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You dumb niggers realize you have to keep your XRP for the entire spark airdrop right? It’s not on day 1. On day 1 you will only get 4%. spark will be slowly distributed for 25-32 months. A lot of you faggots haven’t read the white paper. Only the real Ripplers will gain all spark, wooden handlets will only get 4% and sell

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Or you could sell before the dump and pick up way more xrp later.

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not as i understand it. what would be the point of a snapshot then?

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That would be like saying what’s the point of buying XRP after dec 12
Wooden handlets won’t get all the spark they thought they would get. Only regarded desperate newfags and btc/ETH maxies who didn’t know any better will sell off with everyone else and then cry about not getting what they wanted.

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This is not true, although I honestly wish it was. A snapshot is taken of all XRP wallets on 12/11 and then Flare is distributed over time based on this snapshot.

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You NEED XRP to collateralize on the flare network. Why don’t retards understand this? You can’t just use spark on its own. You need to collateralize XRP and you get FXRP as an IOU on the network. This is why spark will be a valuable asset when it launches, and will not be a subpenny shit coin. Flare will be HUGE from the start.

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enjoy holding your bags for a airdrop that no one knows the worth of. it will never be as close as uni, and you will never be a women. enjoy your kike coin

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You aren't wrong. What anon is saying is that regardless of that you will get Flare distributed to you over time based on how much XRP you had when the snapshot was taken.

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i'm going to keep some for flare and sell some. i like xrp but there's no need to entertain the shills and exchanges by hodling everything through the airdrop.

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you know? make the exchanges pay you money, not the the other way around.

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I was never in it for the airdrop, more of the news about it. Profits are profits after all, and you guys definitely provided early, let's see it happen again once more.

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i think it's foolish to miss out on flare entirely but i'll try to time the top with a good fraction of my xrp. there are too many shills who are just trying to use your money.

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15% dud not 4% and the rest will be airdropped on discrete amounts until the end of the days after the snapshot.get your facts right.

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Link to the white paper in question? From what I understand XRP needs to be in your account for the one day and then you can claim all your Spark at anytime within the next 6 months.

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Oh I don't doubt it, it was a good pump from 23¢ to nearly a dollar. I expect fomo to happen a few days before the airdrop, which is where I close up shop.

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it's a slow drip over a 2-3 year period

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Seriously what king of retard thinks retail can pump a 46b supply coin? I bet ou unironically believe XRP was pumped by normies who bought because it wa slow price and they wanted the airdrop.

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Where is the article?

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i don't care who pumps it

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That’s because you’re retarded. >>24343851 if you’re gonna say stupid shit like this you should at least have a backbone to at least voice your opinion on why we’re pumping and where it’s going.

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