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If you haven't tried the miracle drug, you should.

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lsd is pretty lame, honestly have come to better conclusions about life while drunk

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According to Gresham's law im not likely to do that as i've spent all other forms of Medium of Exchange (and Store of Value) except BADGER.

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it needs to be in your portfolio

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How do I get this in the UK?

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Shrooms the superior psychedelic in every way that matters

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What if you get a fake. Too risky.

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ask little ronny with the dreads on the corner of the street on 5th.

Ask if he still has those shivvas, or if you wanna go next level try the goblin.

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15 tabs is my record

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You don't, just pick shrooms. They are literally out there right now. Learn to identify them, buy some, dry them up, get a sensitive scale and have fun.

This is legit the only danger of LSD. There are testing kits out there somewhere if you're committed, anon.

You just didn't take enough.

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The internet

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How long do you keep the piece of paper in your mouth and wtf do you do with it afterwards? Spit it out I assume or do you eat it..

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I always just eat it

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>What is TOR?

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6 is mine but anything over 3 doesn't help with business.

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i still cant decide if microdosing is legit
im 80% certain it increases intelligence, focus, and creativity. Some days I probably take too much and cannot focus

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>itt retards who don't know about the cia involvement with lsd and how they bought the entire supply back in the day from its inventor to dump it later on and create le hippy trend
>don't know about cia using lad to torture and experiment on kids
>don't know about mkultra and lsd

kys you normie faggots

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>This is legit the only danger of LSD.
Stop spreading this bullshit. LSD and other classical psychedelics can have harmful effects on their own. Bad trips causing long-term anxiety, HPPD, etc. Yes, even if you don't have a pre-existing condition either. And I'm saying this as someone who have used it and think it should be legal. Just because the pros outweigh the cons doesn't mean that it has no cons and that people should be very, very careful when using it.

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Don't let anyone tell you that LSD or other psychedelics are "Not harmful". Psychological damage is a thing

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Tried it. it was fun. Started making it a regular thing. Took too much. Had a seizure. Puked all over. busted my brow. Didn't take again. This anon is correct >>24350347 .LSD is a try once or once every blood moon type of drug not all the time.

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Stop spreading this psychedelics aren't harmful bullshit. They have positive effects and I've seen them in some of my friends and I've had them aswell. But I had an absolute nightmare of a trip on only 200ug and it still affects me. It was tested, it was LSD, bad trips and their psychological consequences can happen to anyone even if you're an experienced user. That being said yeah they're still pretty cool

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Very easy to fuck up your brain for the rest of your life. No thanks Jeff.

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>and it still affects me

How so, fren? Care to explain?

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samefag nigger

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thanks for the reddit tier advice retard

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The “hippie” trend was originally a White separatist movement for people that didn’t want to die for ZOG. THEN the CIA poisoned the well. “Hippie” was originally used as a derogatory word to describe a phony in the movement.

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random flashbacks triggered by things that remind me of the trip. ranges from minor discomfort to full-blown panic attacks. not fun

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I like lsd and xanax together, otherwise I always end up being certain that I'm going crazy.

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Xanax cancels out the effect of Psychedelics

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Lsd saved my soul
Made me a more conscious, considerate person.
Turned me into an artist, helped me understand bitcoin

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not a samefag but you're right. Why should I give a shit if a bunch of retards end up dead or worse as schizos. Take all the "miracle" drug you can find.

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What do you think about duckdao.io, do you take part in it?

Came across their crypto game and their crypto incubator system looks interesting imo. Take a look please and share your opinion.

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Some folks just can't reach higher states of consciousness. Even I am limited sometimes, maybe most of the time by my ego, way of thinking and etc., but knowledge, drugs and alcohol worked for me so far.

It takes it's psychical toll sometimes, but you don't go swimming, if you can't swim.

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I've had really good trips aswell and have experienced higher states of consciousness that permanently changed my way of thinking for the better, but it can cause permanent damage too. just gotta be careful and make sure you're in as best an environment as possible, but even then the risks are still there.

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whenever im on lsd i wish i was not on lsd and whenever im not on lsd i wish i was on lsd

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psychedelics are memes and yes i've taken them several times

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I prefer shrooms. Feels more natural. LSD has an artificial vibe to it idk

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I say try LSD but never in combination with other drugs. I mixed LSD and ket once, very bad decision. My body was fully relaxed to the point of not being able to move, but my mind was going 1000 m/h. Then I got stuck for 5 hours repeating the same song over and over again (gojira - embrace the world). Again, not recommended at all

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In my country, you can take it to a free anonymous laboratory test as part of a drug harm reduction effort. Check if you have anything like that where you're from as well.

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If you haven't tried lsd, do it. It's absolutely necessary to understand the entirety of the human experience. Back in the day we had religious fervor, now we have psychadelics.

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Psychadelics were originally called SCHIZOPHRENOGENS.
I did more than dabble in my day.
More than a few good trips will get you nowhere.
I do believe that the understanding that comes from having your physical reality break down to the degree it does on LSD is valuable.
I don't know how valuable.

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Real advice: Do this shit while young, older than 25 and still having benders and you fucked up. Have fun while you can with little consequence, I wouldn't dream of it now as a 30 yr old boomer. Yet I see mates getting fucked every weekend who were too good for it when they were younger.
Or never touch any shit, but no one listens when you say that.

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I went to Walmart while tripping out my first and only time trying LSD, and walked down the cereal aisle.
Bad idea. Every cartoon character on the cereal boxes was popping out into our dimension and dancing in the aisle right in front of me.
I can no longer walk down cereal aisles at any store unless I run and avoid looking at the boxes.

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You fucking idiots. LSD is one of the most dangerous drugs there are. When you take it, it literally makes your brain stem bleed into your spine, that's why you start tripping from all that releasing into your body.

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Lmao at tripping at a Walmart. Comically bad setting.

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jesus /biz/ being populated by boomers isn't a myth.

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>helped me understand bitcoin
opinion discarded

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put it in the lsd stickerbook

Use my referral on Amazon for a 30% discount: blackacid30

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thanks for the warning doctor wow I wouldve never known had I not come to the biggest larping zone on the internet!!

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You don't need to put it under the tongue. Just swallow it

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>helped me understand bitcoin
During the trips, or as a means of acquisition?

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>This is legit the only danger of LSD
if you are predisposed to schizophrenia there is Huge, Life-Ruining danger to taking lsd

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I've taken LSD like 30-40 times.

Mushrooms 10 times.

DMT 5 times.

I made $95k in crypto this year and make $70k a year at my full time job.

Correlation isn't always causation ofc but I've found tripping has made me calmer and more immediately able to make the correct decision and act on it. Marijuana and alcohol have done more harm to me than psychedelics in the long run. I do get some HPPD now though.

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>do get some HPPD now though.
mine went away after.... 10 years

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i've taken 100-150ug, would like to take more, but don't have a trip sitter i trust. honestly i'd probably be fine on my own, but i can be a bit anxious when sober, so i worry about high doses on my own.

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>taken cocaine, molly, and weed

That said I'll never do LSD. The guy i know who uses shrooms and LSD constantly talks about how it magically opens up the world and he gains awareness and advance insight into things.

When asked what specifically he has learned, he just says things like
>it just opens you up
He's 30yrs, has over 20k in debt, a criminal record, no existing assets, sub 500 credit score since he told me about this, and i know for a fact less than 2 grand in savings.

Another guy who majored in science told me the same thing. That i would gain awareness and really see how things are. He himself still lives with his parents, though he has a nest egg since he's never left town.

I've done molly once when i was young at a rave, and cocaine a few times with a girl. I'm pretty much anti drugs except weed and alcohol in moderation.

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Fucking kek. Gojira bros unite

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fucking this.

If you have a family history of mental illness alzheimer's or any type of psychological disorder and you take lsd/shrooms that shit can permanently wreck you for life

We won't have any conclusive evidence on the effects of this stuff for quite possibly a decade before you hear news articles saying things like it causes brain cancer similar to tobacco & alcohol.

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There's more to life than money anon. LSD aware of this, and makes you aware of how the world works at a fundemental level and makes you realize how the systems we have built up are meaningless. Like, in the grand scheme of the universe we are a blip on a multi-billion year long explosion that supposedly originated from nothing, and chances are that consciousness itself is just a product of this runaway explosion. Cause and effect runs everything in the universe, and realizing this can help understanding people, business, and even the scientific process.

That being said, I am practical enough to realize that playing the game is important. My problem was I was always "chasing money" instead of adding value to systems. But when I stopped chasing and kept an eye on the big picture, money started coming to me. The two people you mentioned probably didn't get the same type of insight as you would, they sound like they aren't properly motivated to actually use their knowledge practically. Some people just get caught up in the deep insight and never act on what they've learned.

I've never done cocaine but just be aware that stimulants can really cause a lot of long term issues.

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Always a good idea to have some benzos ready to kill a potential bad trip. Happy tripping, tags.

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Your soul is going to burn in extrasamsaric void and you will reincarnate as a worm. Don't do adharmic drugs.

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I agree with 90% of what you've said. I don't do cocaine, and have no desire to do it again even if offered for free.

Its not about the money, but about your mental health that does it for me. It's hard to measure the impact of these drugs in all the different chemical combinations of people that exists, and to say try it its good for you.

While you make good money at your job, I can list 10 additional people who are the absolutely at the bottom, two of which are dead.

I've met people at nursing homes who are mentally unstable and demented like in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Some of those people im sure have large sums of money but because of their mental state it might as well be fairy dust. What I've seen is a pattern of drug use in their young years that slammed them hard when they got older.

Hopefully medical science can reverse any adverse effects but i don't want to play dice it's a check that my ass literally can't cash.

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A single strong trip on acid broke me out of months of crippling anxiety, addiction, and suicide attempts (including being locked up). I was a broken, ruined, pathetic shell of my former self.

One trip and I got my head straight. Within weeks I was almost back to my old self. That was two years ago and been fine since.

I also use drugs recreationally e.g. raves etc, can't beat that shit. I'm not into the spiritual side these days, really. Sober life is more mysterious.

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I will only try lsd again if I get a girlfriend to do it with, I just wanna have trip sex, sounds amazing

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Take for example steve jobs who advocated for lsd and psychedelics. If you've read his history you know that 1: He had a strong adopted family to support him
2: He met Steven Woznick by chance since they lived in the same neighborhood. There's written records of people, managers & executives who all said they would have kicked jobs the fuck out of their office. And they did, but jobs only came back because other people had to step in and vouch for him. Dude the chances of meeting a woznick befriending him doing lsd and then being successfully is literal lottery ticket tier luckily. So I do agree some psychedelics can be useful to some degree - in a once in a blood moon type of thing. Others i think people would be best to stay away from and try other things like daily meditation, a silent retreat in the woods without technology, or living in a 3rd world country for 6mos

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