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sitting on $300 million.

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So you can inspect element but can't do a screen cap?

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fantom wantom

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holy fuck. I dont believe you op but if thats legit your unironically going to be a power player

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buy a lake and fill it with crocs

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i’m flattered you think it’s inspect element

it is real. all of us fantom chads will make it. this is the future

this sounds lovely

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Half a mil in an exchange wallet then. A Chinese one at that.. Holy fuck you are retarded.

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that's 30 million you retard

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check binance charts, just bought them. moving out

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Hes expecting 1 fanty to hit 10$ retard

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Well nothing left to see here. God speed anon.

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Who dont have his fantom stack today ? It is shilled since years. Andre, defi, millions backed bonds on fantom stock exchange.. A no-brainer

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$10 is conservative in ~10 years

i hope you have a stack too fren.

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Hi, have you heard anything about duckdao.io?

Studied this platform, looks interesting with open source crypto card game and investment plugins with long-term partnership.

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we are FUDing fantom until it hits 10c so newfags dont get cheapies

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i still have 5k of btc on my account that been siting in binance for literally a year lol

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you should definitely move it, or buy something with more potential upside. that could make you so much

FUD is over, fTrade coming out any day now.

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>buy something with more potential upside
i literally said btc

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Literally already all in. Watched andres videos dmor was sold, elon musk of crypto imo. No1 tech desu, but ranked no 3 on weiss tech rank cuz no adoption yet, fantom finance will obv change that real quick

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Fuck I have 1% what you do. Jealous af

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It is hard to find a good platform with crypto solutions to invest in.

Came across on DuckDAO, read twi posts of crypto experts. Seems like it is an open platform with an investment system. Have you read/found anything about it?

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i said more, you really think btc getting highest %?

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fLend, you retard. it will NOT BE USED! FANTOM IS A SCAM!

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hey man if you’re not happy with your stack you can always use fLend to buy more

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He is right , Flend and Ftrade are coming this year. And it is not even what I am excited about

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us bizraelis that have been here for years are destined to make it next year. I dont want newfaggots coming in now, buying $10k worth of FTM and making it so easily without holding through years of soul crushing bear market. I will FUD fantom, call it a dirty gook scam and relentlessly encourage the spreading of misinformation until it hits $1 and we are all rich!

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Fucking. What. Whats beyond making it?

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It is just the beginning of something great. In the grand scheme of things, when countries are powered on Fantom, our DeFi excitement will feel like nothing.

I am so happy to be in this with you all

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That's the suicide stack though

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This can't be fucking real, this is probably the second craziest /biz/ play I've seen behind that guy who bought 1m XRB in summer 2017

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yeah, this guy is gonna be one of the richest men on biz in a year. probably will end up with $100 million

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It is real, he’s the top holder of Fantom

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what's that, around 60k from og holder? still, godspeed anon

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He just bought this look at the chart

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this is real

i just bought this amount

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are you gonna run a validator node?

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Take a webm of you refreshing the page

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Chad move, good luck anon.

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i have only delegated / minted, but maybe will get the fantom team to help me set one up for more rewards.

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is this good enough?

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Based. Takes a lot of balls, good luck!

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you're crazy, i respect it. I'm buying 100k just because I see someone believing in it this much

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This reminds me of the faggot that bought a fuckton of ONE.
AVAX will be king.

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sure it will

a good make it stack frens

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will you stop posting this

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Not bad, I also hold some FTM.
Its not digital oil though.

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sweet stack brother. it’s not digital oil, it’s going to be the IT infrastructure of the new world.

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you just bought 30mil ftm and the price didn't move, got it

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with an investment of this size, i really can't believe you didn't wait for btc to hit it's next target of ~15800.
if btc corrects quickly enough to ~13.5k, you are truly fucked

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Roosh is 180iq his decisions are hard to fathom even for us 140iq fantomchads

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check again?

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>doesn’t know i’ll buy more
better to be optimistic, i can get guaranteed % APY to continually increase my stack

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still over 1bil ftm sitting in binance, doubt the price will go up anytime soon
good luck to you though

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Whats the make it stack OP. I'm sitting on 300k bought on memes alone. Do I need to do some actual research?

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yeah, no, there is not

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make it stack is 100k so good job fren. the research you do will make you want to put as much in as you can

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do some basic math

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Better get to it then, thanks boss.

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>he doesn’t know

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know what?
is etherscan lying?

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essentially, fantom is a bridged token. it is on Opera, Binance chain, and Ethereum. Native obviously being Opera

When you send coins off Binance to your PWA wallet you receive Opera coins whether it was ERC20 or BEP2 coins you sent off. Those coins to go the foundation’s or binance wallets so that when you send to Binance, you can receive ERC20 or BEP2 tokens because they don’t support the mainnet yet

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I know of at least 3 other retards that have that much and more fanton

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i’ll give u a hint: fantom is BEP2, ERC20 and an Opera token. Binance doesn’t support Opera. How do Opera coins sent to Binance become ERC20 or BEP2?

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Like this pedo roosh

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giving out a bunch of copper pipes if any of you lot are interested seven eight six-810- eight four six seven

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>How do Opera coins sent to Binance become ERC20 or BEP2?
aren't those using the fantom bridge?

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Retard lmao

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it is dying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5XmnP4qHaY

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Don't post moonboy screencaps in here /biz/ is going to know fantom is mostly owned by smooth brains

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Don't repost moonboy's smooth brain posts, /biz/ will find out what type of iq test fantom really is

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Indian coordinated fudders

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You just sound like a cultist...Klaus?

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Drop 50k in https://cryptokek.com

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fuck off

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I'm glad we have a /biz/ market maker.

God speed

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Fantom is better than Ethereum.

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