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>December 1, 2017: $0.17
>December 1, 2018: $0.33
>December 1, 2019: $2.15
>December 1, 2020: $13.76

I'm still holding a top 500 wallet but I don't have enough to stop waging. What's the price in a year?

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Oh no no

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Realistically? Something between $28 to $60

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I'd be set for life at this price

I wouldn't be here

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Are you me? What’s your cash out target price?

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I was hoping for at least $100-150 to sell 50%

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probably $89.44, the difference between 12/1/18 and 12/1/19 is very similar to the difference between 12/1/19 and 12/1/20. basically a 6.5x

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I'd take this if staking is here, there's a portion of my stack I will never sell

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Sounds realistic. It's so tiring though, my target is 200, looks like I'm gonna be stuck in this shithole for another 2 whole years at least

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At $150 I will sell 25,000. I won't sell any more until $300, at which point I will sell another 10,000.

The rest I'll hold forever for staking gains. Gotta diversify somewhat, those are my targets. I'm estimating some time 2021 for $150, some time 2023/24 for $300.

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It's all so tiresome

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is the LINK token able to do call receive in the same tx or are those two separate txs

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What are your plans with the profits?

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insane that this is the fourth December I've held this token

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its funny because i remember averaging into LINK in 2017 at like $0.60 and feeling like I got fucking burned over the entirety of 2018.

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Move into a diversified stock portfolio, probably.

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ETF or individual stocks? I wouldn't mind constructing a VC style portfolio myself

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Great question! I am only a 10k dolphin... not sure how to handle this as it’s not much. What would you do? Good luck, anon!

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time for new gems, choose CVP, man

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100-200$. Don't forget, we're having a bullrun next year, so it could go even higher

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would be nice. I just want a nice home in a upper neighborhood and to stop waging

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1keoy or higher
Chainlink will take number three spot so r#pple ath x let's say five to account for this bull and the expanding supply of money they need to launder

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If Bitcoin runs to $100,000 by Dec 1, 2021, which seems a pretty solid bet, 5x $13 = $65 if same sats ratio.

Since bitcoin dominance is expected to be lower by then, I'd say $100 = 1 LINK is a reasonable estimate.

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so it will be 4.60

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checked. that's a low estimate fren, btc is going to 200 or 300k this bull run
Chainlink might go to 1500usd or higher

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How does December 1 2050: $15,053,852,957.42 sound

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Lmao nah

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$1500 usd LINK with no staking? I don't think so.

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stanking will come out in the next year tho

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don't need steaking with the corn dragging up the entire market plus all the stuff cl are doing already is enough.

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If it keeps exponentially gaining value in sats then maybe. But things arent looking so good for that scenario rn.

Trust me, i would love to see a 1k link but I think 400$ will be the top this go around.

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I’m sorry Link Marines, but daddy wants himself another Mercedes.
Stay strong, I’ll be buying it all back in a little while, but I’ve just seen a deal I can’t go past it and don’t have that much else to liquefy.
Already poured it all into link

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Says who?

I want to believe but the reality is we're going to be left behind this bull run again. With LINK I've always thought it was going to be a long term play. It doesn't make any sense for the whales to pump LINK that high.

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All you need to know is that when you are rich you can get a hot ass hooker to suck your dick. We are talking about 10's

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Every decent altcoin outperformed bitcoin in 2017. By like 5 - 20x. Bitcoin is going to $200k+ without a doubt. Even at a low estimate of it going 5x in sats, that's over $800/link.

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don't think so /stealth/ is over. Chainlink will keep doing public stuff and so will chainlinklabs. Talent acquisition will continue and if they cut gas costs they will be the talk of the space. White paper v2 Sergey's Final Solution to the Lambo problem and Arbitrum in addition to deco mixicles and t sigs.
It's fucking happening

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kek what the fuck

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A mix of ETFs, probably growth stocks (mostly tech), maybe a small percentage of dividend yielding bonds, and at least $100k of straight YOLO LEAPs on blue chip growth stocks.

I would likely actively manage this portfolio though, not just let it sit. I am pretty good with stock management and picking winners. Invested in Zoom at $200 when the pandemic first started, for example.

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It may well crash 98% when crypto repeats 2018. So $0.17, but hey, at least ETH will cost almost nothing so node operation will be cheap, but fuck Sergey has 50 staff to pay so it's going to be a rough fucking anyway.

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Kelros made Chai Links obsolete you massive FAGGOT you might be but your mind is tiny and your spirit is rotten to the core women will rule this shitty planet with their pussies commanding a simp army and make it paradise
Buy PNK sir

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I cant believe I'm going to retire because I tried to look up how to repair a fence and ended up on biz. Life is crazy

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If Eth 2.0 reward is 10-16%, stable coin is 8.6-10%+, there's no way Link staking should be less than 10% reward.

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The nerve of newfags I swear

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>White paper v2

This is literally the bearish thing about Chainlink. The only reason they would need to redo/update the whitepaper is to redefine what they mean by their staking mechanism.

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It fucking is

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calm down anon

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Is that really how it happened for you? I accidentally clicked /biz/ when I visited the 4chan homepage by accident in November 2017, and stuck around for a bit because wojak memes were funny. I ended up lurking and learning a little more, and I asked a couple questions in a LINK thread. An anon gifted me 50 LINK out of the kindness of his heart (I didn't ask, was worth $20 at the time), and to this date I still have no idea where he is now or what his original LINK stack was. He sent the LINK directly from Binance, so I couldn't view his wallet contents. I was a poor student at the time and put every little bit of savings I had into LINK, and promised him I wouldn't sell early. I now have a little over 2k LINK, and continue buying now that I have an engineering job.

I don't even know if he remembers, but he may have set me down the path of financial independence some point this decade. I have no clue who he is, or what his stack is. A part of me is curious, and I hope to God he makes it. It was probably one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me. I've been a /biz/ regular ever since, and have never told this story since. This board has been through its ups and downs ever since, but it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me oddly enough.

Whoever you are anon, thank you. I never sold that original 50 LINK, and I'm still holding it through thick and thin.

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6 gorillion

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600 gorillion EOY

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6000 gorillion

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600000 gorillion EOY

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60000000 goirllion EOY

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60000000000000000 gorillion EOY

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My guess is anywhere from 75-300 USD. Who knows but that’s my estimate if all goes as planned

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60000000000000000000000000000000 gorillion EOY

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Imagine thinking you can predict markets. All it takes is something on par with the Google tweet that came out of nowhere and BOOM, price goes 3x.

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Triple digits when?

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Never selling my stack before $900

>> No.24463879

Realistically, three years.

>> No.24463899

Nigga you’ll be there at least for 5 years or more. Sergay moves at a snails fucking pace no idea if anything is even happening desu

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Lol someone posted a BTC giveaway pasta on /r9k/ back in November 2017 which brought me here. Discovered Link on /biz/ and met my current gf two months later on /r9k/. 4chan has brought quite a lot of good things to me

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I could cry

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i remember those threads
checked epic get

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the fuck you want
uhh...heavy breathing...cough...sniff...sweating...
>asian chad
you okay buddy?
oh shit this is that biz-tard meme
>asian chad
laughs and takes a sip from his protein shake
raised eyebrows
>asian chad
...$1000 EOY

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Is it expected to drop to or below $10?
I'd like to re-enter the market with some safe options and stinky linkies are up there.

>> No.24464776

Well those figures are a 6x for the last 2 years, so if it does another 6x that puts it at $100 in a year

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There's a very good chance we drop down into single digits again. If bitcoin gets rejected at $20k and dumps, link will fall below $10. And if the global markets do a repeat of the march covid crash, we could easily dump to $6-7 range in the blink of an eye. I don't think we'll go lower than that though. Overall, I'm still extremely bullish on chainlink long term, and have been all in for 3 years

Swingines beware, we could just as easily wake up tomorrow to find chainlink pumping sky high on zero news as it tends to do

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>Great question! I am only a 10k dolphin... not sure how to handle this as it’s not much. What would you do? Good luck, anon!

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Thanks anon. I have to say, LINK always has been the biz coin and if I had listened even a year ago I'd be way up, so I have a lot more faith in it and crypto now. Hope you all make it.

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When we hit xrp's peak mcap link will be at $400 and that's with the old crypto mcap as you say.

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Fuck me, all those fat stacks
I only have 4000
I literally have to slave another 5 -10 years for financial freedom

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Also no.

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Only a 3x from our LINKBTC high in sats and btc at $100k puts us at $500 per link. Comfy.

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Take it from a bitcoin maximalist, in a year link will be at least $100 up to probably $400

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You really think so?

>> No.24467634

This didnt age well

>> No.24467649

$88 based on the metrics op provided

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As someone who was hoping for at least $50, you guys are making me very happy

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No1 coin rank, 10 trillion Market cap when? I want to make a million off my 70 linkies

>> No.24467751

>Comparing staking collateral to PoS

>> No.24467787

Lol.... you wouldn’t hold past $20k and u know it. You would spend it you little pleb

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checked and based humble anon but this is just the beginning

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yep but maybe Sergey sells off a few more linkies and the supply expands but there's more money coming into the space than last bull so whatever x five at least.

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Never selling

>> No.24468260

Yes you guys
I get the sense that linkies are mostly newfags, aka they've been here only from late 2017 and after
because I generally see linkies not understanding the broader market cycle and out place in it, and what that means for link
link will be like ethereum this cycle, but it will have a higher supply so I'm betting it will top out at like 390 or 405, which will happen at the very end of the bubble phase of the golden bullrun next year and I guarantee you won't catch it, just like how nobody sold ETH last time at $1100

but rest assured, link will hit at least $100, and very likely retrace below that during the bear market in 2022 so don't get greedy, sell next year at 100-150-200 depending on where we are when bitcoin tops sometime in nov-dec-jan next year

>> No.24468310

Also if you're a newfag ITT, watch Bob Loukas' videos on bitcoin, drink that shit up starting from the first video and watch the charts as if you were there in real time when they came out
you'll get the bets idea of what the 4 year market cycle is and how and why this guy >>24460001 is deluded

>> No.24468421

roughly $90 based on the data you posted.

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>btc maxie calls other coiners deluded for daring to think number go up
>experts claim number go up impossible at those levels
lmao my how the world has changed

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Reddits that way read it again and go suck “”expert”” dick

>> No.24468601

what are you talking about??
that seems to be exactly the opposite of what I just said

>> No.24468663

Is 42 dead?

>> No.24468695

yes God rest his soul

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>doesn't understand irony
oh the irony
my bad so this is the top right?

>> No.24469064

you are maximum retarded
I am not calling any tops rn, nor did I in any of my posts

>> No.24469149

Note that these were 6x's in a bear market. It could definitely be much higher next year or so as we enter into a bull market

>> No.24469255

>December 1, 2017: $0.17
>December 1, 2018: $0.33
>December 1, 2019: $2.15
>December 1, 2020: $13.76
(1.94 + 6.52 + 6.4) / 3 = 4.95
13.76 * 4.95 = 68.112
>December 1, 2021: $68.112 or $88 if we maintain 6.4*
>December 30, 2021: $1000.00

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link is trash
why the fuck is dumping? if it dumps to 12.00 again i am selling this shit coin and buying something else

>> No.24469608

checking the checked check. Kek.
1000 EOY.

>> No.24469696

Checked. Desu $68-88 would be nice number

>> No.24469903

how much will be the ROI for staking?

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Blessed post

>> No.24470080

How much do you faggots have?
Jesus Christ.

>> No.24470163

I would use this woman.

>> No.24470198

Link needs to crash to sub 1$.

>> No.24470469

Based, redpilled, chadpilled, big dick detected

>> No.24471175

>stanking will come out in the next year tho
which month

>> No.24471217

>VC style portfolio
why would you want to do that?

>> No.24471244

aren't you afraid of western collapse and money printing coming to a 1929?

>> No.24471411

if your life isnt set after a 80x, then you're never going to make it

>> No.24471507

op wait until $200

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this kills the bear

>> No.24471579

Sure bro just invest $100k that you dont have into a new „project“ with no product on an unproven technology just after the biggest bubble burst in the history of financial assets because memes. Nobody sane who hadnt made it yet has made it yet because of link

>inb4 degen ape in

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Tell me about duckdao.io?

Please, take a look and share your opinion about their Crypto Incubator and investment system. Want to take part but try to find more info about it

>> No.24471661

>dividend yielding bonds
aren't you afraid of a 1929?

>> No.24471664


>> No.24471784

CHECKED my friend

>> No.24472118

>Only a 3x from our LINKBTC high in sats
why to use this metric? It's the less reliable at least for short term

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Well done sir

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