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After months of alts im finnaly taking the Ethereum Pill. All in bizlets

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ETH is the way

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welcome to the good guys

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You chose correctly

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it's too late

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Share your thoughts about crypto incubator duckdao.io

Has anyone following it in it? What do you think about their Duck Card game with investment plugins?

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Welcome into the tribe

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I got 10 ETH will i make it

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How does $10k sound?

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I already have 10kbin btc, should i buy eth or xrp next? I have around 1k to spare

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XRP will yield you gains sooner just from volatility

Ethereum I believe is safer for long term

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Smooth move, i just traded all of my shitcoins for eth.

With eth2 staking starting tomorrow, there us absolutely no reason to ever sell. Just milk dividends and take out a tax free loan against your eth if you need to buy a house or lambo or whatever

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>buying the top

never change biz

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Coinbase adding Ethereum staking early 2021

buckle up anon


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