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Fuck you, made me look.

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Son of a bitch, you shall burn in the eternal fire

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fuck you
but this vid is still such a classic

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Such an amazing story teller, he should have gotten a job at disney or something.

Rip. Goodnight sweet prince.

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Checked. The possibility that Bizonacci literally didn't survive the bear market terrifies me. At least he'll always be a legend on /biz/.

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Man it's so sad
I wish him all the best

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amazon will own disney soon enough anyway, also checked

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Fuck you

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What happened to him bros

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He's dead?

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Yes sad story, its a dangerous game.

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He couldnt handle the losses, suicide via heroin overdose.

Theres a rumor he left a final suicide note/comic, but his family has understandably decided to keep it private.

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FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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actually weird to think that he may actually be dead. RIP man. His videos were an absolutely vital part of the last bull run and subsequent shitshow.

>fundsu are safu

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It was Ambrosus, right? Did we ever find his wallet?

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He left all his money in the donation wallet attached to his youtube account. He also made "secret videos" that you had to access by link only. We have only found one of the secret videos I believe.

I sometimes wonder if the other secret videos had something to explain his absence.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkI1CKrkAdE was there more than this?

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I get so mad when I see bizonnaci copycats on yt.. He was very talented at making those videos. They were pretty professional for shitposting material.

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We don't know. I mean he hasn't touched his ETH wallet in years, no communication, nothing. People think he's dead because that's all that makes sense

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where is the evidence that says hes dead?
I swear I saw bizonacci post on ama on plebbit that he will return next bull run.

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>he doesn't know

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Not even kidding, I started remembering him when I went to sleep last night. Losing bizonacci was such a loss. Crypto isn't the same without him. I unironically get sad whenever I see his videos now.
I couldn't help but keep thinking how much I wish he had bought a bunch of LINK in 2018, so he wouldn't have offed himself. I really wished he would make it.
Damn it.

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Recently came across duckdao.io, Crypto incubator with an investment model system.
Also, there is a crypto card game with a fast growing community. What do you think about it? Is it risky to invest?

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Didn't he change his profile pic on youtube recently? I WANT TO BELIEVE

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Did he? Looks the same to me.
When? "Bizonacci" or "Bizonacci 2" account? I want to believe as well

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Bullish for ARPA and Bella Protocol, Bogs?

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Main account, but it might just be my faulty memory. I often watch his classics after wagecucking at my graveyard shift before going to bed, just don't recall it being the current one last time I went to his channel.

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Literally who?

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silly bait

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I'm not sure. I only remember seeing that one, maybe there is more? Is there anyway to search the videos? I know on twitter he mentioned he had hidden some videos. I want to believe that one of the hidden videos has clues about what happened to him... I also sort of thought he could be prince of zimbabwe..

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Its possible, but zimbab had a different style than bizonnacis

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I just watched the original and man it fucking cracks me up still, truly a legend

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>activate quantum immortality

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OP this is against the /biz/ code, and you will be hunted down and shot

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In the end, it's only money. You just need a minimum amount to live, but everything over this minimum is a game.

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i miss these so much. I've watched every one of them 10x over....miss him

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Such a visionary

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Post your YouTube e-celeb shit elsewhere, faggots

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Its a poetic end for him.

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Imagine being this gay and this much of a newfag

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omfg finally!

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>"noooo not my heckin youtuberino!!!!!"
Kill yourself

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Are you retarded? One Bizonacci is more valuable than a thousand shits like you.

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When will YouTube celeb worshipping cucks like you GET THE FUCK OFF MY BOARD
Go post your shit on /tv/ fag no one cares

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Why would you do this to me OP?

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Best rumor I heard was suicide back in 2018, dude claiming to know him posted his obituary, others seemed to confirm it, but no solid proof despite the fact his eth wallet and youtube site have been untouched in two years

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Literal newfag filth , you need to go back

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Does any one have a link to the hidden vids any more?

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he might be active on BOGGER. Anyone ever confirm his death.

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only one i still have

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Actually never seen this one
Thanks anon

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Holy shit I don’t know if I ever saw this one. That was fucking kino. I miss him so much bros.