with strong hands and take out a yearly bonus ;)

INJ has been the top most gainer today with its testnet launch yesterday!!

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My fetishes are muscles and impregnation and pregnancy, pretty sure I'm straight as an arrow. Plus a /fit/ gf can be interesting outside of the sack, you can do sports and stuff together outside instead of sitting around at home watching tv and eating pizza, fuck that.

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A fit warrior queen to help you rule over your kingdom is the best queen.

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Day trading bitcoin carefully. You need a fuckton though. Day trading doesn't work with alts or stocks. I guarantee you will get fucked

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use defi.

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Muscle girls are infertile, anon.

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what is tax
fucking amerimutt

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depends of your country faggot

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How is she so perfect bros

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sell your boipussy everyday and enjoy it

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Use something other than Coinbase? Coinbase will tax your whole turnover lol, people got mails from IRS to pay few hunnid thousand even though their profit was either few bucks or negative lol. With exchanges that are running away from any regulations like binance should be good.

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You can make that much botting runescape

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Sucks to be a mutt, doesn't it? Kek.

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Are you kidding me? What should I use then?

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Nothing, you cannot escape the jew

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you just need to use something you are comfy buying at top (worst case)
this is btc or eth
they swing 1-3% everyday
just wait for a reasonable drop
hold for a reasonable pump

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Op who dat I wanna coom on her face

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Put $1000 into Ampleforth, and get that in daily positive rebases. DYOR

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stop spouting nonsense.
IRS won't charge you for capital losses, only gains and you can do a billion trades, only profit will be taxed

fucking retard. if you lost, you can write off $3000 per year indefinitely.

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>make $50 for 2 days in a row
>lose 150 in day 3
This is the way for day traders

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based, i would think litecoin is better tho since it's volatile but also not 20000 so you can actually gain something.

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this is the way for retards who dont have stops or keep "believing"

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Put $261k in AT&T

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do you actually gain money by doing this? it seems so retarded lmao

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Except when you're in profit March 31st and then lose it all April 1st, you still owe taxes for the previous tax year.

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get in early to low mcap projects and stake... I put about $1000 into 3 low mcap projects a month ago that have all done 4x+ (two did 10x-40x) and I'm making about $100 a day now from staking rewards alone.

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are you serious 50 dollars only? I know people who make 10k weekly on passive income

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You're not American are you? If you made gains before December 31st but lost them after January 1st would be how you get fucked.

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sorry lost all my crypto in a boating accident.

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suck 5 dick a day for $10

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>Is correctly guessing the outcome of a coin flip several times a day for years on end possible

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it's not a coin flip retard
each crypto goes up 5% then down 5%. you just need to sell in between

go back to wageslaving boomer.

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Doesn't matter what the price of a total coin is, you don't need to buy entire coins.
If btc will go up and down by 5% and ltc will go up and down 1% you'll make more on btc and also won't have to keep shitty ltc if you get stuck holding.

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just rule of numbers, litecoin fluctuates much more quickly than bitcoin does in an hourly period.

also you're not holding shit, you're selling so it doesn't matter what coin, but price definitely matters because of market cap which indicates volatility.

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but litecoin is a literal shitcoin. if for some reason it dies you are fucked. just use eth or btc which you wont mind buying at top

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>missed the point completely

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who cares if its a shitcoin, it won't plummet if it hasn't in 10 years its been around

do you know what a stoploss order is...
all that matters is volatility to make profits in day trading, im not gonna pick ETH or BTC and make 0.0034% profits when I can make 2-3% on litecoin or XRP or some shit

brainlets on here.

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did you know the exchange is under absolutely zero obligation to actually execute any of your orders that you thought keep you so safe

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did you know a meteor might hit us any day

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earn 400k. invest at 5%. 20k a year. thats over $50 per day.

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Watch this tutorial


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I know what you are trying to do. You live somewhere in eastern europe or some developing country.

50$ a day can cut it right now but in 10 years 50$ will buy you a coffe ... maybe

You need more than that.

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I need a starting capital to make big investments to hold crypto
right now $50 a day is literally the only thing I need to start setting me up for the future.
I'm a neet, so waging is out of question.

$50 a day goes a long way if i can save it, then invest once i reach a sizable amount like 5K

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fuck prostitute

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>impregnation and pregnancy
This isn't a fetish you retarded pervert piece of SHIT

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I need 10$ a day. I just want to comfy study without having to wage. Hope daytrading works otherwise back to waging

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This is it, I just dont want to die and keep on studying without wageslaving

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God I wish it would hurry up.

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buy xsn masternode

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Learn how to scalp on binance or cbpro
Say you have $500, take one hundred and find a coin you like with good volatility. Trade the shorter charts. 5 min to 1 hour.
Learn to buy low postitions and exit high.
Doesn't matter if the coin blast's past you.
Hopefully it's the coin you've got the other $400 in.
Always sell tops and never be in crypto when you fall asleep.
That $100 will earn you something like $20 a day max for a while unless you git gud.

So yes to answer your question.

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gained 5 percent points or 5%? also do you trade against fiat, BTC or ETH?

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Buy enough shares of something you can just sell enough calls every week. Invest half back into the underlying and take the other half as income. Ez

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Monsier zat is le basadette! Incroyable!

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An actual good answer. Based

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what defines good volatility? Up and down 20% in a day? Do you pick any coin or only new coins?

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at about 7% monthly which is literally any defi pool you'll get about .2% daily
at this rate staking 25k would earn $50 daily.

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Easy, submit to the big black cock

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That's not how compound interest works

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swing trading crypto or other assets, you can def make $50 a day easy. But why is that your goal? that's awfully low.

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>$50 per day





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i didn't say anything about compounding did i newfag?
...and most of the staking pools dont do any compounding, you either recieve apr upfront or daily. to recieve "compound interest" you have to stake your earnings manually.

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cuz everything else is just bonus. I need 50$ to comfortable live right now before building a starting capital to truly invest into crypto for big boy gains.

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holy shit man i admire retards profiting of clownworld

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No that's extreme.
Although that would be good though.
Crypto is pretty volatile on its own already.
So find a coin you'd like to trade daily and that you know will grow along with the rest of crypto, and trade its price movements.

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Back in my college years I used binance to trade since you don't need to KYC for international accounts. Make sure to use VPN now though

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How so you find the good low mcaps?

Msg me @

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This is the best answer

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you would actually need to make more than 50 to make up for the 30% tax you would pay to uncle sam

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poor mutts

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