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For people who dont know technical analysis or don’t belive in it. How do you guys decide when to buy and sell?

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Fucking hell

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if high buy
if low sell

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Suddenly crashing and I'm feeling like shit = buy
Shooting upward suddenly stops and everyone holding their breath = consider selling

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this. You buy, and never sell unless you absolutely need some money then you cash some out. Stop trying to time the market retards

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I set a goal/target based on what I have and then wait lol

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Pure and raw gut feeling.

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when to buy is easy, when this board turns pink. when to sell is the real challenge

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I do opposite of what biz says. I can advise you this approach.

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easy i see green i fomo buy i see red i panic sell

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I just set buy orders 2%-5%-8% below the current price and then wait some hours to sell 5% higher or more...

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This anon knows da way

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Historical trends. Crashes occur at dollar powers of ten. I’m selling at $100k

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every time anything shoots up quickly, 10%ish, it usually retraces about halfway back later that day. i sell after the spikes. has served me well swinging. no guarantees of course.

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I sell at the worst possible time :)

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you just have to hold your coins, in the long run all projects with solid foundations will grow. Do your research on $CKB Nervos, it is now highly underrated but the great partnerships and progress of the project will soon be discovered.

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generally smug financial freedom posts are good indications but they are subtle
>Shooting upward suddenly stops and everyone holding their breath = consider selling
this is honestly pretty good
its always that last massive pump that makes time feel like it's standing still
and then dump. kek

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Patterns and probability as well as scale. If you prioritize the 1H, but unsure of what's going on, pull out to 1D or even 1W. Paints a better picture of what you're going to want to prepare for and calculate the likely possibilities. Traders end up getting shit on when they make predictions of where they want it to go rather than where it's actually going. Hopium is a hell of a drug.

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