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Why does it always pump whenever I sell? I just want some gains so I can buy a new phone for my mom this Christmas.

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Your mom is going to be so disappointed with you.

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Why the fuck would you sell right now. Also just buy and hodl XRP and you’ll be fine.

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Post her cunny with your wallet address

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This + livestream your suicide

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I was hoping it would dump more so I could increase my stack.

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Selling right now is beyond retarded. What were you thinking?

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What's so bullish about xrp. Isn't it going to dump after dec 12?

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You fucking niggers really need to learn to hold and not try to swing

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It's okay to take profits, you're never going to sell the absolute top

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Hearty keks

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You have to buy to make it go down and sell to make it go up.

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Buy xrp and just hold. Impossible to lose

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Everything is at resistance levels. It's gonna dump, r-right?

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why the fuck would you want to buy that slutty cunt anything? also how? everytime i flip im up.

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Yeah cuz buffet got rich by (((taking profits))). In a bull market the ballsy guys win faggot

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She spent over 1k on presents for my brothers, which is a lot for her considering how shitty her job is. My dad is a cheapskate, despite having a decent job. He just laughed when I suggested buying something nice for my mom, so I decided I would do it myself.

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Why swing?

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you will make it anon good luck keep going

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all women are whores, moron, she should be spending her whore money on you

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Never swing. I feel bad for you but that is like rule number 1.

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>just buy and hodl XRP bro

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I've missed out on a lot of gains by not swinging. The reality is that both swingies and non-swingies get the rope. Crypto is always a gamble.

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Swinging is the only way to make it if you weren’t early or have an extra $50k laying around.
I made most of my stack swinging xrp

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The best strategy is buying gradually on the way down, and selling gradually on the way up

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I will buy your mom a phone if she promises to send me naughty pics of her and voice mails twice a week.

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You retard, be more like your dad.

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you're a good son, fren

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>just buy and hold XRPEE

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>holding xrp over xlm

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based dubs

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Get some balls and hold the bag you fucking paper hands motherfucker

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my offer is still standing OP, also show pic of mom so i can decide what phone she will receive

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