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do you think Freedom Reserve is just a joke?

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stay poor and brown redditor

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Will this be in the shop to buy too?

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How many times are you gonna make slide threads like this before you realise that no one cares?

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you're that redditor that goes around calling people chuds arent you

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scam rip-off of a scam rip-off of a speculative shitcoin
seems like a great investment, where do I buy?

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>shill gets called out for posting the same thread over and over despite each thread only achieving a handful of replies
>”u must be a redditor”
nigger you know nothing about organic marketing and it fucking shows.

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dyor before you neck. lame fud

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>buys coin based on marketing

Dammit! these slick scammers rugged me! they must have practised fishing many times to be able to catch a clever fish like me!

immediately forgets

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I don’t buy a coin based on the marketing, I won’t buy a coin if the marketing reeks of desperation. And looking at the chart, I can see why you might be desperate lmao

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sounds like you must be a rich guy already then with all those smarts.

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