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I dont feel so good, drumpf bros.....

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>daily tranny
piss off

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>He still believes fake news headlines

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4D chess

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wasted quads on twitter screenshot hot take. Many such cases!

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Oh boy I guess it’s really over this time

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*loses multiple times*


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>no more miga posters trying to convince people to stake their life savings on blumpfs reelection


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Not surprising seeing as how they made sure the signatures weren't verified by keeping GOP poll watchers 6 feet away behind plexi.
Also it goes in all fields and fuck your digits.

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so is this guy not aware this board has id's or is he just retarded?

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I'm sorry, I just really needed to get my laughs out. I can't even handle how much of a loser this guy is. I can't. Holy crap, I can't people elected the guy from a reality show -- and didn't realize he was on the wrong show. It seems...they wanted to elect the biggest loser!


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Fuck off retard

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nobody asked milwaukee -- REEEEEEEE!!!

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Shill wrong place.


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>Oh no, the recounts gave more votes to Biden, what should we do Mr President?
>Commence ze vote áudit
>You're an absolute genius of our time Mr President

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just let him be man

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I'm so bored of fake news media.

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>if I don't like what they're reporting then it didn't happen

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90% of those Biden votes are invalid anyway because women have no true right to vote.

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You still he thought a chance? Biden won a month ago.

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>not looking into dominion
>recounting votes that were given to Biden through algorithms and expecting anything different
>Eric Coomer of Dominion went missing after he got called to court
Democrats got hell to pay for trying to rig a fucking presidential election and no one is going to get out unscathed

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Shills are boring to now. You don't want to have discussions, you want to hope you can get the last say in so election tourists and newfags get confused and take posts as truth.

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>eric coomer

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It’s almost like the Dominion garbage is a completely fake non-story that Trump and his team fabricated to get more of you retards to donate to his campaign’s debt fund.
What a fucking shocker that a “real” guy making completely false claims goes “missing” when the court orders show up and he has to he tried under oath and face charges of perjury. Almost like it was a planned lie from the getgo.

>you dont want a discussion
>but let me screech fake news at literally anything that isnt OANN or /pol/
Zero self-awareness

No wonder you retards think he still has a chance.

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>you dont want a discussion
Well yeah you guys really don't. Nothing came of the russia hoax that was blasted across msm. MSM called blm/antifa terrorist riots "mostly peaceful protests." Most common trait of yours and your coworkers is you guys hope everyone just forget what has happened in the past 4 years and especially 2020.

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>Yeah I ignore or dismiss any information I don't like but it's YOU guys who don't want a real discussion!

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Ok I'll tell you what, you can have the last say after this post to show your masters that your shilling is winning. If it gets you paid then I am happy for you.

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Well, does she have a hot sexy mom?

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Yeah thanks. I'm sure Comrade Biden will be really proud of me and pay me well for my services.
I haven't heard anything from him yet, but I'm sure it's just because his people are too busy rigging the election by counting all the votes.

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>if you hate orange man you must be a shill!

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Never brought up Trump, I'm talking about shills and msm. Orange man seems to make you retards seethe even when he wasn't even brought up.

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whoa wtf there are still biden shills?? LMAO how? everyone knows trump won

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Whats your boss gonna do when he finds out Trump is about to declare martial law due to voter fraud found in literally every state?

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Whether or not Trump was actually screwed over by it or not, voting machines are laughably insecure and somebody easily could rig an election using them. Unfortunately this election has made that observation into a political statement, so half the country will argue against taking the issue seriously.

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More than half, actually. Because more than half support Biden, obviously. We could have had legislation to utilize blockchain technology in order to promote more secure elections. Donnie didn't want that. He also claimed fraud in 2016, but then backpeddled on those claims when he won. He will always claim fraud, because he is one.

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they have had longer time to print out more ballots since election day, what did he expect?

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See, it's impossible to talk about now without it becoming about lil donnie. Hopefully it doesn't matter and we do figure out a more robust way. Blockchain voting has issues and some people dismiss it, but I don't think they're impossible issues to get around, pretty sure it will be a good solution in the end.

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>Because more than half support Biden, obviously
loool imagine making shit up just to make yourself feel better for actually voting for biden xD so sad

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They didn't try, they actually just did it. Openly. No one is gonna stop them either

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The lack of self awareness in this comment kek

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third world countries are adopting blockchains for their election security. It is absolutely ridiculous Americans have not done this yet. Really it comes down to older people who control our government not understanding the technology.

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You are for real with that "trump won elections"?

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>our lies we spew over and over again are true!!! you just lack self awareness if you don't want to talk about fake news!!
It's just facts. They say the same lying shit over and over. No walls and etc. Link and post msm garbage that has lied to us for years. Russia hoax, covid fear mongering, blm/antifag "are mostly peaceful," push racial division.

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It's great. I'm so glad /pol/ doesn't post anything at all citing racial division whatsoever. It's great.

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I love how msm has turned into a scapegoat for boomers and idiots. msm has always issued corrections and admitted when they were wrong about news stories, but now we have had a president who cries fake news when anything comes up that he doesn't like. I know that different news outlets are paid to say certain things but holy shit, now my mom thinks she is fucking Sherlock Holmes because she watches some conspiracy theories on youtube. How did the man behind celebrity apprentice become the hero for people? It doesn't make sense

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He is literally a part of msm for years and then he is supposed to be the one who saves the us from the evils it presents

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>What a fucking shocker that a “real” guy making completely false claims goes “missing” when the court orders show up and he has to he tried under oath and face charges of perjury. Almost like it was a planned lie from the getgo.
This demorat bros, the russians probably put him up to it again!

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Nothing will save these dross

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What timeline is this?

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>/pol/ is the same as msm in terms of viewership and coverage
Try harder you absolute faggot

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