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Thinking about just going all in on statera. No CT influencer fags and no rug pull

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Bitcoin is about to crash, but it's not a bad idea at all. Wait until next Wednesday at least.

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thats why statera is going to poomp, its basically an unruggable yield farming token, people are gonna see the booming APY via the dashboard and its going to be insane

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How low could it go at this point..

Yeah, it’s only a matter of time really. I’ve been following this project since its genesis

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our time will come STAllions. hope your bags are topped up for the coming bull. I wish you lads all the best.

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Who the fuck knows. Whole crypto market is in a dead cat bounce.

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Just loaded a 30k stack at 0.038

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Buy it

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absolute fuckin bargain, i bought at 6c 1.5-2 months ago

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how many to make it?

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I’d say 50k is a safe bet

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yeah it doesn't seem like a lot to ask but it turns out to be pretty rare: can't rug, can't mint, is proven to last.
there are no legitimate issues with honesty.
Doubtful that it can even go to zero as it got bought up DURING an exploit of Balancer.
The fud has basically settled on namecalling and insults.

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for 50k, we are expecting $20+ in 2021 or later than that like 2023/024? I am trying to figure out when I can quit my wagie job?

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If everything goes to plan and we explode into widespread adoption then I think $10 is not very far-fetched in the coming golden bull. It might be too hard to speculate much beyond that though, at least at this stage.

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Lmao you sound so gay .

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you fuck women? thats pretty cringe bro

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When is dashboard out? They keep saying soon?

When is accumulation over??

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No dates are being given because they were not able to guarantee hitting any certain date. It was all very vague until today, now it sounds like its pretty much done and being tested.

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they gave a firm timeline of BEFORE END OF YEAR a few weeks ago

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People are fudding to buy cheap.After Link, STATERA Project got most likes from BIZ.We are going to see ATH with upcoming updates/marketing.Team have bigger plans for the expansion of Statera

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Guess I will just wait til it is near zero and jump in

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if it was going to go below 3c it wouldve happened already, see you when u miss out

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STA is having some funny price action at this 4 cent price level.
I would go all in sometime within the next week.

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Sta is trash. Organized shilling efforts day in and day out.

Get in legit projects like https://cryptokek.com

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golly i that makes me want to drop 5 eth into it

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buy Freedom Reserve instead


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Good luck.

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STA doesn't even need to reach double digits for you to make it if you pool your stack. When the pools are stable in terms of volume and liquidity the APY can get ridiculous enough for you to live off it: https://youtu.be/bRoOW-Uu2pQ
I've been all in since october.

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This anon totally gets it.
I'm really optimistic that when the new dash is released, EVERYONE will understand, and then the fun begins... :)

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Do you have to buy Delta token for Phoenix pooling? Where do I get Delta token for pooling in the first place?

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i went all in at 7c kek

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I like the idea, but would unironically do the same but with GLITCH if I was you

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Deflation is a meme and token is not needed

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Imagine you baghold this and lose 50% while everything else gains 50%. The crypto index am I right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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You don't have to, no.
If you want, you can add any of the assets (Delta, Link, wEth, Snx or wBtc)
Delta is received by adding liquidity to the ETH-STA pairing on Uniswap

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The deflationary aspect drives volume in the Balancer Pool by constantly burning supply.
Token is most definitely needed.

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>he fell for the tranny nigerian prince scam

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OH boy you are right. I better sell my stack at a loss and buy something that has already pumped.

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Still can't believe I bought Statera at the beginning and sold at 0.02 because I thought the pump would end soon enough. Still made a 15x on it though

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When do y'all think the poomp is happening?

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>he doesn't know that the real pumps haven't even started yet

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no idea when but it's inevitable

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Can you back that up in a way a retard like me can understand?

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Line go up soon

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as always, dyor, but this is my 2 cents or, should i say, 0.5 STA

>STA has an actual usecase and is implemented this very second - for a detailed explanation of this DYOR
>dashboard is almost done. the dashboard is a sign that the team is active with developing for the project
>the dashboard will allow people to pool their STA with one click. More people will want to pool -> more people will want to buy STA
>we survived the balancer hack and it got refunded - mark of a legit project
>i don't know the exact numbers, but people often post that STA doesn't need to even become a top 100 coin by marketcap to reach $1, in my opinion, STA can easily become a top 100 during a bull run
>only ~5000 holders which is a ridiculously small number, a sign that you're looking at the very beginning of things.
>looking at the chart seems to indicate that this is the bottom before the next pump

i'm gonna be honest and say that i'm kinda annoyed by the fudders but also the constant shillers, but I guess they're here to keep the buzz and the 'spirit' of the project alive. some of the shill posts im kinda embarrased by so i understand you would be hesitant

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So what's the ETA? Are we talking about a year or justa few months. I want your opinion obviously. Not any actual prediction. Unless you have one.

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The coming two months will be VERY crucial for the future of STA, likely make it or break it crucial.

My money is on make it, the price seems to have bottomed out above 3 cents.

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How many x do you imagine?

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Holding over 80k..put my UNI airdrop @ $6 into this.
We gna make it bros

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It's a great token to put your eth bitcoin earnings into. It has such an large upside

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Next pump is at LEAST a 20x from here. True story.
Then we consolidate, pool our gains, and light a fucking cigar.

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Kek imagine the cope. No, you dont even have to imagine you can just witness it. Ponzi is dead.

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This is the only reasonable way I can see why someone would have bought this shitty scamcoin. If you got it for free. Otherwise, it’s not worth the gamble by any means. There’s a lot of shady stuff going on with this project

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There's nothing shady going on per se, the team are just really slow lol. Lucky STA is already a finished product and just needs marketing.

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STA peak was top 200 and top 200 last run was around $80,000,000 and will likely be higher the next time.

$80,000,000 for STA is roughly $1 - it’s very possible. Expecting $0.50 at least.

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Explain to the group how it's a scam or how it's a ponzi.
Explain coherently, as if you're warning a potential investor, but he wants actual reasons & proof.

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a few months. just a gut reply.

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>it solved no problem, it literally has no use-case lol
>dashboard only took 4 months to implement. Something a group of intelligent pajeet scammers could have thrown up in a day or two
>they refunded the hack in statera tokens, not in real cash. The price of sta was 1 cent and they refunded 2 millions worth. Now they still have 2 million sta left but the price is 4 cents. They profited off of this hence why they did it
>its a 3M marketcap shitcoin. It would need a 350x(from here, after it already has done a 10x) to make it to top 100 after everything else has done a 10x. So a 3500x in total. Will quite literally never happen
>no, the holders are dropping, its a sign of a dying project. Also the amount of holders is closer to 4k than 5k, why lie?
>looking at the chart I can see its a classic defi pump and dump that is in no way correlated to the rest of the market (how ironic, for the crypto index am I right?

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Hello, Pigerz.

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Yeah it's a total bargain rn. Fudders just don't get it. Probably becase they don't have the iq. Which is anther thing I like about this coin. We won't have a load of low iq weak-handers on board. It's already risen 2.5mill% and people with a bit of patience and maturity are going to get unreal gains when this breaks into the top 100.

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Statera fits the Ponzi way better than your average crypto

>Unregistered Investment
Is a DeFi coin, rugpulls everywhere
>Complex and Secretive Strategies
The Statera ecosystem is way too complicated for your average crypto normie to understand so they just assume it’s good
>Unregistered Sellers
Dev team is nearly completely anon and refuses to disclose the multiple GitHub accounts and their identities
>Issues With Paperwork
They got hacked, and the updates keep getting delayed. They even admitted in the TG that the Dashboard is harder than it looks like. The Dashboard, it’s a psyop. The reason it has taken so long for them to develop it is because it’s mostly to milk new investors from the hopium that dashboard release creates when in reality it means nothing.
>High Returns Constantly
Read any financial report. They claim the fund has made an average of 100% APY topping at 1000%+ APY. Average in this scenario is equal to consistent for that time period and that is clearly intended to be used as a number for future returns.
>High Returns with No or Little Risk
Same thing as above. Good day for STA”, ”We will all make it”, ”Week has been going great for the STA team” yet nothing has happened since August.

They still hold a massive part of the supply. Big enough to sell and make price tank 50% in an instant. Imagine price was $16, and they could sell and instantly crash the price to $8. Tell me, is that a ”small portion”? They refunded STATERA tokens after the hack, that they originally had when they created the project. Not a single penny of real money was paid from their own pockets. Bitcoin is used for most payments. Ethereum is critical for many transactions especially in the DeFi space to exist. Chainlink creates an interconnection with the outer world and the crypto world. What does Statera do? Uh, ”print money”. Again, it doesn’t solve anything. It is literally another Bitconnect and this is a classic argument of a Ponzi.

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There he is again, always awake and ready.

>They still hold a massive part of the supply. Big enough to sell and make price tank 50%

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Topkek. Is this seethe, cope or both?

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Cringe. What does YFI do?

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Ah, just as I expected. A steaming pile of lies, rumours, hearsay & horseshit.
No actual proof, no actual reasons, and not a single acknowledgement of the fact that the DEV refunded one and a half MILLION dollars to the community, and yet people still scream SCAM or RUG PULL.
Good say to you, Sir.

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Ponzi boy who gets btfo’d every time just to disappear and then copy/paste his replies when a new STA thread is made. Classic.

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Ok guys what's the plan? Aim for 100k, then pool 50%? Is it worth even planning to cash out say 50k sta if it hits say between $3-5? Or just hold, pool it all, & never sell the initial?

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Lost 13 Eth this week on 2 rugs, 5 ether in 1 rug last week, 20 ether in Oktober.
Meaning, solid devs became important to me... im gonne buy myself into the Top 20 here and chill my ass, its bottomed out, rug proof with nice updates coming out. Bullish. Will Initiate the aping soon.

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It's going to depend on the pooling return. And that's going to depend on adoption. Anybody claiming to know what the future holds probably needs to adjust their dosage but there is a spreadsheet floating around that you can use to test different scenarios.
Anyone got the link?

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If you know, you know

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Like always, no counter-arguments to prove me wrong only calling me a fudder. Classic low IQ shitskin behavior. I only know they have 2M sta i dont know which address ask for it in TG lazy ass.

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>I know something but don't have any proof. But I do know


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Enjoy liquidating

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You've already had all the counter arguments a person could ever need, little fren. At this stage it's obvious you're acting in bad faith.

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One anon corrected me in the other thread. I thought they only held 4% of the supply apparently its 5% not even including personal wallets which they wont disclose (abu got caught dumping on you and there was massive drama). And because of the not necessary deflation their stake is only growing.

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>I only know they have 2M sta
Show us where.

>I thought they only held 4% of the supply apparently its 5%
Okay but 2M is 2.3%? Which one is it?

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>77k trading volume

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Profound noticing, Anon. We've seen this intriguing symbology before.

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Checked. Sta has the best memes WTF

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Uniswap liquidity

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Alright, so you’re just straight up saying they are intending to pull the rug?

>> No.24352566

Oh shit really? It was crabbing at 35k just last week so thanks for great news :)
Let's goooooooo

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are there really staterafag bagholders on this board still? For every newbie reading this, BEWARE. These guys have been on this forum for months shitting up the place with their shilling. They NEED new buyers to dump their bags on they have been holding. Just look at the chart, a classic shitcoin. If you want to lose money, buy Statera.

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Still haven't seen any mention of the DZAR breadcrumbs... You guys need to do more digging

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bag's packed let's go

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A less conventional method, but I'll allow it.

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