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>1 br apartment

unironically how the fuck does anyone making under $70k a year afford this shit?

>$5800/month gross
>-$1300 tax ($1100 fed tax, $200 state/local)
>-$160 health/dental insurance
>- $580 401k contribution
>-$200 car payment
>-$200 car gas/insurance/upkeep/registration
>-$250 groceries
>-$150 phone/internet
>-$400 student loans
>-$1250 rent
>-$70 electric/other utilities
$1240 to savings

what am i doing wrong?

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Stop living in muttistan. I live like a king with 5k/month in europe.

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Living in a city when you don't have the wealth to do it.
You need to have enough to:
Yes, afford the rent
But you also need to outprice niggers completely and totally.
That's, at absolute minimum, 2-3k depending on the city.
And you'd really only want rent to be ~20%ish of your total monthly income
>-$1300 tax ($1100 fed tax, $200 state/local)
HAHAAAA move out of the blue shitholes anon.
Stop living near pavement monkeys. It makes everything worse.

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Rich parents.

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>Living in a city when you don't have the wealth to do it.
i live 40 minutes from (((the city.))) i increased my search to 90 minutes since i might be able to go remote 3-4 days a week once this chink hoax virus is finished, and it's still $1100-1200 a fucking month. absolutely absurd.

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>have job in city
>can live in city and pay such high rent that you barely have any money left over
>can live in suburbs and spend a majority of your life sitting in a car driving
why the fuck can't employers just provide a bedroom in their office that all the lonely virgins can live at? I literally just need a bed and a small desk.

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make more money with a side hustle

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Most people just straight up don't have health/dental insurance, and do minimum payments on student loans, or buy used cars, used cars are always way cheaper overall if you know how to inspect vehicles.

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>car payment
You could have bought a used car outright instead of financing.

>phone / internet
I don't know why you pay so much. I can get fiber 300Mbps for $45 per month and $10 per month pre-paid phone thru red pocket.

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it's absolute hell on earth. at times i think i would be better served rotting away in my hometown making $15/hour in a factory or slaughterhouse. at least i wouldn't have the displeasure of having niggers and pillheads doing home invasions and carjackings every month. fucking hell i cannot wait for god to strike down this modern day gomorrah with fire and brimstone.

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Are you somewhere long-term or are you forced to rent for some reason? If you're going to be where you are for at least a handful of years it might just be better to buy/sell after your time is up.
Go remote if at all possible and you have the work ethic for it. Its made everything much better for me personally. I haven't seen a black person since the move. Everything is quiet, people are respectful, I don't need to call the cops on nigs chimping out every 2 months.

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Why can't you rent some small place that's like the size of a jail cell for $300/m ?? All i need really need is a place for a twin bed and a small desk.

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>You could have bought a used car outright instead of financing.
i financed $10k @ 4.5% interest for a CPO car since i live 20 miles from work. i can't afford to live closer since that would mean $1500-1700 a month rent to live around rich kikes, and public transportation is REALLY fucking ghetto.

>I don't know why you pay so much. I can get fiber 300Mbps for $45 per month and $10 per month pre-paid phone thru red pocket.
phone is $50/mo on a discounted AT&T plan, internet is $97/mo for 300/10 through (((comcast.)))

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i live in southeast bucks county PA, which is near philly. i work in princeton NJ. i have no desire to buy here, not that i can afford a $300k house at the moment.

yes i desperately want to go remote but i work in accounting so it's harder than, say, going remote as a software developer. i'm buckling down and studying for the CPA in the spring of 2021 with the goal of going 100% remote. i can't stand having another shooting or carjacking happen in my town, i swear these fucking niggers are going to kill me.

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I've only had a big boy job for the past year and a half and I'm already considering going Kaczynski Mode and living in the woods somewhere in the PNW

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The only things you can realistically do:
-Move to cheaper city
-Higher paying job
-Split rent with roommate or gf
I have a feeling landlords will be begging for decent tenants in a few months' time. The damage from kung flu hasn't even been realized, moratoriums on evictions will start to lift and shit will hit the fan.

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Savings. That's $1250 that could be in your pocket, son. Don't fall for the savings meme.

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>just get a higher paying job bro

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yeah it's unironically better to be poor on your own accord than it is to commute 40 minutes in soul crushing traffic to put in a solid 8-9 hour day for mr. shekelstein so you can pay mr. shekelberg $1250 a month for a 600 square foot cuckshed surrounded by niggers all getting free rent on section ape vouchers paid for by your tax dollars which are confiscated from your meager wagie pay under the threat of federal prison time with even more niggers.

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If you live in the city you don't need a car and getting an apartment without a parking spot will save you on rent. Also stop contributing to 401k until you pay down your student loans. Instead of paying for WiFi just use your phone data.

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don't live in the city, need a car. working remotely with large files, can't use phone for that. student loans are on income modified forgiveness, not dropping 401k contributions to throw money at them.

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I never said it was simple. Though OP is grossing 70k per year so I'm guessing it's a semi-competitive industry, it's not entirely unreasonable to think making a lateral move with the same position at a new company would bring higher pay.

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Worst post in this thread. He should pay student loans as minimally as possible and aim for a disability discharge in 10 to 15 years. Depression and anxiety qualify. Defer and pay the bare minimum of student debt at all points. There literally is no reason to pay it. It doesn't affect your credit score. There is no estate securitization so if you die they can't pay it off that way. If anything, he should cut his student loan payment to the bare minimum or take more courses to defer it and then double down on his investments. If you pay your loans, you are a cuck. The universities and loan systems ruined this country. They don't deserve a dime.

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20k/month here, living in Europe and working remotely.

People tell me I should be living the best life ever but trust me it doesn't get fucking better. I'm still as lonely as I was before and I am on and off considering the rope.

>t. 24 year old "autistic" programming "savant"

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I'm a 1 hour drive from Chicago and I own a 2 bedroom home with 2 car garage both in excellent condition and in good neighborhood, mortgage is $520 a month with insurance and taxes escrowed into the payment, you clearly aren't looking hard enough.

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>>-$150 phone/internet
>>-$400 student loans
>>-$1250 rent
sometimes I think jews are right to treat goyim like cattle

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I inherited my grandmother's house and still have to pay like $400 a month for taxes and insurance OP, that's without going into utility bills, face it you will have to pay at least 1k a month for anywhere decent.

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i work in zip code 08540. find me an apartment <$1000/month that is within a 1 hour drive from that zip code that isn't surrounded by niggers. go on, i dare you.

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thats part of your problem.

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a house in a non nigger/non heroin addict neighborhood is minimum $250k (property taxes would be $300-400/month.) i have no interest in living here long term so it makes no sense to buy, although i agree with you that renting is for cuckholds. for the time being, however, i have no other option than to pay mr. shekelblatt rent.

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$70k in a city is basically minimum wage tier. $100k is entry level software sales.

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>make $45k/year
>can pay my mortgage fine

Probably helps that I don't have student loans or a car payment.

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The only possible justification to live in a city is if you are making 120k+ right out of college, and with 200k+ within a year or two of employment
If you aren't part of that group (or a trust fund kid) you really shouldn't live in a city

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>1br apartment
There’s the problem.

Get a studio or get some roommates.

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You need to find a drivable USDA agriculture zone community, and get a USDA backed loan to buy a house. Almost all big cities have one. Now you've put down max 5k(closing, earnest money and moving expenses) and bought a home. Sure the jew is taking a vig from you, but some of the money you're spending is an investment in your future - and your mortgage will most likely be less than your current rent if you buy modestly.

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What have the Jews done to this country?

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So you're paying $400 in monthly car expenses and >60 min. of commute every day to save $250 on rent? How does that make sense to you?

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1250/4500 net is pretty good for rent, imo.

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>pay down your student loans
Are you fucking retarded? We are at the tail end of the long term debt cycle on the verge of a gigantic debt jubilee and you think op should be responsible? Fuck that take your student loan payment and buy bitcoin

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So you can be making 70 grand and you’ll ONLY be saving like 10k a year after you factor in miscellaneous costs/travel/going out with friends/socializing? OP doesn’t even mention going out with friends, spending any money on hobbies or personal items, traveling or taking a vacation.

What a fucking Jewish scam, seriously, what a fucking SCAM. How do you ever make a down payment on a home saving ~10k per year?

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because paying $250 on rent doesn't mean i can get rid of my $400 car. i don't live or work IN THE CITY. i live in nigger suburbs and work in very rich, very jewish suburbs.

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Learn a side hustle and then fire yourself from your day job . Making $6k a month is easy

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>>-$160 health/dental insurance
do americans really get separate insurance for their teeth?

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Get a unlimited phone plan and then tether your phone for internet. Either pay for a phone plan with internet or get internet at home and get a shit minimum data phone plan. Never get both.

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sydney australia has rents of $500 a week for a single bedroom apartment in any decent <10km subrub from the city

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get roommates, save 50% on utilities, housing
drop 401k to 3% instead of 10%, you wont wage til 60 anyway
move to a state w/ less tax
there you have doubled your savings rate

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If you didn’t have a student loan or a car payment you would be doing a lot better. I paid cash for my car and made sure to get through college without having to take out loans. You should be working on getting rid of those loans that might mean having to sell your current car and getting a beater. You might also want to look closely into phone and Internet I think you can get those down a little lower. The other option which is probably the biggest savings would be to find a roommate. I hate having roommates so I get it, but that’s the most obvious thing I see in your budget.

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2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath apt with all utilities but electricity paid for for $605 a month
You live in a shitty state/city. Do better

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>spending 1300 to fund Israel.

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You can't, ain't keynsian economics great?

Pic related is your future if bitcoin & ethereum & monero fall , JOIN OR DIE FUCKERS

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why houses prices are so fucking high guys?

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Because this


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Roommate faggot

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I make $6.8k after taxes (10k gross, wtf) and save about 3k a month. It still doesn’t feel like enough for some reason

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