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>He lost money in crypto
You literally have to be stupid to lose money in crypto, just hold serious projects and watch the money pour in, there is always one ready to moon, in 2017 it was chainlink, I can tell you that there is one being shilled on /biz/ right now with a real use case, a working product, and it's going to be the next chainlink, if you know you know, if you don't,
I'm not going to spoonfeed you

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Based and pnkpilled

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Cardano & API3

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I'm holding eth since 2018and still haven't break even

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Eth was never meant to moon, but it will steadily rise if you are patient

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Ah yes anon, you should RESERVE the answer and not spoonfeed

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tell me more

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If you really thought the project was undervalued you wouldn’t talk about it in public.

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Do your own research on the projects being shilled right now on /biz/, read the whitepapers, see how they work, if you do this seriously, you will find it

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First of all, I'm done accumulating, second of all, I've not said what it was

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>I know which coin is going to moon but I won't tell you silly boys ;)

yeh whatever champ. never heard that before

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If I say it, it will just sound like another anon shilling, and no one will listen to me anyways. I'm just honestly saying to my biz bro that if they do their own research seriously, they'll find the next chainlink

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Best moonshots for 2021


That is all.

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That's a shame I'm too dumb to understand if a whitepaper have more potential than another

I may have some hints though, three letters that's all I'm gonna say

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>a real use case, a working product, and it's going to be the next chainlink, if you know you know
It starts with a P

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Fine, don't read the whitepaper, but check if the project is actually needed and has real use cases.
Check how active the team is, their credentials, etc...
If the project is being talked by big players in the crypto world, these are all indications of something big brewing

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wow so mysterious so cool anon oooOOOooo! stop baiting for attention u fucking twonk

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being talked about by*

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i dont even care what the mystery crytpo is, probs worthless, but the whole fishing for attention is cringe lol

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If you cannot even do your own research you don't deserve to get rich, if I tell you what it is, it will just be like the 1000 shills we see here everyday and you won't listen anyways

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answer: it's RLC, you fucking idiots..

get some oil barrels, this thing is going, not to the moon, but to andromeda.. in 10 years this is going to be a x10,000

wake the fuck up

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nah. ill buy some right now. fuck it - you seem trustworthy because you don't want to tell us.

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rlc sell signal

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Pleeeeeeaaaaase tell us!

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I got liquidated once fucking around in futures. I made it back shorting when btc dipped during march though.

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>project actually needed
>real use cases.
>Active team with good credentials
>the project is being mentioned by big players in the crypto world
That's 100% pnk.

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sure, go ahead, sell then, I'll happily get the barrels off your hands


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kek, pretty much

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With all the hints he dropped it cannot be anything other than pnk

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These shills are getting intricate with the shilling. Nice grammar pajeet

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Im a degenerate gambler I cant help it

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so much this

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Indeed, I can feed you boys, ocean protocol.

Next year +5 dollarinos. Not even kidding.

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this is all assuming you've actually found a crypto that is guaranteed to moon which is impossible. Again, I don't want to know what you think the miracle coin is, but going "teehee I know and u dont!!" is beyond cringe.

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How to differentiate between something that has real potential and some scam coin? I feel like I don't understand crypto enough to even research properly

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I don't care, shilling is useless because half of the shilling here is being done by pajeets, this thread is the only way I've found to give a hint to /biz/.
I knew the value of chainlink back in 2017 and today I found something that I think will see the same growth, I've dropped way more than enough hints for you to find it if you DYOR, you lazy retard

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OP is basically correct but he didn't mention that SWINGERS GET THE ROPE. It's just math. Eventually you'll swing the wrong way and get fucked out of your stack. The single best move, once you've identified solid projects, is to set your price target for selling and then dollar cost average your way into a position over time. Even if it's BTC, we all know that EVENTUALLY it'll break $1M, so buying it right now is still cheap in comparison to that, even if you're only buying 0.001 BTC at a time. Every time you do, you're essentially buying $1000.

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pretty much all altcoins are scams. the only people who are selling and buying them are autists on this board. the only real life utility for crypto is buying drugs off the internet and bitcoin fills that niche just fine. everything else is just penny stocks essentially.

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Easy mode, go to website, look at the team, dig into the team members, go to their github, are they actively developing? this takes 5 min tops to determine a scam

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If you say it I WILL spam your thread to shit with FUD and annoying memes to try to undo the damage you do. Seriously, I'm not done accumulating.

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>my coin has not been mentioned here yet
feels good to still be early

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It's LGCY. $8m MC and poised to take over Tron with only 22% of the supply

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I don't care what this mystery coin is, you keep replying as if I secretly want you to drop more hints or tell me what it is. I don't. This is no different than the 100s of other mindless shilling threads except with some minor obfuscation. You do not hold the secret key to eternal wealth unsurprisingly.

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That's like 20 to 50 crypto projects

What about the usecases, is it an original one like with no competitors or a new conception of an old one? I like to have a good understanding of a project before investing, so I asked some friends too about some of those projects shilled there

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if this is your stance, why the fuck are you even here?
that desperate for attention? more cringe than op

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what about that comment is attention grubbing. you seem to have got yourself in a bit of a tizzy and I'm not sure why

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you basically just said "no u" so i don't even know why I bothered replying but hey ho

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Anon do I buy chain link with my 100 shekcles I can wait a year if I need

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you're a massive faggot for coming to this board when you don't think any crypto is useful, so gtfo,
last (you) you'll get from me

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Thanks, selling my barrells now

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OPEC+ is breaking down. Oil is cheap right now. If the green new deal goes in this isnt a buy the dip moment.

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you get worked up quite easily it seems, no need to be angry. Some1 on the internet has a different opinion to you, the world wont collapse don't worry.

Bitcoin has its uses but even a lot of HODLers on this board will admit its probably overvalued. Its valuable because people believe it is valuable, not because of its real life utility. Apart from buying drugs and a few other fringe cases the whole actually using crypto to buy things hasn't really taken off. It's a bit forced.

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I swear to God, if this is another fucking PNK thread...

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it’s dHedge

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>Its valuable because people believe it is valuable, not because of its real life utility.
Yes and no. It's valuable in general (ie, above zero) because it does have real life utility: online decentralized unhackable currency exchange. It's valuable at this price (ie, 19k) because a lot of very rich people have decided to accumulate and hold. The winklevii, GS, a couple other big investment firms, they've all bought in. And because it's a deflationary asset and we're not even close to full adoption, it's only going to go up. You can literally write a mathematical formula showing BTC price approaching infinity as time goes to infinity so long as it never gets hacked.

How many bubbles and how much long term upwards trend do you have to see to get on board? I was watching this shit on /g/ in 2009, and it took me until 2017 to finally get on board, and I consider myself a goddamn idiot for taking that long. Are you really going to wait until BTC is over 100k and getting ready for the moon mission to $1M? The last 10 or 100x? Come on man.

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OP is talking about API3

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All I'm saying is the actual real world use of the technology behind bitcoin is buying drugs off the internet.
As it turns out, anonymous P2P transactions aren't as useful as biz thought. Everyone just uses paypal with FIAT currency and it works just fine. There's no motive for the general public to start using crypto. It's something for us nerds to fawn over meanwhile no1 else gives a shit. It's real world utility is often overplayed on here. It is overvalued imo. That is all.

Also don't really understand what your second paragraph is getting at. I bought in at 12 and got out at 18. Not great but not terrible either. 100K is a fantasy and 1M is straight up mental illness, good luck with that.

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Pnk? It's a no name shit.

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nice, poorfag with 2.5mil lgcy checkin in

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Its BAT. Your welcome anons

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OP is unironically based if you spend 1 month coming here everyday you will know exactly which coin hes talking about. newfags need to learn the hard way, if they give so little of a shit about their investments that they can even be bothered to do basic research.

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stop spoonfeeding them you fucking faggot

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You didn't buy it when it was over a thousand dollars did you?

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Paypal bans people and not everyone has access to the banking system. Bitcoin is available to everyone and can't be stopped by governments. Tons of people who aren't buying drugs are using bitcoin for transactions all the time.

I guess you wouldn't understand the second paragraph unless you really thought about where BTC started and how it got here today. That's okay, I'll laugh at you from my mansion in a few years.

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>can't be stopped by governments
kek, fucking delusional

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>so much this

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Has anyone in this thread invested in a shitcoin that was not shilled by a racist freg with autism?

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It's true, otherwise NK wouldn't be using it to conduct international trade in spite of all the sanctions they're under.

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>he is broke and larps on /biz/ to make himself feel superior

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Not buying your bags

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It’s NU isn’t it

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Thanks just sold 100k barrels

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This isn't Twitter, you absolute homo. Just name shill your shitcoin and fuck off. No one cares about any retarded riddles that lead to you ultimately shilling a bottom tier shitcoin like iExec

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Early 2017 link buyer here. A lot of newfags will say RSR, which is not a bad pick (I hold some), but the real gem is QNT. A lot of the Chainlink Community telegram OGs (2017) hold QNT.

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OP is talking about XRP retards

>> No.24480661

But QNT is already at $12. Wouldn't I be better off buying more LINK over QNT?

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He is talking about Api3 fucking idiots its about to cuck chainlink

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Stop looking at price and start looking at marketcap. It will give you a better sense of how the project is valued in the market. Link has already proven itself (larger mcap) and is therefore less risky, which means less return long term. Quant has yet to prove itself (low mcap), but the chances of it succeeding are high. This makes it risky, but also offers bigger returns.

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>He is talking about Api3 fucking idiots its about to cuck chainlink

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thanks just bought more ocean

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Parsiq !!

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99% of the shiterium tokens shilled here, twitter and youtube are scams. All thanks to shiterium.

>> No.24480997

Guaranteed 20x in the next 6-12 months.

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i think the miracle pump like Link will be made with parsiq.

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its fine bro we all know you're talking about xsn

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... Barrels

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this coming 2021 it will be INJ

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Based and pajeetcoloredID

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Yes and its tezos

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Nice bait now fuck off

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It's XRP with the 12.12.20 airdrop.
>XRP has been talking about it for months.
>Schizo pepe
>If you know you know xD
XRP has been crabbing at ~.25 for 2 (two) years but Flare's spark tokens might finally change things.
It always /x/ attention whores that pull this shit.

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> Early 2017 link buyer
Link was only available in September 2017.

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Its YFI and KP3R, you literal brainlets.
YFI is a safe 3x bet, KP3R is its retarded son that can do a 10x if starts aling just right.

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>but the real gem is QNT
god you're actually retarded, have fun holding those bags to sub 0.01 eth

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nice digits
does kpr has a real use cause?

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Yes, onchain oracles. Will be used on sushi, will be used on andres derivatives platform, already used as uniswap and aave oracle.

>> No.24487693

Unironically this, though I don't consider XMR a moonshot, more of a steady gainer like ETH

>> No.24487697

>dropped hints
>being shilled on /biz/ right now with a real use case, a working product
Stupid faggot. Great “hints” Nostradamus. That covers dozens of shitcoins

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It's funfair just read their updated whitepaper. We gonna make it

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Holy fuck.....?!?!?!? Who is this Goddess?!?!!?!?

>> No.24489089

API3 looks juicy as FUCK I want in on that bad.

>> No.24489163

4 people in China control 50% of the hashpower.
decentralized my ass.
CoreCucks are gonna get based when US outlaws bitcoin because it has become another Chinese scam

>> No.24489258

where can i even buy it at. coinbase doesnt hold it, neither does blockchain and binance. where does a nibba got to go to get some rsr?

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SIR you please delet this I am still fill bags

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WTF are you waiting on Anon?

Orchid, Algorand, Kyber Network, BAT, Tezos, Dash and Zcash

>> No.24489854

Binance holds it

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can someone tell me what this big green dildo was?

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i was redirected to the binance dot us. i didnt see it there.

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>> No.24490154

i was redirected to the binance dot us. i didnt see it there.

binance doesnt offer its services to my state... fuuukk

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dont feed the newfags please, at least not bull market newfags. if they don't earn their gains they'll just lose it all to some street shitters

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>> No.24490407

ADA (Post Gougen), API3, and ALGO (Post super-staking)

>> No.24490451

i'm still filling my bags, chill out

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>he reads the whitepapers

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>First of all, I'm done accumulating
This. I give advice all the time now.

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>dont feed the newfags please

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Omg PNK is THE STRANGEST concept I’ve ever come across

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>> No.24490632

How is that any different than gold, where the value is way over what its real world uses could command?

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>>24476452 not just drugs anon
Crypto freaks

>> No.24490682

or maybe he is talking about ubt.

Either way both are good to me. Here is how I see it.

1. Blockchain tech is superior.
2. Blockchain is still in its infancy.
3. Blockchain right now is clunky. Like those computers that filled an entire room.
4. Adoption IS coming.
5. It will spur advances.
6. Look at projects that are onboarding companies.
UBT and RLC.

>> No.24490705

Link it, anon. I've been doing research for the past 4 hours and I'm so crammed to the throat with memecoins I have no fucking idea what's being talked about. I want to read what you're reading

>> No.24490753

Oh it's actually called FUNFAIR you clowncore pajeet I hope you fucking die

>> No.24490783

Are El Sea

>> No.24490875

Easy there cum...

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