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To prevent the the creation of sound, debt free currency, Internacional financiers, for more than 100 years, have successfully:
>destroyed cities
>destroyed countries
>started wars all over the world, including world wars
>toppled governments
>rigged elections
>assassinated thousands, including US presidents

And there you are, convinced Bitcoin will actually be more than a worthless pump and dump speculation scheme.

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Sounds like they are alpha conquerors to me. Based

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Exactly! DMG is literally the next big CIA psy-op.

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They'll take control of crypto too.

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>he doesn't know that crypto is part of their plans for ever more control

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debters have no cash during the dollar collapse to buy bitcoin. savers can act quickly to buy BTC are going to new wealthy elite

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>pretends to be redpilled on (((them)))
>doesnt know Axas/Bilderbergs controlled BTC/ Bitcoin CORE from the start to use blockchain to increase their stranglehold on goyim cattle

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well the one thing with that pic is that it can be pretty anonymous if you dont use a kyc on ramp

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You tell em about BTC, Craig

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how do you destroy math?

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>debt free currency
newfag here
what does it mean and why should they aim for it?

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Thx for capping this , this was a good read at the time when I read it in the original thread.

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>>debt free currency
what does it mean?