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I have some money in Uniswap airdrops and some Eth holdings?
Was looking at PLASMAPAY ICO?
They are already established in over 165 countries.
PArtnerships with Bifrost, Geeq, Paid Network, Graph protocol.
Any thoughts about it?

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Nice find anon, this is definitely a gem.

I think that plasmapay has the potential to become a known name in the crypto industry, just needs a bit of time and recognition.

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I would be careful that looks like a new thing, and you always have to do your research on new projects.

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You will hear a lot of people talk about PLASMAPAY.

Let me tell you this, ppay is the future of online payments, do you want to know why?

Simple, because it has high tps and low fees, what more do you need?

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Plasmapay is just a 100x waiting to happen, and people are starting to discover it right now.

I wouldn't miss this chance anon.

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If you want to be rich you just have to buy plasmapay, it's that simple

And trading will start very soon, so there is no time to waste.

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Is this one of those shitty scam that people shill on here?

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Get in on the ground floor sub 1m and expect a fucking fat +9000% gain

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ERSDL don’t fuck this up anon. Buy the dip. I sold recently at the local top and just bought back in. 0.05 eoy is fud

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These anons know what's up, after all ppay is just about to be released

Once trading starts we will see a big run up in price.

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If you are serious about making money there are plenty of options in the market.
Keep an eye on these DeFi coins




Just to DCA and buy the dip.
New projects are riskier and should not be more than 10% of your PF

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I would put a bit of money in plasmapay once trading start, over time projects like these will become the standard, and ppay has first move advantage.

I am waiting to grab a bag too.

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I would not even touch them.
They have been raising money since 2018 and they already have some tokens on the market.
They pulled the liquidity on the tokens and are now giving them swap to the new token.
Better to find other projects.

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>muh partnerships
>muh flash in the pan coin


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Do you like money?

If yes buy plasmapay

Do you want to stay poor?

Then don't buy it

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Why does each person in this thread have the exact same writing style? Is this some kind of low-rent marketing attempt? Also why do I smell curry

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High TPS and Low Fee is the future?
There are millions of these.
How can Plasmapay plans to defeat ETH and Polkadot? Why would anyone build DeFi apps on Plasmapay?

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This whole thread looks like a weak plasmashit shill

If it's not and op is really curious about making real investments then dyor on injective protocol

>the future of dexes

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i smell mayonaise so something is wrongk with your smelling i think anon

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I like $UOS

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Make sure to have a good suicide stack of VIDYA

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RLC, FTM and SXP are great holds for the bull run.

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ppay is conversion from FIAT to CRYPTO.
In countries where regulations are strict it is a boon!!

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I do not understand why people are running towards new DeFi projects when there are existing great one?

People want to flip their coins are so impatient. Ultimately they get REKT.

OP should try and DCA on better projects. Even ETH would give good returns in long run.

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this thread smells like major curry

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Do u think the partnerships would help?

The markets are crashing!!
We need more people to adopt crypto and which better product than PLASMAPAY?

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Invective protocol? Future of Dexes?
Pass me the week that you smoking bruh.

UNI is already there, nobody got time for shit dexes.

I would rather buy XRP shitcoin

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>howdy do fellow gamers the coin
No thanks mr rank 2754 0 liquidity shit coin
Go poo in loo

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Kys brown chink aka pajeet

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Eastern european scam. Will rug pull any second. Also lmao at
>partnership with Graph protocol
they just pay them to use their tech. Better invest in grt token itself

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Pajeet, Graph Protocol doesn't announce partnerships for the most part, So i guess that "partnership" is just PLSMAPAY using TheGraph, Which calling it a partnership is typical shitcoin move.

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