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Finally! plasmapay will be listed on bithumbglobal & uniswap on 10th December plasmapay is ready for PPAY TGE.
team is on moon mission!

ready to make 10x get your PPAY bags for this hidden gem altseson!

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Sick project op, I am glad that this gem finally reached biz.

I am waiting for trading to start, wish I got in the presale but failed to do so back then. Still time to get some at launch right?

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this is huge news! I miss presale cant miss this moon gem in this altseson

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Looks like an interesting project, I saw it on twitter a few days ago

Might throw in a couple of eth, I am always bullish on payment systems, and this one has a very good team from what I saw on their website.

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This is the one and only moon mission ticket for the 2021 alt season

I already got my money ready for the 10 once trading finally opens, the amount of partnerships that ppay has is already huge, and it will grow even more

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What is this shit? Looks like another pajeet scam coin waiting to rug pull your ass

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many shitcoin are trying to list in this altseason i will stay away from this just make profit on eth
or get rekt

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>listing on the 10
>professional team
>huge real world use case
>small private sale supply

Yeah, I think this one is going straight to the moon anons

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Not gonna make it, how hard can it be to just read their website?

You can easily tell that the project is legit, instead you pajeets have to come here and be faggots.

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This one is different anon, I know that there are lots of scams around, but you can tell that PasmaPay is the real deal.

I mean just look at all their partnerships, plus the project has been around for years now, it's not going to rug pull after all this time.

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dumb money that won't make it

smart money getting ready to buy the next 100x, it doesn't take a genius to see that plasmapay is the real deal when it comes to crypto payments, low fees and high tps is what's needed in this field and ppay is the best in both of those.

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This is a legit scam and nothing else
They have been selling tokens since 2018
There are already tokens in the market which they froze and removed liquidity.
Now they will get swapped to new tokens.
They hid this information under the carpet.

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if you want to make money you need to think out of the box cant just stick with btc have some cool bags ppay is next big thing u will regret

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this fake coins are just to cashout in this altseason they dont even have any product
will end like another project get dot

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This is soo 2017.
Why would anyone use their
Dex? We have uniswap
Wallet? We have metamask
Dashboard? ever heard of zapper?

This is all good but already done. This should have launched in 2017. It is no longer relevant.

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i m interested in plasma finance with defi feature under one root i will get some heavy bags of ppay & with linear token distrubution sudden dump may not happened!

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Pajeet-filled threads are the best TA. Thank you guise.

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we need to think for the innovation what they are bringing are they solving problems we face today by uniswap so yes they are u need to see the project before criticizing!

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what the heck is ppay shill something bettter like dot the next ethereum with low gas fees and more

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ppay is building defi infrastructure under one roof with features, such as farming and staking, borrowing and lending and much more dont miss this hidden gem

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There are better "real" DeFi projects out there like


The only chance PPAY has to success, it is to sell itself out to YFI like many other projects did recently.

I wont survive alone in this market.

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I am quite hopeful about the PlasmaPay launch. I am expecting a 10x boom for sure.
With the current alt market and the solid partnerships!!

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