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What are you gonna do when you make it ?

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Go somewhere quiet and stay the fuck there.

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Love how you transwomen always dress up like little girls to cosplay us. It's fucking blackface.

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thats a woman

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The diaper is a nice touch

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You will never be a woman.

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God I wish I was much younger for that hormone therapy so I can wear this cute clothes and feel myself like a little girl for at least moment.

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faggot like i care , i dress like this for fun .

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It's so ironical that only the ones that will ngmi will make it. Meaning, i just sold my btc stack that i got around 4k for 19k, and went all in into FUSE. You can't quit this if you want to make it.
And you're always a step away from losing it all

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Imagine fucking that

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when $BASE takes me to the big leagues, i'm going to fucking snort all the coke i can and fuck all the red-haired dumb bitches i can. That's the fucking dream

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