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One of my favourite hedge funds just got listed on Uniswap and they're doing pretty well, top 25 right now.

I've never been big into yield farming like most of you other degens but i have read a lot of good things about the BASE Cascade.

Any other retards here like me who has tried it out or already staking, what do you guys think? Honest feedback please

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I get horny when i think of how much wealth i'll make from Base. Pretty stoked at their potential. Already staked my stash

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pretty exciting times to be a part of base, i went ape degen and staked my entire bag. Hopefully no rugpulls

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Told my wife I sold our car today. Was gonna kick her out too to save some money you know. I'm heavy in base and have almost nothing left. I feel that I have achieved something great. No stress from wife, and no stress from the cryptos. $BASE You rock bby!

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fucking believe in base, not many fucking projects out there with better fundamentals than them. Not staking though, would much rather hold my bags

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smells like curry in here
something tells me you linked this thread in a telegram

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Noway dude this is just another shitcoin what is launching its scam

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you fucking retards always shilling on of your heavy dead bags. You would do better holding eth or btc pajeets

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BASE BASE BASE can't sing their praises enough. Would suck the dicks of all their team members if this goes good

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i think its too early though to call them a scam. Either way you probably are too broke to invest with them retard

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Only thing that u smell is the shit on your upper lip xD Stop eating ass and start making bank my dude

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my plan is to finally move out of my parents basement and find me a gf when i eventually take profits from my BASE investment. Lets see how that goes fellow degens

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Dont worry, he’ll see me drive by in my lambo when hes working full-time at McDonalds. Imma whoop his ass

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What upp!! Base killed it yesterday, anyone else hyped?!?

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i've never been as confident about a project as i am about BASE. Got to interact with their team and i love the energy from them. Freaking awesome one i'm going in on

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I can give you my Wife? :D Just give me some base and we'll make the deal.

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Been waiting for it for a while now, good timing too!!!

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BASE to the top!!! Top 25 on Uniswap today and rising!!!!

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hahahah definitely can't fault you for confidence. Not as confident as you are, but think i might take a loan and buy some $BASE

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You can have mine too, can I send her to your wallet address??

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Pretty stoked about Base though. Their launch was pretty intense and the first day beens good. Expect more big things from them

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Already spent all my cash!$!$!

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And than found out about BASE, now wanna stake my car to go in, gonna have 3 afterwards anyway

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Anyone now the market cap value atm?

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Base better make me my first million. Want to join the millionaires club on Crypto Twitter. Went all in on base

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Invested my whole lifes savings in Base like a true degen. Let's hope I don't go back to my Mama's house

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