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Retard here. Once I buy with through an exchange is it hard to switch to another? What’s the process? How do my coins move with me?

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On whatever exchange you're using, go to wallets and open whatever coin you want to move. There should be a send button, just open an account on a new exchange and find the address there. very easy to move things around

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Watch youtube videos/google retard

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You send them to Sergey's public bitcoin address. He's the one who invented chainlink! Chainlink "links" your "bitcoin blockchain" to you so you can have it as you move. Its that simple!

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Guys, I want to hear your thoughts about one platform: duckdao.io

Came across their Hunter Season on Twitter, this is a kind of crypto game and platform with investment features. They made long-term partnerships and Foundation for modern blockchain-based systems.

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Thanks fren. Here goes $25k.