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>struggling econ student
>poor family and background
>no substantial funds to invest or grow

How do I ensure success, and how do I make it?

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Never save, gamble what you can’t lose, buy high sell low.

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You came to the wrong board incel /biz/ is about discussing how much we love the great reset

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Okay, advise me on how to ensure I make it post-reset then

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Nigga, I’m 30. I was in the process of buying a home earlier in the year then corona happened, I lost my job and just made it afloat while I was receiving unemployment with my girl. It’s November now, I turn 31 next week and I’m now in my mothers basement with only 1200 cash, 400 in precious metals, 300k or so worth of firearms and only 670 worth of crypto that I just started working with. I just started working again and my girlfriend is out of work atm, at least she’s hot and we fuck often.

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grift, steal, sell your face & ass for old men to coom into for money
then buy link
now fuck off

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>300k of firearms
Based and American

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Disney and Rowling are self-made, but Bezos and Obama were born into wealthy families with elite educations. Not great examples.

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why are you telling us this

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Ullyses S. Grant was in his 30's selling firewood on street corners while he had a young family.

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I get that you probably don't give a shit but at least try and offer some legit advice

Like that bit about buying LINK, that's the good shit

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Bezos worket at Mcdonald's when he had 16, not 23, and was just a summer job. At 23 he was writing software for banks.

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I think both Rowling and Disney also came from middle-class families though. Being in the lower class, it's much harder to make something of yourself, considering the lack of connections, and knowing nobody in any industries.

I've been trying to build some sort of a network, hopefully what I've managed to create will pay off at some point.

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I literally live in a homeless shelter & have 1k oz silver, 10 oz gold, 2 btc 32 eth & another 10k in le shit coins, also 3 shares of amazon.
>670 in firearms
>400 in pms
you are beyond retarded
sell that piddlydink shit & buy an undervalued alt like pols or snx

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It'll suck when Biden buys them back off you for a discounted price

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get off the chan
get a job
UPS xmas worker
Walmart xmas worker
Amzon xmas worker

at breaks and lunches impress coworkers
with Schumpeterian theory
or Adam Smith vs Keynes vs Austrian
CEo catches wind of an xmas worker econ
student/mcGeneous redpillin the help
and promotes to Director of xmas workers.

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>300k worth of firearms
this is the kind of information you should volunteer to strangers. good job, anon.

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and then everyone claps. Nah, that's not how it works anymore gramps. You'll just get called a nerd before you finish a couple sentences while tyrone scratches his nuts. Then everyone goes back to being the retarded Amazon cattle that they are. Even worse if you try to impress a manager, they'll grind you into dust on purpose to teach you your place, and warn you not to try anything funny. I've seen it happen to a few people here. Your best option as always is to shut up, do just enough work as required, and keep applying to jobs worth a damn.

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You need cashflow first, and a plan to invest that cashflow to make it grow. Go get a job that pays decent and find your investing niche. I'm a tradesman heavily investing in mining stocks.

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Can vouch, management in retail/unskilled work are all bitter and resentful for stagnating in their workplace

Trust them to give a bright student a chance

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Maybe he just has the one pistol that killed Hamilton

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please don't say NAK

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kek buy the dip bro

in all honesty I've been talking people out of NAK for months. especially the political types, something about Trump supporters seem really drawn to NAK despite all the red flags. Never let politics influence investing.

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Could you explain the 300k worth of firearms? seems interesting. Probably why you have a hot girl

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which part?

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where do you keep the PM?

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heres a better chart.

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it's ok to be average

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No being a normie is bad.

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chasing the carrot is the normie way. the based and redpilled path is to embrace mediocrity and making it with crypto

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i dont think thats the point of the chart. the point is not to give up. if you give up just because you aren't a CEO of a billion dollar company doesn't mean you've got to give it all up altogether.

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This. Impressing management in wagie jobs these days just means people dump extra work on you for the exact same pay because "Anon will do it"

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jeff bezos was working in an investment bank

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me right now. Except theres no one at my job who would at all listen and if they did, would stare blankly

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I work in executive headhunting, and climbing the ladder is dead dream if you don't have a masters degree. If you enter at the bottom with no diplomas moving crates, and you're the best crate mover in history, you'll move on to be "team leader" which means an extra 100$ a month to be the loudspeaker for corporate, who don't want to even see the workers. Oh, and you'll still be stacking crates. It's true everywhere in every field, the boomer days of chain workers becoming plant director are gone

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Mine would start lecturing me about communism and talk about forming a union, which makes no sense since we work for a business that's too small for it to matter.

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our generation sucks man. I can count on one hand the amount of actual intelligent conversations I have had in real life with contemporaries this past year

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Fucking based schizoid anon. This guy is going to make it.

Also, I was contemplating grabbing a couple gs worth of POLS. The fundamentals actually seem solid, not a total shitcoin.

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>thought of buying house
>one lost job away from living with mommy
lol, /biz/ and crypto users in a nuthsell.

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im 50and i have time

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If at 23 years old you still have time, at what point do you no longer have time? At what point is it too late?

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Charles Bukowski didn't see real success until his 50s I , spent most of his youth drunk and grinding away at low end job manual labor, same with the guy who founded Wendy's

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once you leave the womb its unironically over

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when you die

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And what is average? You mean like the average american who is fat, ugly, in debt and a borderline retard?

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You're an econ student, during your college try to get internships at investment firms or private equity firms and when you finish college you try to become an investment banker or corporate finance analyst

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>$300k worth of firearms
Based ameritard.

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Lol! Bezos was a Wall Street executive, and his family was well off.

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Based RE4 merchant

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I'm in a similar boat I have 2k in the bank, 4k in crypto, 2k in stocks and 1.7 million dollars worth of guns and ammo. It sucks being poor I can barely afford rent.

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Seems like Rubic have a lot of surprises for investors. Some of them you can already test:

> No KYC
> No volume limits
> Brokerage fee
> Integration of the 3 blockchains

> https://rubic.finance/
> @cryptorubic_chat

Soon they will open the instant trades options. I can imagine what the RBC price will be after it….x10 or even more??

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>community organizer

Why does this strike me as a communist job title?

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>AI-Powered Assistant and Browser Extension
>Anonymous and No KYC (free from user data)
>Atomic Swap Engine
>On-Chain Settlement
>Staking Support
>Revenue Sharing

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>recently hated on rappers for idolizing trump because they support wealth inequality

He was always a communist first

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I mean at the basis it seems like it's a parental surrogate paid for by the taxpayer, working for very specific communities.
That's dystopian-tier communism right there.

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to do that you'll need to buy Chainlink, as much as possible

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Fuck children and let a jew film it. It'll take care of itself from there.

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I think this may be a lie of sorts

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>I’m now in my mothers basement
that's like 90% of 4chan

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Can confirm
>300$ in bank
>No car
Hell I just have a laptop, can't even afford a bed. I'm sleeping on a mattress stacked on the boxes of glocks, which are probably half a mil worth MAX

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Has anybody heard about DuckDAO (duckdao.io)?
Not long ago I looked through their announcement about the first hunters season, and it seems like it is profitable to hold and trade DDIM. Share your opinion about it

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Heh, this is what every Econ student is doing, it's near impossible to score an internship

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bruh in almost 29,with 250k in shitcoins and left my job. do I still have time?

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Unrelated, but made me think. My girl is liberal and hates Trump, but she started wanting to fuck like 2 or 3 times a day as soon as I started carrying my firearms with me around home. I guess womans’ brains can go on coomer mode too.

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Lmfao I think this is advanced bait

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Jeff Bezos wasn't.

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