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What does a Chainlink token do?

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scams newfags

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not spoonfeeding

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Solves lambo problem

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It dumps

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Parses json

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takes your money

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it solves the burger problem. for sergej.

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Allows Sergey to raise millions of dollars

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It's not needed.

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buys a cup of coffee

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Makes autistic neets rich

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Dupes noobs.

To be fair the token itself doesn't to that, it doesn't "do" anything, but it allows us to do that via delicious delicious memes.

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It made a good chunk of biz somewhat wealthy from sub dollar buys, and now it's a bunch of newfags aiming to offload their 20 bags

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It paid my house off and bought me two new cars.

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finances the rich lifestyle of a russian scammer

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It’s a pump and dump scam.

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This is probably the most realistic assessment I've read in a long time.

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it cups and handles

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It financially feeds Sergey’s voracious appetite for big macs and hookers

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It makes a russian scammer very rich, thank you sir.

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i don't know but hey oops woops what's this

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It is the Chad that fucks your mom.

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Nothing except swindle newfags. Buy something with actual value like XRP instead.

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It eats a Big Mac

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>bring down the costs of the feeds
what did he mean by this

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Partnership with chainlink probably coming someday and still under 3m marketcap lol

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Price feeds

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Have you heard about duckdao.io?

Wanna try their Hunters season but cant’ decide is it good or not.
Please, take a look and share your thoughts/opinion

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nothing, sell it to me

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solves the pump and dump problem

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Solves the Schwab problem

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OG whale here, just sold the rest of my link. I suggest you do the same..

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>>>24383886 (OP)
>1 post by this ID
really ridiculous lately. Hey you fucking jews. I'm never selling.

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still holding my 56k bag since 2017, will sell some at 100$, don't care about some money I'm in it for generational wealth.
x5 to overtake xrp then x10 during the bullmarket pump, this means 1000$ is unironically possible.
But we'll at least see 300$ this bullrun.
You faggots are low IQ as fuck, look how we did during the bear market how the fuck do you think this will do during the golden bullrun?
The next link is link, I rarely shill this because everyone knows at this point, but I sometimes get the impression some newfags fud it not ironically and will not make it.

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Is 18000 enough to make it?

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it's going all the way UP

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it IS the way

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sells a portion of your soul to globohomo kikes. The more tokens you hold the more you are lost

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Ask T-Systems
(Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile)

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This is now a Schwablord thread

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>Deutsche Telekom
>The Deutsche Bank of Telekoms

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Ah yes, the old problem-solution switcharoo. Cause a problem, than offer a convenient solution (that will enslave everyone) for the plebs to beg for when the SHTF... were all fucked

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here's a useful link. it should have all the information you need.


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It makes us really fuggin rich

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Linking chains to one another

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What are they doing with that node you think?

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>Schwab wearing a cuck mask
take that off the face of my leader before you are condemned to eat bugs with the rest of the masses

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>my leader

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nothing since staking isn't implemented