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LINK seems to have more upside potential as I struggle to imagine ETH going much higher than $1400 soon.
On the other hand LINK has been underperforming ETH recently. Is it true it's underperforming in bull runs?

Don't say both, I only have a few k.

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That negative 20% daily does look juicy.

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For some reason 6 ETH looks more attractive to me than 250 LINK, maybe because I've been constantly bullied by anons saying 250 link is absolutely nothing and hurr durr I had 3 years

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Eth 2.0 is just around the corner why would you choose link?

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I ask myself the same question often.

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>just around the corner
yea i didn't say 2029

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Nothin is juicy right now.

If Mnuchin rumor is true (you know it is) we're last nights dump is going to look like nothing.

Bitcoin is going back to $6k and Link to $5...

t. 50k Link Never Selling

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there's no way they manage to implement that shit in 2 months

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Link is relatively the cheapest of the big 3 right now, seems like a real shit time to start second guessing it to me

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Why not both?

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No matter what happens on the political stage, the rates on eth defi are worlds better and less risky than any boomerconomie product, with eth 2.0 test year and link getting ready for t-sigs in some months, crypto is the rational choice

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